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New Products

ParaSoft Announced HTML-Aware Spell Checker

ParaSoft has announced an HTML-aware spell checker plug-in module, WebSpell, for its Web management environment, WebKing. WebSpell doesn't flag HTML tags as misspelled words. WebSpell is now a standard module for WebKing.

WebSpell is ispell compatible, and users can add words to three custom dictionaries-one that applies per page, another that applies per site, and a third that applies per user. WebSpell can find case-sensitive spelling errors, flag words that run together, and suggest replacements.

WebKing is a Web site management environment with an architecture supporting plug-in of editors, graphic tools, authoring tools, use log analysis, and source control. WebKing automatically checks for bad links, missing sources, orphaned files, malformed URLs, empty URLs, duplicate anchors, and missing anchors. WebKing also automates publishing, link localization, configuration management, site replication, and site packaging.

WebKing runs on Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows NT, 95, and 98. For more information, contact ParaSoft, 2031 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016; (888) 305-0041; Fax: (626) 305-3036; Internet:; WWW:

Cybernetics Integrates Storage Technologies in CYBRID

Cybernetics has announced the CYBRID series of storage systems that incorporate combinations of Exabyte 8mm, DLTtape, and Jaz drives in a single enclosure. CYBRID facilitates data exchange between the technologies. Cybernetics describes the CYBRID series as particularly useful for migrating storage from an older technology. Moving from CY-8705 (7-14 Gb 8mm) technology to CY-8900 (20-40 Gb 8mm) is simplified using a dual 8705-8900 CYBRID.

Capacity and speed depend on the drives in a particular array. Cybernetics supports a range of Exabyte 8mm, DLTtape, and Jaz models. Capacity ranges from 1 Gb to 35 Gb, uncompressed, and speed ranges from 0.5 Mb/s to 10 Mb/s. CYBRID conversions take place offline and don't burden the host system. CYBRID systems are compatible with a wide range of hardware and operating systems platforms.

For more information, contact Cybernetics, 111 Cybernetics Way, Yorktown, VA 63893; (757) 833-9990 ; Fax: (757) 833-9300; WWW:

Overland Data Introduces Web-Based Storage Management

Overland Data, Inc., has announced Web TLC (Total Library Control), a system for remote operation and management of its automated tape libraries and autochangers via a standard Web browser. Web TLC is built around a thin Web server and is compatible with the company's installed base of automated DLTtape libraries and loaders. Web TLC can be integrated into Overland's new EnterpriseXpress library and can be ordered as an add-on for LibraryXpress, MinilibraryXpress, and LoaderXpress.

Overland's Web TLC technology is platform independent and supports central administration of their DLTtape-based automated storage systems. Web TLC supports real-time alerts with TapeAlert-compatible backup software and SNMP-compliant network management consoles. Web TLC technology also allows remote operators to configure, control, and diagnose the libraries.

According to Overland, Web TLC will be available in June, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,995. For more information, contact Overland Data, Inc., 8975 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123-1599; (619) 571-5555; Fax: (619) 571-0982; WWW:

Informix Expands Marketing and Support Relationship with Red Hat

Informix Corporation has extended the price promotion of the Informix Dynamic Server, Linux Edition Suite for $99. Informix had (as of late April) distributed over 270,000 copies of its database engines on Linux.

The promotion was originally scheduled to conclude at the end of April, but has been extended through August 7, 1999. The program offered a single-user license of Informix Dynamic Server, Linux Edition. Informix also has said it is exploring opportunities to expand its relationship with Red Hat Software in the areas of marketing and Informix-based Linux solutions.

For more information, contact Informix Corporation, Menlo Park, CA; WWW:

Integrated Computer Solutions Announces Support for Linux

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) has announced Builder Xcessory (BX PRO) for Red Hat Linux. BX PRO is a GUI builder for UNIX software systems with a WYSIWYG environment. ICS has ported the latest BX PRO release, V5.0.5, to Red Hat V6.0 following its previous port to Red Hat 5.1. ICS also recently announced support for SuSE Linux V6.1. BX PRO 5.0 consists of Builder Xcessory, a graphical user interface builder for Motif; ViewKit, a C++ reuse framework that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses; and EnhancementPak, a library of 34 reusable components including business graphs and user interface controls.

In addition to Linux, ICS licenses BX PRO on UNIX workstations from Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, and SGI. Applications built with BX PRO 5.0 can also be deployed to the Web or Windows NT with optional add-on products from ICS.

BX PRO on Linux is available immediately. ICS has been giving away 100 Personal Use licenses to BX PRO on a weekly basis to developers registering at the special ICS Linux Web site ( Free 30-day evaluations are available for download. Personal Use licenses are available to open source developers for $250/license when ordered online at: A General Use license for BX PRO on the Linux operating system, which includes technical support, is available to corporations at $4,500/user in North America. For more information, contact Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc., 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139; (617) 621-0060; Fax: (617) 621-9555; Internet:; WWW:

DEX Center Bridges Data Exchange Gaps

International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) has announced DEX Center (Data EXchange Center), a server-based system providing exchange of data via the Internet or an Intranet. The server chronicles, stores, and manages exchanged data. Users can track what data has been sent to which customers or suppliers.

DEX Center includes a Web browser form for selecting files and specifying translation and transmission options. DEX Center provides automatic look-up of users translation requirements. Files are translated appropriately and delivered in the recipient's native CAD format, IGES, or STEP. Features provide for managing original and translated data files. DEX Center provides email notification when translated files are available. Data is protected through login authorization to restrict access and encryption during file transmission. Collaboration tools assist users in reviewing and discussing exchanged data.

For more information, contact International TechneGroup Incorporated, 5303 DuPont Circle, Milford, OH 45150; (513) 576-3900; Fax: (513) 576-3994; Internet:; WWW:

ACSi Releases /BriefCase 3.0 SCM Toolkit for UNIX/Linux to OpenSource

Applied Computer Sciences, inc. (ACSi) has released their Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for UNIX/Linux software development as OpenSource. The software can be downloaded from their Web site:

BriefCase 3 runs on most UNIX/Linux systems with the generally available versions of the Korn Shell (11/88) and awk (1985). ACSi has offered the /BriefCase Toolkit since 1992. The toolkit implements a client/server interface to an RCS-based central repository. Project directory structure is maintained automatically through work-directory/repository mapping. /BriefCase administration overhead is typically quite low.

Release 3 includes the following major enhancements: installation instructions, upgrade guidelines, and a 170+ page, indexed book (/BriefCase 3 Software Configuration Management Toolkit Reference and User's Guide)in PostScript, HP-PCL, and ASCII text formats; support for project tree "replicas"; cross-replica and cross-client-host lock integrity; improved branch revision and merge support; private symbolic tags for users, in addition to the administrators' system-wide symbolic tags; Command Behavior Options (CBO) that affect certain command behaviors and access on a project level; product life-cycle support; and improved conversion tools between SCM and CVS, RCS, SCCS, and PVS.

ASCi can provide support services for /BriefCase, including training and customization contracts. ASCi also provides software design, development, consulting, and training services for UNIX/Linux. For more information, contact Applied Computer Sciences, inc., 34522 N. Scottsdale Road, #458, Scottsdale, AZ 85262; (602) 465-0944; Fax: (602) 465-1078; Internet:; WWW:

The docSpace Company Launches docSpace Admin 5.0

The docSpace Company has released docSpace Admin 5.0, providing docSpace Service Bureaus (dSBs)-ISPs, Application Service Providers, Telcos, portals, and others-with more control over docSpace services. Admin acts as a control console for the entire cross-platform docSpace application suite for file delivery and storage services, including hooks for billing systems and sub-administration capabilities.

The docSpace Service Bureau Program is a network of service providers offering co-branded, customized versions of the docSpace services to their users. Admin enables dSBs to control and track file, user, and account accesses of docSpace services. Admin provides tracking of online users, account privileges, storage and notification settings, banner ad management, pricing plans, and more. docSpace services include: Express, a secure delivery service for large files via the Web; and Drive, a virtual hard drive for storing and accessing files securely in a central, accessible location via the Internet.

For more information, contact The docSpace Company Inc., (888) 810-3627; Internet:; WWW:

EasyCopy 6.0 Debuts

Autograph International (AGI) has announced EasyCopy 6.0, a major rewrite of AGI's EasyCopy/X. The new version moves the product from a printing solution to a flexible set of image communication tools. EasyCopy 6.0 comes with a new GUI, an integrated image viewer, and a fast image browser. The GUI provides control over printer setup, an improved set of page layout and color options, and WYSIWYG preview.

EasyCopy 6.0 includes EasyCapture for screen capture, and supports a variety of common CAD and DTP image file formats for import. Filters can be installed to import an even wider range of graphics file formats. A number of popular filters are preconfigured in EasyCopy 6.0. The product supports removing background colors and working with both black/white and color image data. A companion product, EasyConvert, can be used to export image data to other applications. EasyCopy/Scan supports scanner control and post-processing adjustments: crop, scaling, color correction, etc.

EasyCopy pricing begins at $395 for UNIX workstations. For more information, contact Autograph International, Inc., 1782 Technology Drive, San Jose, CA 95110-1306; (408) 436-7227; Fax: (408) 436-7255; WWW:

EIS Introduces Fusion-iX/2

EIS Computers has introduced the Fusion-iX/2 rack-mount UltraSPARC server. The Fusion-iX/2 is built with the Sun SPARCengine Ultra AXi PCI system board. The Fusion-iX/2 includes dual UltraWide SCSI channels; 100BaseT Ethernet; up to 1 GB RAM; Sun's 360 MHz UltraSPARC II(i) CPU; up to 4 hard drives; floppy, tape or CD-ROM; 2 PCI cards; a redundant hot-swappable power supply; and a rack-mountable enclosure that stands 3.5" (2 "Rack Units" or 2U) high. According to the company, this low-profile chassis allows administrators to double the number of servers in existing racks, without compromising on features. EIS will preinstall Solaris or Linux for UltraSPARC processors and offers a variety of software installation options.

Additionally, EIS has announced a set of rack-mountable accessories for designing and managing rack-mounted environments. These accessories include a 1U Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) tray, MasterSwitch AC Power Manager, and a line of rack-mountable drive enclosures, which holds up to eight 80 Mbps Ultra-2 SCSI or 100 Mbps Fibre Channel disk drives. Also EIS has announced a partnership with Terix Computer, Inc. Terix will provide help desk and onsite 24/7 service for all EIS Fusion hardware.

For pricing and other information about the Fusion-iX/2 server, contact EIS Computers, Inc., 207 W. Los Angeles Ave., #303, Moorpark, CA 93201, (805) 383-1466; Fax: (805) 383-1470; Internet:; WWW:

ARCO Announced DupliDisk-POS

ARCO Computer Products, Inc. has announced the DupliDisk-POS, a realtime backup device designed for small chassis PC users who want the security of a duplicate hard drive. The DupliDisk-POS provides disk mirroring capability for the smaller 2.5" form factor drives. The DupliDisk's controller design provides continuous automatic hard-disk backup and disk-fault tolerance through RAID 1 technology. Once plugged into an onboard IDE controller and attached to the primary and mirror drives, the DupliDisk operates transparently. All data sent from the PC to the primary drive is automatically duplicated to the mirroring drives; the system and end users see only the primary drive.

The DupliDisk mirrors up to two pairs of IDE, E-IDE, or U/DMA drives of any capacity. If a hardware failure disables one of the mirrored drives, the DupliDisk automatically shifts operations to the functioning drives. Visual feedback is available via LEDs on the unit's optional external panel. An audible alarm also alerts the user of the drive failures. DupliDisk-POS uses no jumper settings and requires no drivers or TSRs.

Because DupliDisk requires no device drivers, according to the company, the DupliDisk is operating-system independent. DupliDisk-POS has been tested with systems running UNIX; Linux; Solaris 386; BSDI; Novell NetWare; Windows 3.x, 95/98, and NT; as well as OS/2 and DOS. DupliDisk-POS is priced at $250. For more information, contact ARCO Computer Products, Inc., 2750 North 29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020 (954) 925-2688; Fax: (954) 925-2889; Internet:; WWW:

OSD Ships CMDS Enterprise

ODS Networks, Inc., has begun shipping CMDS Enterprise, an Enterprise Security Infrastructure (ESI) product that provides the "glue" to integrate multi-vendor, heterogeneous security architecture. CMDS Enterprise supports an integrated statistical profiling engine that builds a biometric fingerprint of user behavior that automatically creates a baseline of application operations. A significant deviation from normal activity generates an alarm. CMDS Enterprise also uses an expert system that analyzes all events to recognize well-known attack signatures and also collects and analyzes all events on monitored systems. CMDS is scalable and is completely "open", with the rules base, database, and Universal Parser and report generator fully documented for modification and customization.

CMDS Enterprise uses standard, off-the-shelf Windows NT platforms for data analysis and supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL database servers. CMDS Enterprise supports Microsoft Windows NT with support for Sun Solaris, Checkpoint Firewall-1, Cisco Routers, Cisco NetRanger, and ISS RealSecure. There are three components to a CMDS Enterprise system: Agents, Managers, and Security Administrator's Consoles. Agents range in price from $49 to $1,295 and are installed on each monitored device. Manager platforms that perform data analysis are priced at $1,495. Security administrator's Consoles are priced at $595. For more information, contact ODS Networks, Inc., Richardson, TX, (972) 301-5386; WWW:

TSS Releases Tripwire 2.1 For NT

Tripwire Security Systems, Inc. (TSS) has released Tripwire 2.1 for Windows NT. According to the company, the new release of Tripwire, a File Integrity Assessment (FIA) tool for UNIX, makes it possible to protect NT and UNIX workstations and servers throughout a corporate network. Tripwire's FIA technology supports host-based intrusion detection, damage assessment, recovery, and forensics. Tripwire also identifies instances of unauthorized data corruption. Also Tripwire's adaptive policy language delivers concise, "low-noise" summary reports that can be distributed to all relevant system administrators.

Tripwire 2.1 for Windows NT contains specific features that let administrators detect changes to NT registry information and file systems. Additionally, Tripwire 2.1 includes a cryptographically signed database, Y2K compliance, an adaptive policy language, and built-in email reporting.

For pricing and other information about Tripwire 2.1 for Windows NT, contact Tripwire Security Systems, Inc., Portland, OR; (503) 223-0280; WWW:


E-COMMS, Inc. has upgraded E-COMMANDER, its disaster recovery and network monitoring system. E-COMMANDER features a GUI based on Sun Microsystems, Java 2 programming language which, according to the company, lets users manage and control E-COMMANDER from any platform, operating system, or computer on the network. The E-COMMANDER GUI is a customized version of Fujitsu Software Corp.'s NetPrism multi-platform network device management software. The GUI uses Web browser technology to provide remote hardware management over the network. From a single workstation, administrators can operate E-COMMANDER to provide power cycling, device switching, environmental control and many other functions critical to disaster recovery, regardless of the number or diversity of operating systems involved.

E-COMMANDER's GUI is priced at $995 for existing users. The entire hardware and software package is priced at $2,990, with application modules sold separately. For more information, contact E-COMMS, Inc., 5720 144th St. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332; (253) 857-3399; Fax: (253) 857-3444; WWW:

Ericom Integrates SSL and TLS into PowerTerm

Ericom Software has integrated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) into its PowerTerm host access products. SSL is a security protocol for authenticating and encrypting communications between peers across the Internet, Intranet, and Extranet. SSL, as well as the TLS protocol, lets peers authenticate through the use of digital certificates and communicate using security policies that encrypt the flow of data across the network. PowerTerm with SSL meets industry standards for interoperability and lets users connect to such devices as IBM's V4R4, as well as other SSL enabled system, in a secure mode from any location. The SSL will be incorporated into the PowerTerm series of products including PowerTerm, PowerTerm InterConnect, PowerTerm Plus, PowerTerm Pro, and PowerTerm CE.

For more pricing and other information about PowerTerm with SSL security, contact Ericom Software, Jerusalem, Israel; (201) 525-5511; Fax: (201) 525-5499; WWW:

MTI Introduces Gladiator Systems

MTI Technology Corp. has introduced the Gladiator 3500 and 6700 enterprise RAID data-storage systems. The RAID storage array offers upgrade options for Fibre Channel architecture connectivity, advanced RAID-controller processors, and additional system capacity.

The Gladiator 3500 is an application-tuned storage subsystem designed for UltraSCSI environments, such as online transaction processing (OLTP), decision support, data warehousing, data mining, workgroup computing, and Internet/intranet applications.

The Gladiator 6700 is a fault-resilient, scalable Fibre Channel RAID storage system that lets users expand storage to multiple terabytes of data. The system offers multiple concurrent-host support for a variety of applications that require high bandwidth and maximum transfer rates. The 6700 features MTI's volume-mapping facility, which allows a large storage array to be partitioned into smaller units assigned to separate servers on a Fibre Channel-based SAN.

The Gladiator 3500 features up to 256 MB of mirrored processor cache per RAID element. It also supports up to 855 GB of storage capacity per RAID element and can operate with multiple simultaneous RAID levels, including levels 0, 1, 0+1, and 5. The system employs mirrored cache, which ensures total fault resilience in the event of cache failure. Its intelligent write-gathering cache collects scattered disk writes and organizes them into efficient full-stripe writes that reduce unnecessary disk access to deliver "RAID 3-like" performance in sequential applications.

Pricing for the Gladiator 3500 starts at $61,050, and the Gladiator 6700 starts at $149,000. Both support HP-UX, IRIX, NetWare, Solaris, and Windows NT. For more information, contact MTI Technology Corp., 4905 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807; (800) 999-9684 or (714) 970-0300; Fax: (714) 693-2256; Internet:; WWW:

FairCom Releases Database Server

FairCom Corp. has released its FairCom database server, which has security-file encryption. Files encrypted with FairCom Server's encryption algorithm can be decrypted only by the FairCom Server. This feature prevents stand alone applications from gaining access to sensitive data.

The server includes mirrored-file features, including re-acquisition of a lost, mirrored start file. Mirrored files are copied automatically during a rebuild with automatic recovery and dynamic dump restore. Thus, even if a mirrored copy fails, the rebuild will continue. The servers also offer a conditional index-support feature that allows indexes to be defined at the data-content level, rather than at just the field level. Dynamic index (select/omit) filtering can be performed on c-tree Plus index files by using an expression parser/analyzer. This provides smaller, faster indexes that meet developers' specific data-content-level needs.

This version of the FairCom Server includes new support for FreeBSD, IRIX, and UnixWare. The FairCom Server retails from $445 to $6,795, depending on the number of users. It is licensed on a per-server basis. For more information, contact FairCom, 2100 Forum Blvd. Suite C, Columbia, MO 65203; (573) 445-6833; Fax: (573) 445-9698; Internet:; WWW:

ISS Announces RealSecure 3.0

Internet Security Systems (ISS) has announced the availability of RealSecure 3.0, a network- and system-based intrusion detection and response system. RealSecure continuously monitors network and server activity for events such as denial-of-service attacks, unauthorized access attempts, and pre-attack reconnaissance probes. When RealSecure detects such activity, the system responds automatically to stop the break-in before damage is done. RealSecure 3.0 gives customers a wider range of attack- and misuse-response options than previous versions: notification (including alarms); email, pager, phone alerts; SNMP traps; and storage (including log summaries, and recorded network sessions). RealSecure 3.0 uses a distributed architecture that contains two classes of integrated intrusion-detection components.

Pricing is based on the number of scalable components required and the customer's network size. RealSecure network engines are $8,995 for a single perpetual license. For more information, contact Internet Security Systems, 6600 Peachtree-Dunnwoody Rd., Bldg. 300, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30328; (800) 776-2362; WWW: