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Several changes have taken place with the magazine recently. Most notably, our hard-working Editor in Chief has expanded his dual roles with Sys Admin and Performance Computing. Ralph Barker is now the Editor in Chief for Performance Computing and Editorial Director for Sys Admin. I've accepted the position of Editor in Chief and am happy to announce the addition of Joe Casad as Sys Admin's new Technical Editor. Joe is an engineer, author, editor, and consultant who has written widely on networking and systems administration. He is the former managing editor of Network Administrator magazine and an author of Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 24 Hours, as well as other books.

You may also notice that Jim McKinstry, our online Q&A moderator, is now contributing the print version of the Questions and Answers column, too. Bjorn Satdeva, who has been with Sys Admin since before it was Sys Admin, has decided to pursue other endeavors. All of us at the magazine wish Bjorn the best of luck. Also, we welcome a new columnist, Ron McCarty, who will be contributing a monthly column on topics related to network administration.

With the changes that have occurred in the magazine's masthead, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. You can email me at: You may not realize how little reader mail the magazine receives, and although I like to think that silence implies approval, I welcome more concrete information in the form of reader comments. Check out the Web site and let me know what additional information you'd like us to include. As you are no doubt aware, Sys Admin relies more heavily on its readers than do most magazines. We have no staff writers producing articles; rather we ask that you write the articles. So, I hope you'll also take the time to review the call for papers and consider sharing your experiences with us.

With your continued support and interest, the leadership of Ralph Barker, and the guidance of Joe Casad, the magazine's future looks brighter than ever. Those of you who know us may take comfort in the fact that, shifting responsibilities notwithstanding, Ralph will continue to be Batman to my Robin (or perhaps Ben Stein to my Jimmy Kimmel). Enjoy the magazine!

Sincerely yours,
Amber Ankerholz