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syslog is alive and well. As I mentioned in previous columns, Sys Admin et al. has assumed responsibility for the Web site since the print magazine folded. We've invested a lot of energy on the site and I'd like to tell you what we're doing. Mike Swaine is the editor in chief of the site (you might know him from his writings in our sister publications, Dr. Dobb's and Web Techniques). Our own Joe Casad, Sys Admin's technical editor, is doing double duty as technical editor for, Christi Bear is the editorial assistant, and Randy Reames is the new Webmaster.

The site's regular features include: a book review column (Scott McMahan's Wall of Books), an online version of Curtis Preston's lost+found column, Stan Kelly-Bootle's Computer Contradictionary, book excerpts (there's one on IPv6 right now), hardware and software reviews, and feature articles. We also posted a call for papers, so you can submit proposals for other new items.

We'll be mailing a biweekly email newsletter providing additional information about the site. By the way, you must re-subscribe to this newsletter, even if you think you've already subscribed, in order to be officially opted in under CMP's privacy policy. (Write to me if you have questions about this process.) The newsletter will contain links to new products, a rundown of fresh content, and a note from the editor. Please send suggestions or comments to me or Mike or Christi or Randy or, heck, anyone else whose email address you can find on the site. Let us know what you think. aside, however, my main focus is always Sys Admin, and I really like this particular issue. It's not because it contains an article on configuring LPRng and an overview of FreeBSD security tools (although those are fine reasons); it's because five of the eight feature articles are from authors who've previously contributed. In fact, this issue might better be called “Sys Admin -- The Sequel”, because it includes the final part of three different serial articles, specifically: part three of Gil Held's voice/data convergence series, part two of Eric Davis's SNMP series, and part two of Ron McCarty's look at MPLS. It also contains Michael Lucas's fourth article for Sys Admin, Marcel Gagne's fourth, and Reinhard Voglmaier's third article. The prize really goes to Gil Held, though; if I'm not mistaken, this is Gil's 32nd article for Sys Admin! I think we must be doing something right or our readers wouldn't keep submitting articles. I hope you enjoy this issue, and I hope you'll join me for the next exciting episode of Sys Admin.

Sincerely yours,
Amber Ankerholz