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New Products

Hummingbird Announces Enterprise Now!

Hummingbird Communications, Ltd. has announced Enterprise Now!, a complete connectivity solution that offers a single, flexible Enterprise Client License (ECL), professional services, and maintenance. By enabling organizations to choose a combination of products, Enterprise Now! allows administrators to address critical issues such as deploying desktop software across the enterprise, lowering the cost of software ownership, and easing migration from fat to thin client connectivity.

Hummingbird's new ECL provides licensing for Enterprise Now!. The ECL allows administrators to choose any combination of Hummingbird connectivity products for a single user on a single desktop. Under the ECL, organizations can migrate from fat client to thin client connectivity at any time without licensing changes or additional costs. According to the company, Enterprise Now! is the only solution offering a single ECL that encompasses all connectivity technologies including Web-to-Host, Thin X, Terminal Emulation, PC X, and NFS. The Enterprise Now! ECL includes all ten of Hummingbird's connectivity products.

For more information, contact Hummingbird Communications Ltd, 1 Sparks Avenue, North York, Ontario, Canada M2H 2W1; (416) 496-2200; Fax: (416) 496-2207; WWW:

Tatung Releases Two Dual-Processing Systems

Tatung Science & Technology Inc. has released two new dual-processing systems powered by the 400 MHz UltraSPARC II microprocessor from Sun Microsystems. The COMPstation U60-2400 is a PCI-based, Sun Ultra 60-compatible system, and the U2400 is an SBus-based, Sun Ultra 2-compatible workstation. The U2400 offers high-caliber performance and multiprocessing capabilities for customers working within SBus-based environments. As part of Tatung's COMPstation U2MP Series of Sun Ultra 2-compatible systems, the U2400 offers up to 2 GB of RAM and features SMP capabilities.

Both the COMPstation U60-2400 and the U2400 use two 64-bit UltraSPARC II processors to achieve system performances of 17.7 SPECint95 and 29.5 SPECfp95. The COMPstation U60-2400 also is available in a rackmount version. Housed in a 19-inch rack-mountable chassis design, the U60-2400RM fits into existing ISP server banks. The U60-2400 and U2400 come pre-installed with Solaris 7.

The COMPstation U60-2400 supports one 33MHz, 32-bit PCI device; two 33MHz, 64-bit PCI devices; and one 66 MHz, 64-bit PCI device. A 64-bit UPA slot is available for add-ons. Other standard features include UltraWide SCSI, two serial ports, one parallel port, and a 100 Base-T Ethernet interface.

Pricing for the COMPstation U60-2400 starts at $17,900 for a standard tower configuration. The U60-2400RM starts at $18,130. For more information, contact Tatung Science & Technology Inc., 1840 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; (408) 383-0988; Fax: (408) 383-0866; WWW:

ADIC Releases Scalar AIT Series

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) has released a family of automated tape libraries - the Scalar AIT series - based on Sony's AIT tape technology that is designed to provide scalable data storage for client-server environments.

There are three Scalar AIT libraries in the new series: the 220, 480, and 1000. All can use both the new 70-GB capacity AIT media as well as the original 50-GB AIT tape and are designed to be upgradable to support AIT 2 drives and media. Library capacity of the series ranges from 1.4 TB for the Scalar 220 to more than 80 TB for the Scalar 1000. They all have throughput of 21.6 GB/hour per drive and average file-access times of only 37 seconds.

The Scalar 220 provides up to two drives and 20 cartridges for a capacity of 1.4 TB; the Scalar 480 offers up to four drives and 80 cartridges for a capacity of up to 5.6 TB (all capacities assume normal 2:1 compression and the new 35/70 GB capacity media). Both models use interchangeable 10-cartridge magazines that also serve as stacking media storage units. The 480 features a keypad-secured import/export mail slot for secure media exchange. For maximum performance and system flexibility, the drives can be configured to attach to multiple SCSI buses. Standard features include a barcode reader, SCSI adapter card, and one year of on-site service.

The Scalar 1000 AIT library handles from 2 to 48 AIT drives and from 237 to 1,182 tape cartridges. When configured for maximum storage capacity, it offers more than 80 TB of storage capacity (assuming normal 2:1 compression). All Scalar 1000 AIT libraries feature an 18-position import/export mailbox, a barcode reader, and one year of on-site service. The Scalar 1000 offers support both for TCP/IP network backup and high-bandwidth Fibre Channel storage area networks. The Scalar 1000 library also works with other tape technologies; models are available for DLT, 3590, and NCTP drives and media.

All of the Scalar AIT products are compatible with the leading backup software applications for UNIX, NetWare and Windows NT systems. Scalar AIT libraries are available immediately, with prices beginning at $14,400. For more information, contact ADIC, 11431 Willows Rd. NE, Redmond, WA 98073-9757; (425) 881-8004; Fax: (425) 881-2296; WWW:

Embarcadero Upgrades Rapid SQL Pro for Oracle

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. has announced Rapid SQL 5.2 Pro, an enhanced version of the Rapid SQL database programming environment that features a comprehensive Oracle PL/SQL debugger enabling programmers to debug Oracle stored procedures, functions, packages, and triggers.

Rapid SQL Pro for Oracle enables developers and DBAs to step through the source code of server-side programmable objects as they execute, observing program flow, watching variable values change, altering variable values during program execution, and setting breakpoints.

Productivity features in Rapid SQL Pro for Oracle include the ability to: debug programmable objects on Oracle 7.33+ and Oracle 8.03+ databases; step into, over, out of nested programmable objects; step into triggers and debug them as they execute; set multiple breakpoints in any source code on the call stack; observe and change variable values during a debug session; remember breakpoint and variable settings between debugging sessions; auto-format Oracle SQL and PL/SQL; perform client-side, off-line syntax checking; and automatically analyze program dependencies.

Rapid SQL 5.2 Pro is available immediately from Embarcadero Technologies and authorized international distributors. It runs on Win32 clients including Windows 95/98 and NT 4. It supports Oracle 7.33+ and 8.03+ databases running on UNIX and NT servers. For more information, contact Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., 400 Montgomery Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94104; (415) 834-3131; Fax: (415) 434-1721; WWW:

Hal Announces Family of Sparc Servers

Hal Computer Systems Inc. has announced the Fujitsu GP7000/GP7000F family of SPARC servers for North America. The GP7000/GP7000F servers use the Solaris operating system and are fully compatible with Sun applications.

The GP7000 Model 200 is an entry-level server that can be upgraded to dual 300MHz UltraSPARC II processors, 4 GB memory, and eight internal disk drives. The Model 400 supports up to four processors, and the Model 600 up to eight processors. All multiprocessor configurations can handle a wide range of SBus devices, RAID, and networking connections. The Model 600 can be configured with up to 8 GB memory and 22 internally housed hard drives.

The GP700F features a PCI device bus, scales to eight processors, and is equipped with enhanced RAS features. The GP7000F also offers an advanced system-control facility that monitors the system status - reporting potential failures and malfunctions. It features hot-swap tape and disk drives, dual hot-swap power supplies, and the use of ECC protections for both main memory and cache. The GP7000F will use Fujitsu's new SPARC64-GP processor. It can be upgraded with processors up to 300 MHz that support Level 2 cache up to 8 MB.

The GP7000F is fully compatible with Sun Catalyst-listed SPARC/Solaris applications. For more information, contact Hal Computer Systems Inc., 1315 Dell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008; (408) 379-7000; Fax: (408) 341-5904; Internet:; WWW:

Exabyte Launches X200 Mammoth Library

Exabyte Corp. has announced its X200 Mammoth Library, designed to deliver reliable, scalable, and economical storage solutions to large application servers and storage networks. This high-performance tape library is fully equipped for integration within a storage area network environment.

The Exabyte X200 accommodates from 2 to 10 Mammoth tape drives and from 40 to 200 170m Exatape AME data cartridges. The X200 supports applications such as lights-out data center operations, unattended network backup/restore, remote storage, automated archiving, imaging, and hierarchical storage management. The Exabyte X200 is priced at $34,985 for the X200 library with 40 slots and 2 drives, and up to $97,920 for a library with 200 slots and 10 drives.

The compressed capacities of Exabyte's X200 are up to 8 TB with 200 slots with throughput of up to 216 GB/hour with 10 drives. Additional features include front door access with key lock and electronic override, hot pluggable drives, 480 emulation mode for instant software compatibility, and the options for a redundant, hot-swap power supply.

For more information, contact Exabyte Corp. 1685 36th St., Boulder, CO 80301; (303) 442-4333 or (800) 774-7172; Fax: (303) 417-7170; WWW:

SCO Delivers Enhanced UnixWare 7 Server Line

SCO has announced UnixWare 7 Release 7.1, the first operating system to feature an integrated Webtop. As part of the new release, SCO introduced UnixWare 7 Business Edition, a new configuration tailored for the small-to-medium business (SMB) market.

UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 features the Webtop, based on SCO Tarantella technology, and includes new levels of reliability, support for Linux applications, enhanced interoperability, as well as new file, print, and backup services. The products for this new release are the new UnixWare 7 Business Edition and the enhanced UnixWare 7 Departmental Edition.

The Webtop is a browser-based interface that allows server-based applications and server administration functions to be securely accessed from a browser. According to the company, it simplifies installation, administration, and use.

UnixWare 7 Business Edition is a new configuration that delivers the power and value of the UnixWare 7 platform in a convenient configuration for small businesses. With an integrated Web server, unlimited mailboxes for email customers, and bundled streaming audio and video from RealNetworks, it is intended to give emerging enterprises the power to fully utilize the Web for their business. All UnixWare 7 configurations support SCO's Network User License model.

With this release, SCO has also extended the range of application support. In addition to UnixWare and SCO OpenServer applications, users can now deploy Linux applications on UnixWare 7 servers. Other non-native applications written for a variety of operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, are also supported by UnixWare 7 Release 7.1.

Suggested U.S. pricing for upgrades from previous UnixWare 7 configurations to the like configuration of UnixWare 7.1 is $299. Suggested U.S. pricing for UnixWare 7 Business Edition is $1,399. For more information, contact SCO, 425 Encinal St., Santa Cruz, CA 95061; (831) 425-7222; Fax: (831) 427-5418; WWW:

WebTrends Announces Enterprise Reporting Server

WebTrends Corporation has announced the release of its Enterprise Reporting Server for UNIX and Linux. Enterprise Reporting Server is designed to support the performance demands and distributed reporting needs of high-traffic corporate Web sites, ISPs, Web hosting sites, and managed service providers (MSPs). Utilizing the power and scalability of the Solaris and Linux platforms, Enterprise Reporting Server can handle sites receiving millions of hits per day and introduces a new model for distributing customized and personalized Web site reporting across an organization.

According to the company, WebTrends' Enterprise Reporting Server provides comprehensive, real-time log file analysis and reporting on Web site activity for high-traffic sites. Designed to run on Sun Sparc and Ultra Systems Web servers running the Solaris or Linux operating systems, the Enterprise Reporting Server is built around a fully multi-threaded engine that takes advantage of these high-performance environments. Enterprise Reporting Server delivers real-time, personalized reports to administrators through a consistent browser-based user interface (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) using HTML, Java Applets, and Java Scripting technology that allows remote configuration, management and reporting from any computer regardless of the operating system.

Features include: high-end Web analysis and reporting with full server cluster support; cross-platform server capabilities for Solaris and Linux; remote real-time access and configuration of personalized reports for multiple users; more than 70 configurable report tables and graphs; comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports; and support for multiple log files across multiple servers, including compressed, cycling, rotated, and multi-homed logs.

WebTrends' Enterprise Reporting Server for Solaris is available immediately; the Linux product is available as a pre-release version (call 1-888-932-8736 for Linux availability). A free 14-day trial of both products can be downloaded from For more information, contact WebTrends Corporation, (503) 294-7025.

XIOtech Releases Magnitude XL-2800

XIOtech Corporation has announced the latest implementation of its REDI Data architecture, the Magnitude XL-2800. According to the company, the Magnitude XL-2800 is a storage area network in a box that is significantly faster and less expensive than other solutions.

The Magnitude XL-2800 is an advanced network storage system that is more than 15 percent faster than XIOtech's previous product offerings. The system integrates an upgradeable Fibre Channel switch, a high-performance intelligent RAID controller, and a sophisticated logical volume manager to deliver performance in excess of 100,000 IOPS - more than 10 times faster than traditional RAID designs.

The performance of Magnitude XL-2800 is based on X1Otech's REDI (Real-Time Data Intelligence) storage architecture. REDI storage architecture accumulates the performance of many individual disk drives and shares the total performance with every attached server. REDI storage architecture uses Intelligent Virtual Disks (IVD) to map data across the total number of physical drives in a system, and Queue Management Technology (QMT) to optimize and manage large queues.

By virtualizing the available disk capacity, the Magnitude XL-2800 allows administrators to add capacity and change the configuration of existing volumes without interrupting data access. All capacity requirements are managed through a single GUI, eliminating the need to re-cable or re-assign drives to logical units. The Magnitude XL-2800 is an upgradeable solution, allowing users to expand the base drive capacity of 288 GB to more than 1.6 TB in a single cabinet and double the Fibre Channel connectivity from four to eight ports.

The available at less than $0.29/MB, with configurations as low as $0.09/MB. For more information, contact XIOtech Corporation, 6509 Flying Cloud Drive, Suite 200, Eden Prairie, MN 55344; (612) 828-5980; Fax: (612) 828-5990; WWW:

EagleEye Control Announces

EagleEye Control Software has announced CONTROL-SA/Workflow, which automates the business process of requests and approvals to enable security administrators to grant individuals access rights to computerized resources. According to the company, CONTROL-SA and CONTROL-SA/Workflow together provide a comprehensive solution that will allow organizations to manage enterprise-wide security from the generation of access rights requests to the actual management of resource rights on targeted security systems.

EagleEye uses the Oracle workflow engine and a set of Oracle technologies as the infrastructure for the new product. Other Oracle tools that were used for the development are Oracle8, Developer/2000 and Oracle's Application Server.

CONTROL-SA/Workflow enables organizations to implement automated procedures for access right requests and approvals and includes the following features: Web-enabled GUI; robust monitoring capabilities; organizational structure support; and auditability and accountability.

CONTROL-SA/Workflow and other Enterprise Security Management solutions are available from New Dimension Software subsidiaries and distributors worldwide, as well as EagleEye Control Software distribution channels. Prices for CONTROL-SA/Workflow start at $25,000. For more information, contact New Dimension Software, 1855 Von Karman Ave., #250, Irvine, CA 92612; (800) 347-4694 or (714) 757-4300; Fax: (714) 756-3900; WWW:

Tower Ports Razor to Linux with Release 4.1d

Tower Concepts has announced the availability of Version 4.1d of their Razor product for the Linux operating system. Linux now joins a wide range of UNIX-based operating systems on which Razor runs.

Razor is an integrated tool suite that offers both problem tracking and configuration management (CM). Razor 4.1d is available from Tower and its network of authorized worldwide distributors and resellers. Pricing is $3,595 for the 5-user license including first year maintenance. For more information, visit Tower Concepts Web site at http://www.tower-com.

Innosoft Enhances LDAP Proxy Server

Innosoft International, Inc. has announced enhancements to the Innosoft LDAP Proxy Server (ILPS) to provide automatic load balancing among multiple LDAP servers and transparent failover for high-availability directory services.

Innosoft LDAP Proxy Server version 2.0 provides automatic server load balancing among a group of LDAP servers to provide system managers with the ability to distribute directory searches across two or more "mirror" servers. Additionally, the Proxy Server can detect the failure or removal of an LDAP server from a directory server group and transparently map searches to other servers in the group. When a server recovers, the Proxy Server will transparently reintegrate the recovered server into the directory server group.

ILPS is currently deployed to deliver LDAP application level filtering. Features include control of the attributes that can be searched, the content that is returned, and limiting "aggressive" applications from trolling the directory.

Innosoft Directory Service products are available for Windows NT on Intel and Alpha, Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 (SPARC and Intel), Digital UNIX 4.Ob on Alpha, AIX 4.3 on PowerPC, Red Hat Linux 5.1 on Intel, HP-UX, and OpenVMS for Alpha and VAX. Prices for the Innosoft LDAP Proxy Server are $4,800 for up to 15 concurrent connections and $12,000 for an unlimited number of connections. For more information, contact Innosoft International, 1050 Lakes Drive, West Covina, CA 91790; (626) 919-3600; Fax: (626) 919-3614; WWW:

Network Instruments Releases Observer 6.0

Network Instruments, LLC has announced the release of Observer 6.0, a robust, low-cost protocol analyzer and the first traffic management and troubleshooting tool for switched environments. The Observer 6.0 Suite offers administrators a complete set of management options with Observer Expert Extension, Observer Web Extension, and now Observer SNMP and RMON Extensions.

Observer 6.0 uses the following three methods for switch management: 1) port-looping with statistical sampling technology, which lets the administrator see all ports on the switch; 2) RMON console functionality for switches with embedded RMON; and 3) SNMP console monitoring functionality for switches with embedded SNMP agents. Additionally, because Observer 6.0 can manage the ports on a switch, it is also possible to use packet capture for any port, or groups of ports without first configuring the switch outside of the Observer environment.

For switches that include an SNMP agent in the switch hardware, Observer 6.0's SNMP Extension enables the user to query and view any or all SNMP data the switch collects, including traffic and device-specific information. Observer 6.0 also offers an internal RMON Extension to provide RMON I or RMON2 statistics and capture functions within the hardware of the switch.

For switches that support port mirroring, Observer 6.0 offers port looping, or the ability to have a Probe "loop" through all ports on the switch and collect statistics on the switch as a whole, or port capture. According to the company, the port-looping functionality is unprecedented in the world of protocol analyzers and, for the first time, provides a complete view of the switch, including information on which ports are being used and to what extent. Observer offers multiple modes for switched environments, and all modes except Packet Capture display data by port.

Observer 6.0 is priced at $995. Distributed Observer is priced at $1,290 for one local and one remote Probe; additional Probes are priced at $295 per Probe. The Observer Suite, which includes Expert, Web, SNMP, and RMON Extensions, is priced at $2,995. For more information, contact Network Instruments, (612) 932-9899; WWW:

Talon Upgrades MaxStat

Talon has upgraded its SNMP remote access server monitoring tool, MaxStat Session Viewer, which helps gather user information and determine trends and overall system resource strain.

MaxStat Version 2.85 features include: automatic hang-up; email notification; additional reporting; MTU logging and export; and additional security - MaxStat includes the ability to encrypt NAS information for secure deployment among technical support staff.

With MaxStat 2.85, systems administrators can view, sort, and log critical user information including customer data such as username, elapsed time, modem connect rates, IP address, and service type. MaxStat has an extremely customizable user interface and any column of data can be displayed or disabled. Using the MultiMax option, administrators can also work with defined groups of RAS systems. Two or more MaxStat session windows can be opened side-by-side to monitor many different groups of systems in real time.

MaxStat 2.85 can help administrators determine what sort of use their RAS system undergoes. MaxStat currently supports the Ascend Communications Max/TNTA, Lucent Technologies Portmaster4, and Patton Electronics Model 2800 Remote Access Concentrator products.

Priced at $99, MaxStat runs best on an Intel Pentium 90 or greater, Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT platforms, 32 Mb RAM, 3 Mb hard drive space, and TCP/IP network connectivity. Quantity discounts are also available starting at $95 per license for 2-9 computers all the way up to $83 per license for 25-49 computers. Special pricing is available for 50+ computers. For more information, see:

StraightLine Releases Harrier Series AIT Tape Library

StraightLine, manufacturer of automated tape library systems, has announced the addition of the Harrier Series. According to the company, the three new models combine the StraightLine's SoftDrive robotics and Sony's AIT-2 tape drive technology to achieve capacities up to 15 TB and 432 GB per hour data transfer rate.

The Harrier Series sets standards for usability that distinguish it from other tape storage solutions. Convenient tape drawers allow all tapes to be loaded or unloaded within minutes, a feature that can save operators many hours per week. With standard Ethernet connectivity, StraightLine's Virtual Console allows library monitoring and control over the Internet.

The Harrier Series libraries fit into dynamic storage architecture with performance configurations suitable for departmental, multiple workgroups, and enterprise applications. The Harrier 830 (30 tapes; 1 to 3 drives), the Harrier 850 (50 tapes; 1 to 5 drives), and the Harrier 8150 (150 tapes; 1 to 10 drives) are pre-wired to accept the maximum number of drives. Performance can be increased by connecting off the-shelf AIT drives without the need for a field upgrade kit. Harrier libraries will support all Sony AIT drives.

For more information, contact StraightLine, 13410 SE 32nd St., Suite #3D, Bellevue, WA 98005; (425) 865-8314; Fax: (425) 746-8531; WWW: