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New Products

HP Announces Developer’s Garage for E-Service Applications

Hewlett-Packard Company has announced the HP Developer’s Garage, a strategic, multiplatform program for developing Internet applications. HP Developer’s Garage will offer integrated tools, alliances, and services supporting development and deployment across HP-UX, Linux, and Windows NT.

HP Developer’s Garage provides a development environment designed for e-services, including integrated development tools for Java and C/C++, along with tools for XML and HP’s e-speak technology. HP Developer’s Garage provides a choice of development desktops: HP-UX 11, Linux, or Windows NT; with the desktops supporting cross-platform development. HP Developer’s Garage includes access to a portal for information and support for registered members (, including providing early access to Intels’s Itanium processor systems and tools.

HP Developer’s Garage also provides a suite of tools supporting ports from Linux and Solaris to HP-UX, including porting guides, APIs, Linux API support, and gcc, g++, and other open source tools. For more information, check the Web site at:, or contact: Hewlett-Packard, 3000 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185; (650) 857-1501; Fax: (650) 857-5518.

MGE Introduces Power Cluster with No Single Point of Failure

MGE UPS Systems has introduced Pulsar Esprit Power Cluster, their latest high-availability UPS. The new systems include redundancy, expandable battery options, and monitoring and communications features including XML Web-based management and Windows 2000 integration.

The systems have power ratings from 3kVA to 13.5kVA and are designed to protect clusters of 3 to 15 servers with associated key peripherals, such as storage and backup devices. The systems are modular and scalable, so that users can configure the system to provide necessary backup time with options for redundant batteries and chargers. The modular design also supports incremental growth of the system as requirements grow. The systems are available in 5U-rack-mount or freestanding configurations. Esprit models offer 120VAC output at all power levels, while accepting 120V input up to 4.5kVA and 208V or 240V input at the 6kVA, 9kVA, and 13.5kVA ratings.

The Esprit models include a USB port or an RS232 port to support monitoring and communications. The Esprit models incorporate an internal communication protocol compliant with Microsoft’s Human Interface Device (HID) protocol, a standard for devices interfaced with Windows 2000. The Pulsar Esprit can use XML tags to trigger automatic actions so that users can remotely control and monitor the software.

The Pulsar Esprit models also inclue MGE’s Solution-Pac power management software for Linux, SCO Unix v3.0, SCO Openserver 5.0, Novell NetWare, and Windows 95/98/NT. The models also support TCP/IP communications for SNMP management on platforms such as HP OpenView, CA Unicenter TNG, Sun NetManager, and others.

Pricing starts at $1,699 in a single UPS configuration or $3,398 for a fully redundant power cluster. For more information, contact: MGE UPS Systems, 1660 Scenic Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; (800) 523-0142; WWW:

SoftTech Solutions Updates On-Line! Detective for Sun

SoftTech Solutions has released version 13 of On-Line! Detective for Sun. New features include a global search engine, hundreds of new part numbers and X-options, detailed Solaris 7 information, a breakout of SunVTS, and more. The On-Line! Detective is a software package for those working with Sun equipment — systems administrators, field engineers, help desk personnel, and resellers of Sun systems. The Detective provides 10,000 plus pages of information aimed at administering, installing, and maintaining Sun equipment.

Content added in release 13.0 includes: Solaris 7 installation methods, issues, patch analyzer, and troubleshooting; Solaris 7 overviews of Answerbook2, and network management. Other content includes panic causes, bad traps, panic routine, capturing system crash information, core file analysis, hardware diagnosis/repair, and bug reports. File system information covers constructing the UNIX file system (UFS), disk partitions, organization, RAID, and backup information.

For more information or to view a demo of On-Line! Detective for Sun, contact: SoftTech Solutions, 3525 Elizabeth Lake Rd., Suite C, Waterford, MI 48328; (248) 738-7738; WWW:

Aladdin Systems, Inc. Announces Linux Beta of Aladdin Expander

Aladdin Systems, Inc., has announced a public beta test of its freeware Aladdin Expander for Corel Linux and Red Hat Linux v6. Aladdin Expander for the Linux OS can expand compressed and encoded files.

Expander for Linux is a command-line utility that decompresses and decodes the following compression encoding formats from the UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh platforms: StuffIt (.sit), ZIP (.zip), ARC (.arc), gzip (.gz), UNIX Compress (.Z), uuencode (.uu), binhex (.hqx), Arj (.arj), MacBinary (.bin), and MIME (.mime, .mme). For more information, or to download the software, contact: Aladdin Systems, 165 Westridge Dr., Watsonville, CA 95076; WWW:

Procom Delivers Cross-Platform File Security on NetFORCE 1500

Procom Technology has announced its NetFORCE 1500 Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance. NetFORCE 1500 combines UNIX permissions with Windows NT Access Control List (ACL) capabilities to form a filer security model for cross-platform security administration while still allowing UNIX users to access NT-created files, and vice versa.

NetFORCE 1500 also supports UNIX directory servies, NT, and NIS/NIS+ share-level security. Security administration is handled through a GUI. For more information, contact: Procom Technology, 1821 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, CA 92705-5700; (949) 852-1000; Fax: (949) 852-1221; Internet:; WWW:

Dynamic Network Factory Announces DataStor RAID Product Line

Dynamic Network Factory, the U.S. subsidiary of Japan-based CSK Inc., has announced its DataStor RAID product line, a series of RAID storage subsystems from 90 GB to 225 GB with integrated 60 GB digital tape drives, using ADR technology.

DataStore RAID connects to a host server through a standard SCSI-3 68 pin adapter. The DataStor RAID series supports raid 0, 1, 5, along with a four-step LCD setup that takes minutes to configure. DataStore RAID features 5 drive channel, 64 MB of controller cache (upgradeable to 128 MB), dual hot-swappable power supplies, hot swap drives and fax modem/pager failure notification. DataStor RAID uses error correction code (ECC) to correct multiple error bursts. Interfaces supported include uLtra-2, LVD, fast, wide, and ultra-wide SCSI host channels with data transfer rates of up to 80 MB per second.

DataStor RAID 90 GB RAID and 50 GB Digital Tape Storage is priced at $2,295. For more information, contact: Dynamic Network Factory, 22445 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA 94541; (510) 733-0103; Fax: (510) 733-0206; WWW:

ImageStream Ships New DS3 and E3 WAN Cards for Linux

ImageStream Internet Solutions is now shipping eight new DS3 and E3 WAN cards for Linux. The cards are available for the PCI and CompactPCI buses in DS3 and E3 flavors with one or two ports and integrated full-speed CSU/DSUs. The new WAN cards can be installed in most Linux-based systems, and they are compatible with ImageStream’s Industrial series routers.

The new cards utilize ImageStream’s WAN component architecture for Linux called SAND. SAND provides modular support for many popular WAN protocols including PPP, Cisco HDLC, frame relay, X.25, as well as raw IP and ASCII components for developers. In addition, SAND provides support for real-time port status and performance monitoring. ImageStream released the source code to SAND in April.

A 1-port PCI version of the card retails for less than $3,500, while the 2-port card costs under $5,000. ImageStream distributes ISA, PCI, CompactPCI, and PMC WAN cards for Linux, BSDI, and Windows NT.

For more information, contact: ImageStream Internet Solutions, 7900 East 8th Road, Plymouth, IN 46563; (800) 813- 5123; Fax: (219) 935-8488; WWW:

Mainsoft Corporation Announces MainWin 3.4 for Linux

Mainsoft Corporation has announced MainWin 3.4 for Linux, a Windows platform for the Linux operating system. MainWin, Mainsoft’s Windows platform for UNIX systems provides an infrastructure for re-hosting of Windows NT applications onto UNIX and Linux platforms. Software developed on the NT platform can be deployed on UNIX systems.

Magic Software, one of Mainsoft’s partners, has used MainWin for re-hosting its Magic Enterprise Edition v8 to the Linux environment. Magic’s Enterprise Edition v8 for Linux, including Magic Web Online, is development software for building e-commerce and other enterprise business systems on the Linux platform.

MainWin includes the implementation of Win 32 APIs and Windows NT services on UNIX. Through strategic agreements with Microsoft, Mainsoft has access to Windows NT and Windows 2000 source. Mainsoft has incorporated several million lines of original Windows NT source code into MainWin to ensure that applications developed with C, C++, and Dynamic HTML for Windows will run on UNIX.

For more information, contact: Mainsoft Corporation, San Jose, CA; (408) 544-1400; WWW:

TrueSAN Networks Launches SANdesigner

TrueSAN Networks, Inc. has launched SANdesigner, a Web-based SAN configuration and management platform. SANdesigner lets users visually prototype storage area network implementation through the Web. After indicating the current applications and existing network environment, users can drag and drop SAN components in the GUI to form a visual prototype of a unified storage framework. Users may specify parameters, such as the server operating system, RAID level, backup device, and Fiber Channel host and switch connectivity, to create a custom SAN that matches their specific requirements.

Based on the visual diagram, SANdesigner determines the hardware and software components necessary to implement the end-to-end solution, from the server to the storage subsystem. Users may indicate the levels of service and support that best fit their needs. Upon completion of a storage network topology, SANdesigner stores the information in a database, making the SAN design available for the user to edit.

For pricing and other information about SANdesigner, contact: TrueSAN Networks, Inc., San Jose, CA; Internet: or WWW:

Imperial Increases MegaRam-35 Capacity

Imperial Technology, Inc. has increased the capacity of its 3.5" MegaRam-35 solid state disk. The MegaRam-35 can be configured with 2.1 GB of non-volatile storage or up to 4.2 GB of volatile storage. The increased capacity accommodates the larger “hot” files associated with applications such as email, financial trading, e-commerce, and telecommunications. According to the company, by transferring only the heavily used “hot” files to the MegaRam system, read/write times are performed at near main memory speed.

MegaRam solid-state disks work with existing storage systems and connect to servers the same way as conventional hard disks. They can be installed on any hardware platform, without any special drives or software. MegaRam products are also “Solaris Ready” and Veritas Cluster Server certified. The MegaRam-35 includes built-in configuration and diagnostic firmware, UltraSCSI interface, and proprietary error detection and correction circuitry.

MegaRam-35 is available in both volatile and non-volatile versions. The non-volatile version supports an IDBU. For pricing and other information about MegaRam-35, contact: Imperial Technology, Inc., 2305 Utah Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245; (800) 451-0666 or (310) 536-0018; Fax: (310) 536-0124; WWW:

APCON Offers 2x2 SCSI SWITCH LAN Port Connectivity

APCON has begun offering its 2x2 SCSI SWITCH with an optional LAN port connection. The addition of the TCP/IP network connection lets users share peripherals such as RAIDs, tape backup units, and CD-ROM towers between computer systems. Using electronic switching, the SWITCH connects four independent SCSI buses in any combination allowing access to 32 peripherals. The SWITCH features a menu-driven LCD panel, dual RS-232 serial port connections, and selectable internal termination. The lighted LCD front panel is controlled with soft touch menu, Enter, and directional keys. Panel controls let users set switch numbers, view power supply status and set serial port configuration.

The SCSI SWITCH is equipped with APCON Control Software, which lets systems administrators remotely operate and control the SCSI port configuration, termination, report SCSI bus activity, and gather performance statistics. The SWITCH does not require a device ID and is transparent to all computers and peripherals on the SCSI bus. Up to 32 independent SWITCHES can be connected and operated over a single RS-232 serial port through an internal switch address, allowing the user to cascade switches.

The 2x2 SCSI SWITCH, Model ACI-2112 is priced at $1,995 per unit and is available in a Low Voltage Differential/Single-Ended and a Differential version. For more information, contact: APCON, Inc., 17938 SW Boones Ferry Rd., Portland, OR 97224; (503) 639-6700; Fax: (503) 639-6740; Internet:; WWW:

Pervasive Announces Wireless Web Support for Tango 2000

Pervasive Software Inc has announced that its Tango 2000 Web application development software provides native support for wireless markup language (WML), an enabling technology for wireless Web applications. The Tango Development Studio is a visual programming environment for designing, building, and testing Web applications, letting developers represent business logic visually. The Tango Application Server supports scalable, cross-platform deployment on Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, and Macintosh. Tango 2000 includes a copy of the Pervasive SQL database, robust reporting capability, and support for databases and WML, XML, HTML, JavaBeans, JavaScript, COM objects, ODBD, SQL, HTTP, and CGI.

For pricing and other information on Tango 2000, contact: Pervasive Software, Inc., Austin, TX; (800) 287-4383; WWW:

ALEX TM Announces Linux Support for Libra

ALEX Temex Multimedia has announced that its LIBRA multimedia servers for video distribution applications supports the Linux operating system. The PC-based LIBRA server with the capability to access multimedia via LAN networks is based on the company’s Parallel Architecture DMMP (Distribute Memory Multiprocessing), offering modularity with linear scalability and fault tolerance. LIBRA offers scaleable architecture in terms of storage and bandwidth, and makes it possible to add a storage subsystem or nodes to increase either the storage capacity or the bandwidth. LIBRA’s parallel architecture eliminates duplication of stored data no matter how much data or how many simultaneous users are on the system.

Prices for LIBRA range from $10,000 to $200,000. For more information, contact: French Technology Press Office, Inc., 1 East Wacker Dr., Suite 3740, Chicago, IL 60601; (312) 222-1235; Fax: (312) 222-1237; Internet:

dtSearch Upgrades Developer Tools and Adds Linux Support

dtSearch Corp has upgraded its dtSearch product line, dtSearch Web, and dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. dtSearch Web uses “point and click” setup so users can add instant searching to a Web site. Built-in proprietary HTML file conversion supports searching of word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, and other file types. dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine lets developers add searching to any PC, network, or Internet/Intranet product. It is both a COM object and a DLL. In addition to Java support, it includes sample source code in C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages (ASP), and Delphi. dtSearch also includes sample source code to dtSearch Web in both ASP and ISAPI-based versions.

The Version 6.0 beta release of dtSearch Web and the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine feature support for XML, including indexing and searching of multiple-layered nested fields. Version 6.0 also supports the Linux platform as well as support for Windows 2000 and Windows CE operating systems. Other features include Unicode support for European-based languages and added support for double-byte character sets, such as Chinese and Japanese text, and integration with Microsoft Office 2000 and Corel Office 2000. Java support through a JNI interface has also been added to the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.

Pricing for dtSearch Web and dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine is $999 per server. To enroll as a beta tester, visit or email For more information, contact: dtSearch Corp, Bethesda, MD; (800) 483-4637 or (301) 263-0781; Internet:; WWW:

CA Ships Beta Release of Unicenter TND

Computer Associates International, Inc. has begun shipping the beta release of Unicenter TND, the latest version of Unicenter TNG, its enterprise management tool. Unicenter TND lets the platform manage processes and transactions in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. Using CA’s Neugents technology, Unicenter TND watches and learns from the behavior of all of the elements of the eBusiness environment. From this knowledge base, Neugents identifies the root cause of an event, and then reports, prioritizes, and corrects issues based on their business impact.

Additionally, Unicenter TND’s Quality of Service (QoS) management actively manages QoS letting eBusinesses prioritize network traffic by type. Administrators can also monitor the Service Level Agreements between IT and their business organization and customers, as well as monitor the server levels of ISPs and ASPs. Unicenter TND’s Enterprise Management Portal provides an integrated view of management, regardless of discipline or locations. Users can personalize this Web-based portal so it provides the information they require.

For pricing and other information about Unicenter TND, contact: Computer Associates International, Inc., Islandia, NY; WWW: