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New Products

Network Instruments Releases Link Analyst

Network Instruments, LLC has announced Link Analyst, graphical network mapping software, which includes route mapping and historical logging features. Link Analyst complements diagnostic tools such as Network Instruments' Observer protocol analyzer. Link Analyst provides a user-configurable display with the status of each network device and the ability to drill down for more detailed device status.

Link Analyst supports mapping of routes, from the administrator's system to any other IP device. Link Analyst's route mapping can be used to keep track of any WAN, point-to-point connection, or critical site connection. Link Analyst's historical logging function can log the response time for each hop along the route and maintain the total route response times in its database. Link Analyst is extendable for larger networks offering map reference items or “go to” links that are icons representing downstream LANs or WANs on a map.

In addition to maintaining response time information for stations or devices, Link Analyst also provides user-configurable service tracking for devices. Triggers can identify a server that is malfunctioning or responding inefficiently. For example, if an SMTP server is responding to a ping, but email is down, Link Analyst recognizes the difference and can notify the administrator graphically or via an alarm. Alarms include printing a trouble ticket, popping up a window, writing to a log, sending an email, and contacting a pager.

Link Analyst is priced at $495. The Link Analyst license is for one PC on one site on one LAN and can be used to monitor an unlimited number of devices, LANs, WANs or routes. For more information, contact: Network Instruments, LLC, Minneapolis, MN; (612) 932-9899; WWW:

Segue Software Introduces SilkMonitor

Segue Software, Inc. has announced SilkMonitor 1.0. SilkMonitor works with Segue's Silk product line, including its flagship load and performance testing product, SilkPerformer, to deliver greater visibility into the health and performance of e-business systems prior to deployment.

SilkMonitor provides 24X7 monitoring and reporting of Web, application, and database servers. SilkMonitor can be used with SilkPerformer for load and performance testing, evaluating the performance of servers subjected to millions of simulated transactions a day, and to help identify memory leaks and runaway processes. With SilkMonitor, organizations can create and save groups of related performance measures from many systems. Reporting capabilities include support for SNMP, SNMP Remote, Windows NT Performer (IIS, SQL Server, MTS), and Solaris (Vmstat, Netstat, Mpstat). SilkMonitor also supports Network Data Collection and DNS monitoring.

SilkMonitor relies on a platform independent core (implemented in Java) and can collect performance data from any server with a Java Virtual Machine. SilkMonitor also supports triggers on alarm conditions associated with performance thresholds, and can notify administrators via console messages and email alerts.

Pricing for SilkMonitor begins at $5,000. For more information, contact: Segue Software, Inc., 201 Spring St., Lexington, MA 02421; (800) 287-1329; FAX: (781) 402-1099; Internet:; WWW:

Macmillan USA and Release Maximum Security Linux

Macmillan USA, in association with, has released Maximum Security Linux, a software package providing a large suite of tools and documentation for maintaining Linux system security.

Maximum Security Linux features the Linux Security Suite from This suite supplies administrative resources for system security: policy guides, best practices FAQs, security tips, as well as GNU General Public License security software available for Linux.

Documentation details the safe installation of Linux, and covers the various aspects of securing Linux systems. The package includes sections on intrusion detection, system monitoring and auditing, and virus protection.

Maximum Security Linux is priced at $59.95. It runs on Linux systems based on kernel 2.2.5 or higher with a CD-ROM drive and an html browser. For more information, contact:, 18740 Sulfer Springs Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA 98274; Fax: (360) 422-5057; WWW:

Tandberg Data Adds to SLR Product Group

Tandberg Data has announced the SLR100 tape drive, an extension to their Scalable Linear Recording (SLR) product line. The SLR100 stores up to 100 Gb of data and supports a 36 Gb/hour transfer rate (capacity and transfer rate assume 2:1 data compression). The SLR100 comes in a 5.25-inch half-height form factor. The SLR100 tape drive is priced at $1,995. For more information, contact: Tandberg Data, Inc., 2685-A Park Center Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93065-6211; (805) 579-1000; Fax: (805) 579-2555; WWW:

Imation Corp. Announces Imation SLR100 Tape Cartridge

Imation Corp. has announced its Imation SLR100 tape cartridge with 100 Gb of storage capacity per cartridge. The SLR100 includes in-line compression, an 8 Mb buffer, and support for the SCSI Ultra2 Wide LVD/SE interface. The SLR100 offers Read Solomon EEC Level 10, while MTBF is specified at 300,000 hours. The SLR100 was designed for integration into tape automation products. The Imation SLR100 tape media has an MSRP of $79. For more information, contact: Imation Corp.; Internet:

Imperial Technology Introduces MegaRam-370

Imperial Technology has introduced the MegaRAM-370, a high-performance solid state storage system. The MegaRam-370 houses up to four hot-swappable MegaRam Solid State Disk devices and also includes two hot-swap power supplies and three hot-swap fans. The MegaRam-370 has a storage capacity of 134 MB to 8.04 GB and is available in a variety of configurations. The MegaRam-370 also supports a 40 Mbps UltraSCSI interface and, according to the company, permits access to the data in less than 0.05 milliseconds.

Non-volatility is achieved via an optional internal disk and battery backup unit. In the event of a power failure, data is saved to the internal disk, allowing the MegaRam-370 to wait indefinitely for power restoration. When power is restored, data is automatically transferred back into the solid state memory.

For pricing and other information about the MegaRam-370, contact: Imperial Technology, El Segundo, CA; (800) 451-0666 or (310) 536-0018; WWW:

Alteon WebSystems Ships Gigabit Ethernet Copper Adapters

Alteon WebSystems has announced the commercial availability of the industry's first Gigabit Ethernet adapters that can operate over common copper wiring found in the vast majority of today's building infrastructures. The new ACEnic 32/64-bit 10/100/1000 BASE-T adapters are based on Alteon's next generation application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology. This network-processing ASIC integrates dual DMA channels, a PCI bus interface, a 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet MAC and two embedded 32-bit RISC processors into a single chip.

Alteon ACEnic adapters are designed to reduce server processing overhead through the use of advanced features such as the adaptive collection of system interrupts, on-board calculations of TCP/UDP/IP checksums, the elimination of host copy packet processing operations, and support for extended Ethernet frames of up to 9,000 bytes.

The new copper-based ACEnic adapter uses a single RJ-45 copper connector, Broadcom's BCM5400 physical layer chip, and provides autonegotiation to the highest link speed available. System drivers for all major operating environments are supported, including Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4, Novell NetWare 4.2 and 5, Linux, and FreeBSD. All of Alteon's adapters, both fiber and copper, operate using the same drivers.

The Alteon ACEnic 10/100/1000 BASE-T adapter with 512 K of RAM and supporting Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Linux, is currently shipping and priced at $495.00. The 1 MB version of the same adapter is priced at $695 and supports UNIX operating environments. For more information, visit the Alteon Web site:

Mitten Software Ships dataINtact

Mitten Software, Inc. has begun shipping dataINtact, a low-overhead messaging system to an FTP. dataINtact delivers files to and from remote sites over the Internet to your central data repository.

dataINtact is designed for customers with ten or more sites transferring data to a central location. A server license allows a number of remote sites to transfer information to and from the server. dataINTact compresses and encrypts the data, and senders receive a certificate of receipt to verify that the data was delivered. Remote locations can install the client software via the Internet. Once installed, the clients identify the server and their location and proceed to use the program by dropping files into the appropriate folder. dataINtact works with 32-bit Windows platforms.

For more information, contact: Mitten Software, Inc., 1865 West Wayzata Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55356; (612) 995-9626; Fax: (612) 745-4944; Internet:; WWW:

Panoram Technologies Announces Panoram PV 290 Display System

Panoram Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of the Panoram PV 290, an advanced, wide-field, extreme resolution computer display that forms the core of a new computing environment for power users. According to the company, it offers a new visual gateway to challenging computing tasks. The 3.9 million pixel resolution wraps around the user in a flat panel array that measures 43.5" x 12.5" (111 x 290 cm). This display is compatible with most computing platforms including Mac, UNIX, Solaris, and Windows. The Panoram PV 290 is well suited for high resolution, 2-D productivity and design applications, as well as real-time 3-D visualization.

The system's 2-D applications include financial monitoring, record and spreadsheet management, image processing, desktop publishing, network management, electronic media production, Web design, computer art, and intensive Internet browsing. Its 3-D applications range from data visualizations, perceptual computing and product design through engineering, oil and gas reservoir management, process plant design to architecture, object marketing, and design collaboration.

The Panoram PV 290 is priced at $27,000. Its capabilities include nine discreet inputs: six inputs for computer channels and three inputs for composite or Y/C video. There is a USB port on the display that allows users to automatically switch input sources, adjust and fine tune the display, and control all Panoram PV 290 functions directly from their computers. Manual switching of input sources is accomplished with a single button press on the central control cluster. For more information on the Panoram PV 290, contact: Panoram Technologies, Inc., 10951 Pendleton St., Sun Valley, CA 91352; (818) 504-0714; Fax: (919) 505-0636; WWW:

Synergetic Data Systems Updates UnForm

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. has announced UnForm v4.0. UnForm is a server-based solution primarily for laser forms and electronic document generation. This release allows UNIX application users to integrate electronic documents into their processing and provide access to those documents via Web browsers, email, or Adobe Acrobat readers.

UnForm eliminates the need for preprinted forms and can enhance existing documents with images, logos, and other graphic elements. Developers can build processing logic into documents and print and fax identical copies of forms within the same batch, or print unique copies to different locations. The same report can be produced in a PDF format or printed on a laserjet or any PCL5-compatible printer. This is achieved without modifying the existing coding of any applications.

UnForm runs on UNIX platforms including SCO, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux, and HPUX. Users of Basis International's BBx 4, PRO/5 or Visual Pro/5, and ProvideX can use Unform on Windows platforms. Free trial copies are available from the Web site. UnForm pricing starts at $1095 per license. For more information, contact: Synergetic Data Systems, Inc., 2195 Talon Drive, Latrobe, CA 95682; (800) 446-7374; WWW:

TeamQuest Corporation Announces Freeware TeamQuest Lite Performance Software

TeamQuest Corporation has announced TeamQuest Lite, a freeware version of TeamQuest Alert, their rules-based performance management software. TeamQuest Lite is designed to run from a single location on either Sun Solaris or Windows NT platforms and report, in real time, on the operation of up to five other Solaris and NT systems. TeamQuest Lite offers rules-of-thumb analysis for identifying server problems, communicates performance observations on up to five systems via a visual interface, and maintains a history of performance indicators. TeamQuest Lite can provide a snapshot of performance, details, or charts of performance over time.

To download TeamQuest Lite, visit For more information, contact: TeamQuest Corporation, 2410 Third Ave. South, Clear Lake, IA 50428; (515) 357-2700; Fax: (515) 357-2778; Internet:; WWW:

FacetCorp Releases FacetWin Version 3

FacetCorp has released FacetWin Version 3, which includes an Internet Modem Server, and PC Backup utility. Both features can be configured through FacetWin's PC Agent, a graphical interface. The Internet Modem Server lets PC users share a bank of UNIX modems in order to access the WWW and for use with other Windows 95 and 98 applications.

FacetWin Version 3's PC Backup/Restore feature provides the UNIX system administrator and individual PC users the ability to back up PC files to a UNIX system disk or tape. PC Backup/Restore includes full or incremental backup, data compression, backup of multiple PCs (in one operation) to multiple tapes and multiple tape drives, large file support (over 2 GB), and automated or scheduled operations.

FacetWin Version 3 also comes with a PC Agent component that runs off the Windows PC. In addition to letting users manage their modem access configuration and PC Backup settings, the PC Agent allows coherent messages to be sent to the user from the Internet File System (CIFS), formerly known as SMB. FacetWin provides a UNIX CIFS server for transparent file and print services.

Free 30-day evaluation copies of FacetWin Version 3 are available at the company's Web site. Pricing for FacetWin Version 3 begins at $195 for a single user, with discounts for multi-user licenses. FacetWin Version 3 will be automatically shipped to all Version 2 customers who are currently under maintenance. For more information, contact: FacetCorp, 4031 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093; (972) 985-9901; Fax; (972) 612-2035; WWW:

ORBiT Announces Partnership with Red Hat

ORBiT Software has announced a developer partnership with Red Hat, Inc. With this partnership, ORBiT joins Red Hat's Developer Partners Program. ORBiT's Linux backup solution, UNiBACK for Linux, is included on the application CD with Red Hat's 6.1 release, which is now available.

UNiBACK for Linux is included on the Workstation Edition CD of the Linux Application Library coming out with Official Red Hat Linux 6.1 Deluxe and Professional versions. Red Hat Linux 6.1 may be purchased online via the Red Hat Store at: UNiBACK for Linux may be purchased directly form ORBiT's Web site at: For pricing and other information about UNiBACK for Linux, contact: ORBiT Software (USA), Inc., 315 Diablo Rd., Suite 210, Danville, CA 94526; (925) 837-4143; Fax: (925) 837-5752; WWW:

Microlite Introduces RecoverEDGE for SCO UnixWare 7

Microlite Corp. has introduced RecoverEDGE for UnixWare 7, a fully integrated, configurable crash recovery solution for the UnixWare 7 operating system. RecoverEDGE for UnixWare 7 includes bootable CD-ROM and HP-OBDR bootable tape recovery options. RecoverEDGE works with BackupEDGE Data Archiving System to provide crash recovery, system reconfiguration, disk optimization, and remote access to crashed systems.

RecoverEDGE for UnixWare 7 (release 7.1.0 or later) supports the creation of bootable recovery floppies, HP-OBDR bootable backup tapes, or bootable CD-ROMS -- locally or across the network. Crash recovery is performed using live system backups without the need for “image” backups. System discovery process detects required and available kernels and libraries automatically. Filesystems can be switched across disks. The One Touch Restore feature rebuilds a system on same-sized or larger hard drives with minimal user intervention.

BackupEDGE 01.01.07 includes an improved user interface and provides backups using multiple data buffers. Other features include: bit-level data verification, graphical local Fast File Restore, administration of local and remote systems, low level SCSI tape support, tape auto-changer support for local or remote changers, and device-level archive property control.

BackupEDGE is priced at $300 for Intel platforms. RecoverEDGE is included at no charge with each copy of BackupEDGE for UnixWare 7.1 (release 7.1.0 or later), SCO OpenServer 5, and Intel Linux (kernel 2.x). Free 60-day evaluation copies and full documentation are available on the company's Web site. For more information, contact: Microlite Corporation, 2315 Mill St., Aliquippa, PA 15001; WWW:

Michalis Kabrianis Announces WebRAT 1.0

Michalis Kabrianis has announced WebRAT 1.0, a Web-based remote administration tool for Linux. WebRAT is a system, a set of client-server applications all bound together with a Web interface. WebRAT supports remote administration of network nodes.

WebRAT consists of a client component, a server, a nodes' daemon, and various scripts. The client is a set of CGI scripts, and handles establishing connections to the servers, transferring requests, getting the answers, and providing these answers to the user through dynamically-created Web pages. The administration server is a single Perl script, and waits (through inetd) for connections from the client scripts, from which it accepts (or denies) the requests, authorizes users, performs the appropriate administrative subroutines, and displays the results of a requested action (which is the output of the administrative subroutine). The nodes' daemon corresponds to the administration server, exists in every node to be administered, accepts connections, and handles requests.

WebRAT administrative features include the ability to view and clear logs for administered nodes, managing the list of administered nodes, and modifying the user-password-module combinations on administered nodes. For each node, administrators can modify groups, modify user passwords, view the tail (last 999 lines) of system logs, modify /etc/hosts files, and modify /etc/services files. For more information, or to download WebRAT, visit:

BestPower Ships Axxium Pro

BestPower is shipping Axxium Pro, a modular, scalable, and 3kVA-to-18kVA uninterruptible power system (UPS) for the midrange computer market. The base 3kVA Axxium Pro can be expanded by adding more power modules without significantly increasing its footprint. The Axxium Pro features online, high-frequency, multi-conversion power protection, a built-in operating system, modular N+X power, and logic redundancy. The Axxium Pro also includes built-in expansion slots to accommodate additional power and battery modules and is available in 3-Slot, 6-Slot, 9-Slot, and 12-Slot enclosures.

For more information, contact: Best Power, P.O. Box 280, Necedah, WI 54646; (800) 356-5794 (U.S. & Canada only); (608) 565-7200; WWW:

Veritas Announces Support for Quantum's New DLT8000 Tape

Veritas Software Corporation has announced that Veritas NetBackup now supports Quantum's DLT8000 tape system. Veritas NetBackup provides centralized control from a single management interface. The multi-tier architecture of NetBackup provides a fast, reliable, data-center strength backup and recovery solution that can protect environments that span terabytes to petabytes in size. Key features in NetBackup include dynamic tape drive sharing, snapshot backup, server-free backup, disaster recovery support, and intuitive Java and Windows NT administrative interfaces. In addition to protecting data in a mixed UNIX, Windows NT and Novell NetWare environment, Veritas NetBackup provides solutions for all leading databases, such as Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Version 3.2 of Veritas NetBackup is priced at $5,000 for Windows NT platforms and $10,000 for UNIX platforms and supports AIX, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, DG/UX, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, SCO Open Server, and SCO UnixWare7, Windows NT, and others. For more information, contact: Veritas Software Corporation, 1600 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, CA 94043; (650) 335-8000; Fax: (650) 335-8050; Internet:; WWW:

Ancot Releases FCAccess 2000

Ancot Corp. has released the FCAccess 2000 Fibre Channel Analyzer, a network-attached protocol analysis system for 2 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) networks. The FCAccess 2000 is based on host-independent Java client/server architecture and includes ChannelTrack, a system-performance monitor that tracks data flow and helps identify system bottlenecks and improve network performance.

FCAccess 2000 captures all FC traffic at 2 Gb speeds at rates exceeding 540 MB/sec. It provides up to 2 GB trace memory for recording long traffic sequences. FCAccess 2000 includes WarpSearch, a hardware-assisted data search engine that searches captured data according to user-specified parameters. FCAccess clients can run on local servers as stand-alone analyzers and from remote locations. The FCAccess server is available over any IP network, allowing for simultaneous access by multiple users as well as collaborative diagnosis and debugging from different geographic locations.

FCAccess 2000 is available in multiple configurations starting at $35,000. For more information, contact: Ancot Corporation, 115 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; (650) 322-5322; WWW:

Progress Announces Availability of Products for Linux

Progress Software Corporation, a supplier of application development, deployment, and management products, announced that it is shipping its embedded database and other deployment products on the Linux operating system. Providing a Linux version of their embedded database will allow Progress Software's Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and end-user customers to port more than 5,000 business applications to the Linux operating system.

Progress Software now provides scalable, multi-tier Linux support with Progress Version 8.3--a suite of integrated development tools, application servers, and relational database products. Linux-specific products include: Progress AppServer (an application server for deploying shared application components across heterogeneous environments and Progress Enterprise RDBMS) scalable storage for applications that need to support large databases, multi-processor hardware and thousands of concurrent users.

The Progress Version 8.3 deployment products are available for Red Hat 6.0 Linux immediately. Progress plans to make its Progress Version 9, Progress WebSpeed Version 3, and Progress SonicMQ deployment products available on Linux throughout 2000. For more information, contact: Progress Software Corporation, (781) 280-4000; WWW: