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New Products

Red Hat Unveils Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server

Red Hat has announced the Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server, which integrates RSA Data Security's 128-bit encryption engine with the Apache Web server. Additionally, the Linux applications CD-ROM (included with the Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server) contains Red Hat Linux 6.0 programs and a separate e-commerce directory. A variety of complete and trial versions of e-commerce software from Hewlett-Packard, CCVS, MiniVend, and others are included in the directory.

Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server also includes:

• Apache ASP and DAV modules for development on multiple platforms and Web page management without ftp

• The Netscape Roaming Modules to enable use of the Apache Web server as a Netscape Roaming Access server

• The Squid proxy and cache server

• The Webalyzer Web serve log

• A $25 discount for site digital certification purchased from Thawte Consulting.

The Red Hat Linux E-Commerce Server can be bought directly from Red Hat at their Web site ( or purchased from several retail outlets. It is available in the United States and Canada and is priced at $149.99. For more information, contact: Red Hat, 2600 Meridian Parkway, Durham, NC, 27713; (888)-733-4281; WWW:

Objective Development Announces Sharity 2

Objective Development has released Sharity 2, the second major release of their CIFS/SMB client software. Sharity mounts shares exported with the Microsoft Windows networking protocol in the filesystem of UNIX clients. The new version adds browsing (known as "Network Neighborhood" on Windows), a graphical user interface for configuration and password dialogs, and better compatibility to existing servers.

For software developers, Sharity's new modular structure allows easy addition of filesystem extensions. The CIFS module has a well-defined interface, allowing easy integration into other applications. Licenses for reuse of the CIFS module or the Sharity framework code are available by request.

Feature highlights for Sharity 2 include:

• Little administration, workgroup name and WINS server are the only required setting

• High performance

• Network neighborhood-like browsing facility

• Compatibility with national character sets due to Unicode use internally

• Source code available for no additional cost

Sharity runs on the following UNIX platforms: AIX, BSDI, FreeBSD, HPUX, IRIX (SGI), Linux, MacOS X Server and MacOS X, NetBSD, NEXTSTEP, Openstep/Mach, OpenBSD, OSF/1 (DEC UNIX, Compaq Tru64 Unix), Solaris, SunOS, Unixware (SCO). Sharity has been tested with Samba, Windows 95, 98, and NT. Basic interoperability testing has included AppleShare IP 6.2, FacetWin, OS/2, and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.

Licensing can be arranged based on the number of clients or the number of servers, with fees ranging from $99 to $465. Sharity is free for Educational use (up to 20 clients) and for students (up to two servers and two clients). A fully licensable demo can be downloaded from Licenses can be purchased directly from Objective Development. For more information, contact: Objective Development, Heger Schwarzott, Starkjohann & Tiefenbrunner OEG, Porschestr. 13-15/10/1, A-1230 Vienna, Austria, Europe; +43 (1) 60936506; Fax: +43 (1) 60936504; Internet:; WWW:

Easy Software Products Announces CUPS

The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) provides a portable printing layer for UNIX operating systems. Easy Software Products developed it to promote a standard printing solution for all UNIX vendors and users. CUPS provides the System V and Berkeley command-line interfaces.

CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IETF-IPP) as the basis for managing print jobs and queues. The Line Printer Daemon (LPD, RFC1179), Server Message Block (SMB), and AppSocket protocols are also supported with reduced functionality.

CUPS adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description ("PPD")-based printing options to support applications under UNIX.

CUPS also includes a customized version of GNU GhostScript (currently based off GNU GhostScript 4.03) and an image file RIP that can be used to support non-PostScript printers. For additional information on CUPS, see:

bCandid Announces Content Neutral Spam Filter Tool

bCandid Corporation has announced a content neutral filtering tool to help ISPs control mass postings to discussion newsgroups. The posting filter is being introduced as an enhancement to bCandid's Typhoon NewsReader software.

Typhoon's posting filer is applied before mass postings are distributed by their originating ISP. This is a content neutral approach that recognizes that spammers are attempting to send as many postings as possible in the least amount of time. The configurable posting filter built into Typhoon allows the originating ISP to limit the number of postings an individual can send during a specific time period. Upon passing the threshold, the filter dramatically slows the rate at which the individual's postings are accepted.

For more information, contact: bCandid Corporation, 5744 Central Avenue, Suite 100, Boulder, CO, 80301; (303) 545-5550; Fax: (303) 545-5551; WWW:

EST Releases Open Source Crash Recovery Utility

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) has announced release 15.1 of their Backup & Restore Utility for Linux (BRU 15.1). The most significant enhancement to BRU 15.1 is the release of CRU (Crash Recovery Utility) for Linux under an open source license.

CRU provides a simple method to create a set of disaster recovery diskettes, which in conjunction with BRU, allows for crash recovery. For networked systems (or those configured with a modem), CRU allows the recovery process to be administered remotely.

BRU users covered under EST's support contract will automatically receive the BRU 15.1 upgrade at no charge. Registered users without a support agreement will be notified that the upgrade is available and can upgrade at a discount. For pricing information or other details, contact: Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., 4014 East Broadway Road, Suite 405, Phoenix, Arizona, 85040-8822; (800) 998-8649; Fax: (602) 470-1116; Internet:; WWW:

Datametrics Launches ViewPoint for HP-UX 11

Datametrics Systems Corporation has a ViewPoint performance data collector for HP-UX 11 systems. This is the latest release for HP-UX from Datametrics, adding support for both the 32-bit and 64-bit computing environments. HP-UX 11 is Hewlett Packard's complete 64-bit operating environment that emphasizes scalability and performance for demanding applications. Typical examples include very large databases for OLTP or OLAP, and e-business applications.

Pricing for the ViewPoint data collector for HP-UX starts at $4,500, depending on the system configuration. In addition to HP-UX, ViewPoint also supports Compaq OpenVMS, Unisys Corporation 2200, A Series and ClearPath, Windows NT, and other UNIX platforms. For more information, contact: Datametrics Systems Corporation, 12150 E. Monument Drive #300, Fairfax, VA, 22033; (703) 385-7700; Fax: (703) 385-7711; Internet:; WWW:

MKS Delivers UNIX-Windows Interoperability Tools

Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (MKS) has announced a package of UNIX-Windows interoperability tools including: MKS Toolkit 6.2, MKS Toolkit Select 6.2, and MKS NuTCRACKER Professional 4.2. MKS interoperability products address user compatibility, platform interoperability, application portability, application interoperability, and e-business adaptability.

The NuTCRACKER Resource Kit now includes a special COM packaging wizard for Visual C++ 6.0. The wizard integrates with VC6 on installation and makes it easier to use COM to package UNIX code into cross-platform components that can be deployed on UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, Windows9x, and Windows 2000.

For more information on MKS Toolkit, MKS Toolkit Select, and MKS NuTCRACKER Professional, contact: Mortice Kern Systems Inc., 185 Columbia Street West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 5Z5; (519) 884-2251; Fax: (519) 884-8861; WWW: or

ObjectShare Releases VisualWorks 3.1 for Linux

ObjectShare Inc. has announced VisualWorks 3.1 for Linux. VisualWorks for Linux is a comprehensive development tool suite for creating applications that will run unchanged on Linux, Windows, Macintosh, and many UNIX platforms. All Smalltalk source code for the VisualWorks for Linux development tools is included with the product. With VisualWorks for Linux, developers can work on this stable, low-cost operating system and immediately deploy to any platform existing in the heterogeneous enterprise environment.

VisualWorks 3.1 for Linux may be purchased via the company's Web site: The product currently supports Red Hat Linux 5.2 or later or 100 percent compatible distributions. VisualWorks for Linux has been successfully tested with Caldera 2.2, Pacific HiTech's TurboLinux 3.0, SuSE 6.0, and Zentropix. VisualWorks 3.1 is being introduced at a price of $495. For more information, contact: ObjectShare, Inc., 16811 Hale Ave., Suite A, Irvine, CA, 92606; (949) 833-1122; Fax: (949) 833-0209; WWW:

Procom Announces DataFORCE 1000R

Procom Technologies, Inc has announced DataFORCE 1000R, a CD/DVD-ROM server that provides transparent cross-platform access to 250 discs at hard disk speed. DataFORCE 1000R is a rackmount unit that combines Managed Enterprise Storage Architecture (MESA) with a Dynamic Cache Module (DCM) for heterogeneous networks. With its embedded MESA software, the DataFORCE 1000R server can connect directly to network cabling and provide access to client workstations without TSRs or proprietary software. The DCM technology provides 160 Gb of RAID 5 disk capacity. Supported client workstations include Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and OS/2. DataFORCE also supports both TCP/I and IPX protocols. According to the company, administration is simplified under Windows NT with support for NT Domain Servers and with Novell NDS support under NetWare.

Features of DataFORCE 1000R include plug-and-play connection to both 10/100 Ethernet and Token Ring networks, and auto configuration with support for both DHCP and Auto IPX. Other features include a protected storage paradigm and a fully redundant hardware design with hot-swappable power supplies, fans, and drives. Prices for DataFORCE 1000R start at $18,894.

For more information, contact: Procom Technology, 1821 E. Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, CA, 92705; (949) 852-1000; Fax: (949) 852-1221.

Western Scientific Introduces NetFiler

Western Scientific has introduced NetFiler, a multi-protocol network file server that lets users store, share, and retrieve data simultaneously over the network from UNIX, Windows, and Web clients. NetFiler also lets users share files between Linux and Windows NT.

NetFiler supports 145 Gb of network attached storage and is powered by a Xeon processor. NetFiler performs 2500 NFS operations per second with a nine-milliseconds response time. With base systems starting with 36.4 Gb of RAID storage, the NetFiler can be configured up to 1.1 TB per cabinet.

Prices for NetFiler start at $18,000. For more information, contact: Western Scientific, 9445 Farnham St., San Diego, CA, 92123, (619) 565-6699; WWW:

VERITAS Announces Linux Support

VERITAS Software Corp. announced that its software backup products now support the Linux operating system. The enterprise-level NetBackup for UNIX and Windows NT support Red Hat Linux. Support for SuSE planned for later this year. Distributed-level Backup Exec for Windows NT and NetWare support Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux. Support for Caldera OpenLinux and TurboLinux is planned for later this year. According to the company, with NetBackup and Backup Exec, Linux servers and workstations are fully protected.

Linux support pricing starts at $200 for NetBackup. Linux support is included with the multi-server version of Backup Exec for Windows NT (version 7.3) and Backup Exec for NetWare (version 8.0) and is priced at $1,395. For more information, contact: VERITAS Software Corporation, 1600 Plymouth St., Mountain View, CA, 94043; (650) 335-8000: Fax: (650) 335-8050; Internet:; WWW:

ARTIS Announces Linux and Solaris Support

ARTIS Software Corp. has announced that its simulation tool, Artifex 4.2.1, supports the Linux Red Hat 5.2 platform, as well as SPARC Solaris 2.6 and Solaris PC 2.5. To create an initial high-level network design, Artifex provides an environment for modeling the dynamic behavior of complex communication networks running various protocols. Using Artifex, a design engineer can optimize a design by investigating scenarios such as protection switching and load balancing.

For pricing and other information about Artifex 4.2.1 support for Linux and Solaris, contact: ARTIS Software Corporation, 12 S. First Street, Suite 505, San Jose, CA, 95113-2403; WWW:

Mylex Introduces Workstation Array Manager

Mylex Corporation has introduced the Workstation Array Manager for its AcceleRAID family of controllers. Based on Global Array Manager, Workstation Array Manager does not require a network and installs locally with Mylex's configuration utility, RAIDEzAssit. Workstation Array Manager monitors the performance of the controller, drives, and overall RAID system, while detecting areas of potential I/O bottlenecks.

Workstation Array Manager's online management and scalability features include Immediate RAID Availability background initialization, Mylex Online RAID Expansion (MORE), and the ability to change RAID levels without taking the system offline. Other features include failover/failback, PCI Hot Plug, drive cloning, and reliable messaging.

Workstation Array Manager's fault management features include SES and SAF-TE for enclosure management support and for drive, fan, and power supply condition monitoring. Other features include SMART support for predictive drive failure reporting; user-definable event priorities for notification via pager, email, or fax; and statistical views for realtime analysis of storage system operation.

For pricing and other information about Workstation Array Manager, contact: Mylex Corporation, 34551 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont, CA, 94555; (510) 796-6100; Fax: (510) 745-8016; WWW:

Advanced Systems Concepts Adds Sun Solaris Support

Advanced Systems Concepts has added Sun Solaris support to RemoteSHADOW, its disaster recovery tool. Remote SHADOW transparently and continuously protects information by providing updated access to current data at an alternate location. RemoteSHADOW for Sun Solaris includes both local and RemoteSHADOWing capabilities for partitions or volumes in the event of a disk drive, controller, system, or data center failure. RemoteSHADOW's network capabilities allow for shadowing over any link, regardless of distance or bandwidth requirements. Bandwidth is managed during peak periods by RemoteSHADOW's communication capabilities that smooth data peaks during busy times while maintaining production systems performance levels.

With the Network Restart feature, RemoteSHADOW also assists in the preservation of information following a network failure. Network Restart sends information to a queue when a connection is lost. The information continues to build in the queue until the connection is reestablished. Network Restart also sends only the information involving changes, resulting in less time and data sent on the network.

For pricing and other information about RemoteSHADOW for Sun Solaris, contact: Advance Systems Concepts, 33-41 Newark Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030-5604; (800) 229-2724; WWW:

UniTrends Announces Linux Support

UniTrends Software Corp. has announced that its entire line of storage management, backup, and crash recovery tools now support the Linux operating system. The first product, UniTrends Backup Professional, is an enterprise-wide network backup and recovery tool. When used with UniTrend's PC Parachute, it backs up all PCs on a network. PC Parachute recovers a crashed system back to a fully functioning condition, without reinstalling the operating system, add-ons, registry, upgrades, and software packages. Other products that support Linux include CTAR (Compressing Tape Archiver), a standalone system backup and recovery tool and CTAR:NET, an extension of the base CTAR product.

For pricing and other information, contact: UniTrends, 601 Oak St., Suite 201, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577; (800) 648-2827; Fax: (843) 626-5202; Internet:; WWW:

XIOtech Releases REDI

XIOtech Corp. has released its Real-time Data Intelligence (REDI) Storage Architecture and has added several software packages to the REDI Software Family. REDI Storage Architecture is the base for the REDI Software Family, a set of six software packages that let the user tailor a storage solution that fits their storage needs and budget. The REDI Software Family can be used separately to solve individual storage-related network issues or combined in a group. The suite includes REDI Storage Manager, REDI Zone, REDI Path, REDI Volume Director, REDI copy, and REDI Control. RDEI Access is a bundled package that includes REDI Zone, REDI Path, and REDI Volume Director. According to the company, three additional REDI Software Family packages are under development.

For pricing and other information about REDI Storage Architecture and the REDI Software Family, contact: XIOtech Corporation, 6509 Flying Cloud Dr., Suite 200, Eden Prairie, MN, 55344; (612) 828-5980; Fax: (612) 828-5990; WWW: