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New Products

InfoExpress Announces CyberArmor Suite

InfoExpress has announced CyberArmor Suite 1.1, an “enterprise personal firewall” that enables corporations to extend policy-based security to remote users connecting from home through DSL or cable lines. CyberArmor includes pre-configured templates for client configuration; environmentally sensitive policies (ESP), which adapt depending upon a user’s origin; interoperability with VPNs, servers, and enterprise databases; and remote managment, auditing, reporting, and updates.

CyberArmor Suite 1.1 adds advanced environmentally-sensitive policies; CyberConsole software for remote viewing of system configurations, alarms, and status notifications; support for VPNs, such as Microsoft’s PPTP; and integration with third-party databases. CyberArmor Suite 1.1 is comprised of four components: CyberArmor, pre-configured, auto-updated personal firewall client software, which notifies CyberServer users of attacks; Policy Manager, for creating and managing ESP policies, run-time settings, and automatic updates; CyberServer, which maintains a database logging user events and threats; and CyberConsole, which supports viewing remote user systems and managing incidents through the database.

CyberServer is priced at $4,995 per server and runs on Windows NT. CyberConsole is priced at $295 per seat, and the client software is priced at $49 per seat. Both run on Windows platforms. InfoExpress offers services for integrating CyberArmor Suite with third-party VPNs. CyberArmor Suite is also part of InfoExpress’s FireWalker VPN Suite. For more information, contact: InfoExpress, 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94043; (650) 623-0260; Fax: (650) 623- 0268; Internet:; WWW:

Acrylis Inc. Launches Service

Acrylis Inc. has launched, a Web-based service aimed at helping Linux administrators monitor and manage open-source software. is designed as a repository for all the latest open-source software alerts, releases, and information. Other features include profiling software running on its subscriber open-source servers, and proactively sending targeted information to subscribing systems administrators. provides a “What if” decision support tool for software dependency analysis. is based on a three-tier service architecture with the following components: Intelligent Agents, a small Java-based monitoring application residing on each of the monitored systems; Console, a repository of real-time data on the status of information collected from the agents; and Knowledge Base. The console provides an administrator with a view of agent alarms and allows them to launch corrective actions, such as installing or uninstalling software packages, patches, or updates, or invoking decision support analysis with the “What if” feature. The console allows the administrator to see all monitored systems in their domains, and provides views into software packages installed on both specific and aggregate systems.

Pricing starts at $100 per server, per month, with volume discounts available. The service offers free browser-based log in, allowing the users to analyze their environments manually against the Knowledge Base, without the use of the management console and agent. With a standard subscription, the service automates the inventory and notification of software updates, security alerts, an new releases delivered directly to the administrator’s management console. For more information, contact: Acrylis Inc., 73 Princeton Street, N. Chelmsford, MA 01863; (978) 251-1987; Fax: (978) 251-1989; WWW:

Pervasive Bundles Software with Red Hat and Caldera

Pervasive Software Inc., has announced partnerships with both Red Hat and with Caldera. Pervasive is a member of Red Hat’s ISV Partner Program and has provided 30-day trial versions of Tango 2000 Application Server (small business edition) and Pervasive.SQL 2000 Server (20-user version), which are included on an application CD packaged with Red Hat Linux 6.2. Pervasive and Caldera have announced the joint delivery of a software bundle for Web-enabled eBusiness on Linux. Pervasive has joined the Caldera ISV Program, and has bundled their Tango 2000 Application Server for Linux with Caldera’s OpenLinux eServer 2.3 server platform.

Tango 2000 is a development studio for developing and deploying e-business applications. Development capabilities focus on dynamic, database-driven Web applications. Pervasive.SQL 2000 is a family of database products providing cross-platform support and scalability. Tango 2000 Application Server for Linux includes a copy of the Pervasive.SQL Server database engine for Linux.

Tango 2000 pricing ranges from $1295 for the Small Business Edition, to $25,000 for the Corporate Edition for an entire cluster. Pervasive.SQL Server for Linux pricing ranges from $995 (10-user license) to $9995 (unlimited-user license). The Tango 2000 Application Server and OpenLinux eServer Bundle is available in two versions from The bundle featuring the Small Business Edition Tango 2000 sells for $959.99, and the second bundle with the standard edition of Tango 2000 sells for $2,399.99. Both bundles include a copy of Caldera’s OpenLinux eServer Release 2.4. For more information, contact: Pervasive Software Inc., 12365 Riata Trace Pkwy. Bldg. II, Austin, TX 78727; (512) 231-6000; Fax: (512) 231-6010; Internet:; WWW: Updates IntraSmart has released version 2.0 of its Web-based groupware IntraSmart. The new release includes support for additional operating systems, including Linux, and an Application Service Provider version that is multi-tenant capable. Other features of IntraSmart include: availability as either a hosted service or an enterprise application; provisions for integration with other applications; customizable, co-branded interface; support for team collaboration and project managment; 100% Web-based; OS support for Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

A self-running demo and white papers are available for download on’s Web site. For more information, contact: Inc., 275 Commerce Dr., Suite 202, Fort Washington, PA 19034; (215) 283-9466 or (888) 230-MIND; Fax: (215) 283-2590; Internet:; WWW:

IRI Releases the CoSORT Load Accelerator for DB2

Innovative Routines International (IRI) has announced the CoSORT Load Accelerator (CLA) for DB2 on major UNIX platforms. The new feature was developed in conjunction with IBM’s DB2 Enablement Program. The CLA is drop-in replacement for the sort routine within DB2’s loader. The user sets an environment variable to use the SMP CoSORT engine instead of the native sort routine in UDB’s loader for sort services. With CoSORT, high-volume loads can be up to twice as fast while transparent to the user.

CoSORT is a commercial sort package on UNIX and Windows NT platforms. CoSort provides server end-user and programmer interfaces to a central parallel processing sort algorithm in a co-routine architecture. Included in its hardware-based perpetual-use prices are SMP resource configuration tools, on-line documentation, and international technical support. For more information, contact: Innovative Routines International, 1775 W. Hibiscus Blvd, Suite 200, Melbourne, FL 32901-2627; (800) 333-SORT or (321) 952-9400; Fax: (321) 952-9777; Internet:; WWW:

ICP Announced SCSI Wonder

ICP vortex has announced SCSI Wonder, which extends SCSI cables beyond their normal limitations, repeats and amplifies the bus signals, and can terminate the bus in a clustered environment. The SCSI Wonder can transform a Single Ended (SE) bus into an LVDS bus and vice versa, permitting integration of SE devices into LVDS systems without slowing down the faster LVDS devices.

SCSI Wonder functions as a bus extender — it can be placed at the end of a 12-meter U2/U160 cable and it will extend the signal so that another 12-meter cable can be plugged into the other side of the SCSI wonder. Up to three SCSI Wonders can be used on one SCSI bus, extending an LVDS bus up to 48 meters in total length. With its repeater function, SCSI Wonder can be used to clean up noisy SCSI signals. SCSI Wonder can be used in a situation where a SCSI bus may need to be temporarily disconnected for repairs or reconfiguration. While connected, SCSI Wonder acts as a repeater, but when disconnected, SCSI Wonder terminates the SCSI bus, allowing all but the disconnected segment to continue working.

For more information, contact: ICP vertex Corporation, 4001 E. Broadway, B-20, Phoenix, AZ 85040; (602) 414-0414; Fax: (602) 414-0444; WWW:

Western Scientific Unveils Linux-Based Clusters

Western Scientific has announced the Linux-based Beowulf Cluster. Linux Clusters support parallel or batch computing and are available in many different configurations, providing scalability. Capacities range from one 2U system, to several thousand 2U-racks per Cluster.

Linux Clusters use industry standard components, each with up to two 800-Mhz Intel Pentium III processors, and up to 2 Gb of RDRAM. Units are also configurable with up to four hot-swappable SCSI drives. The backplane design supports the ability to upgrade. Units come standard with a 350-watt power supply and three 40-cfm 3" cooling fans.

For more information, contact: Western Scientific, 9445 Farnham Street, San Diego, California 92123; (858) 565-6699; Fax: (858) 565-6938; WWW:

Ecrix Announces VXA RakPak

Ecrix Corporation has announced the VXA RakPak, a rack-mountable tape subsystem employing VXA technology. Ecrix has packaged two VXA-1 tape drives in a single rack unit (1u). The RakPak stores up to 132 Gb of data at 12-Mb/sec aggregate transfer rate (2:1 compression).

VXA-1 tape drive employ Discrete Packet Format (DPF), Variable Speed Operation (VSO), and OverScan Operation (OSO). The drives are compatible with Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, SCO, FreeBSD, MacOS, Novell, OS/2, and Windows NT, 95, 98, and 2000. The MSRP for the Ecrix VXA RakPak is $1,299 for a one-drive unit, and $2,229 for a two-drive unit. Cooling, power, and grounding requirements are built in. For more information, contact: Ecrix Corporation, 5525 Central Ave., Boulder, Colorado 80301; (303) 402-9262; WWW:

ImageStream Releases DS3 and E3 WAN Cards for Linux

ImageStream Internet Solutions has released 8 new DS3 and E3 WAN cards for Linux, including versions for the PCI and CompactPCI buses. The cards are available in DS3 and E3 flavors, with one or two ports, and integrated CSU/DSUs running at full line speed.

The new WAN cards can be installed in most Linux-based systems, and they are compatible with ImageStream’s industrial router line. A 1-port PCI card will retail for under $3,500 and the two-port version will cost less than $5,000. For more information, contact: ImageStream Internet Solutions, 7900 East 8th Road, Plymouth, IN 46563; (800) 813-5123; Fax: (219) 935-8488; Internet:; WWW:

HP Announces WAP Interface

Hewlett Packard Company has announced OpenMail Anywhere/WAP, a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) interface for OpenMail 6, a messaging/collaboration tool for Linux and UNIX systems. This interface is part of OpenMail’s Enhancement Pack 2, which is shipping now.

Using OpenMail Anywhere/WAP, mobile Open Mail users can access the same corporate email that they use at their desktops, including Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Navigator, Lotus cc:Mail, and Qualcomm Eudora. Users can access OpenMail’s wireless Web service through WAP-enables phones. OpenMail is integrated with HP’s Presidium Virtual Vault technology for secure wireless access. In addition to Internet email standards support, OpenMail includes support for Microsoft Outlook’s “collaboration” features and OpenMail 6’s Web client.

OpenMail Anywhere/WAP is certified with the latest SAP phone and WAP gateway from Nokia. It is also certified with’s Up.Link 3.21 gateway and UP.Browser 3.1. OpenMail 6 Enhancement pack 2 is available for Linux, HP-UX(2), AIX, and Solaris users. It is available free of charge to existing OpenMail customers with software subscription contracts. For pricing and other information, contact: Hewlett Packard Company, WWW:

KRONE Announces TruePatch

KRONE, Inc. has announced TruePatch high-performance patch cords. According to the company, when TruePatch patch cords are used in conjunction with Crone’s TrueNet structured cabling system, the entire physical layer between the NIC and server is guaranteed a zero-bit error data transmission rate. TruePatch cords are manufactured using TrueMatch technology. Incorporating several separate patents, the product design/manufacturing discipline ensures data signal integrity by tuning each of the cable pairs to 100+- 3 ohms.

Features of TruePatch patch cords include high-pressure, injection-molded Boot, which locks each cable pair in place inside the plug and extra-long strain relief that prevents kinking at the plug head, but maintains the required 1" bending radius. Other features include stranded conductors that have been compacted into a near round shape, and a layer of high-density polyethylene that bonds to the strands to lock the insulation in place and prevent the strands from separating when flexed.

TruePatch patch cords are offered in lengths of 4, 7, 10, and 15 feet, and come in blue, green, yellow, gray, white, and red jacket colors. For pricing and other information about TruePatch patch cords, contact: KRONE, Inc., 6950 S. Tucson Way, Suite R, Englewood, CO 80112-3922; (800) 755-5766; WWW:

Rave Introduces Two Rackmount Systems

Rave Computer Association, Inc has introduced two rackmount systems, the Rave Systems RackMount 1U-AXe (RM1U-AXe), and the Rave Systems RackMount 2U-AXi-C (RM2U-AXi-C). The RM1U-AXe features a Sun UltraAXe motherboard integrated in Raves’ 1U-rackmount chassis. The UltraAXe motherboard has a singular embedded 300-MHz UltraSPARC-Iii processor with 256-KB external cache, two onboard EIDE controllers, on board ATI RagePro DVE PCI graphics accelerator, and one PCI slot with PS/2 keyboard and mouse connector. The system supports up to 1-GB memory. RM1U-AXe also features a 180-Watt auto ranging power supply, two removable 3.5" drive bays, and one 5.25" bay.

The RM2U-AXi-C features a Sun UltraAXI motherboard with upgradable UltraSPARC-Iii processor integrated into Rave’s 2U rackmount chassis. The RM2U-AXi-C also includes four front-exposed removable 3.5" low-profile drive bays, and one 3.5" and 5.25" bays for removable media. The UltraAXi motherboard has integrated dual channel Ultra-wide SCSI, three PCI slots, and supports up to 1-GB memory. The RM2U-AXi-C has been designed to be Ultra3 compatible.

Both the RM1U-AXe and the RM2U-AXi-C fit in standard 19" rack environments. For pricing and other information, contact: Rave Computer Association, Inc., Sterling Heights, MI, (800) 966-7283; Internet:; WWW:

Overland Upgrades LibraryPro

Overland Data Inc. has upgraded its LibraryPro Advance Intelligent Tape (AIT) automated library. LibraryPro combines Overland’s Mainframe Class Robotics technology with Sony’s AIT technology. LibraryPro’s robotics technology is based on DLT LibraryXpress, which provides module plug-and-play scalability. This release of LibraryPro boosts per-module capacity from 17 to 19 AIT cartridges, while scaling the automated storage system up to 9 modules instead of the previous 5 modules. According to the company, LibraryPro support 8.55-TB native capacity (up to 22.23-TB with compression) and throughput of 388-GB per hour (up to 1.1-TB per hour with compression) using Sony AIT-2 drives.

Features of LibraryPro include a tape cartridge magazine designed for bulk cartridge installation and storage, as well as a mail slot for individual tape insertion. Additionally, LibraryPro can be centrally administered with Overland’s Web TLC, a platform-independent management tool that uses any Web browser to monitor, control, and administer library operations. LibraryPro is fully Storage Area Network compatible. To simplify integration of LibraryPro into SANs, customers can add Overland’s SANPiper, a SCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridge.

Prices for LibraryPro start at $9,495. Upgrade options are available for existing LibraryPro customers. For more information, contact: Overland Data Inc., 8975 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123; (858) 571-555; WWW:

Century Announces Products

Century Software has announced HostML and ViewML, XML-based host access and rendering technologies. HostML is an Application server that performs capture and translation of large and complex UNIX and IBM application data to the XML format. The data is then re-rendered, using ViewML, for display on embedded systems and other devices. ViewML is based on MicroWindows, a small graphical windowing system for embedded Linux and other platforms. In addition to supporting Linux-based systems, HostML and ViewML also support transfer and rendering on platforms running Windows CE, Palm, Java, and ActiveX.

In another announcement, Century is now including Samba SMB with TinyTERM Version 4.1. Samba SMB allows UNIX systems to share files and printers with the Windows environment without desktop installation. It is the native network protocol used by Microsoft Windows. By installing Samba on a UNIX system, the system can share files and printers with any SMB-using Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and OS/2 operating systems. Features of Samba include support for long file names for pre-Windows 95 application and a drag and drop interface, including between UNIX hosts. Using Samba, UNIX applications can print on PC printers and UNIX systems printers can be used directly by Windows applications.

For pricing and other information about HostML and ViewML, contact: Century Software, Inc., 5284 S Commerce Drive, Suite C-134, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107; (888) 382-9497; WWW: For more information about Samba SMB, visit: WWW:

LSI Logic Introduces MetaStor E4400

LSI Logic Storage Systems Inc. has introduced the MetaStor E4400 storage system designed for high-performance computing environments such as video editing/post production, e-commerce, CAD/CAE and data warehousing. A Fibre Channel storage system, the MetaStor E4400 offers scalability and SANs support.

MetaStor E4400 includes LSI Logic’s HotScale technology in which Fibre Channel loops remain intact even during reconfiguration. With HotScale, additional drives, drive modules, and servers can be added on-the-fly. Additionally, the Fibre Channel host connection can be configured for redundant-path host attachments. The MetaStor E4400 can support 220 drives per command module allowing for 16 TB of storage capacity. According to the company, the E4400 storage system delivers 350-Mbps sequential read performance and 60,000 cached I/Os per second.

Additionally, MetaStor includes SANtricity storage manager software. SANtricity provides centralized management of storage resources via a Java-based GUI. SANtricity’s SANshare storage partitioning features lets a single-storage array be partitioned into eight virtual storage systems, each supporting multiple hosts, and each capable of function as a boot device. SANtricity also protects the storage array from unintentional or unauthorized data access and control by a newly introduced or rogue server.

Prices for the MetaStor E4400 range from $120,00 to $525,000. For more Information, contact: LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc., 1551 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; (408) 433-8000; Internet:; WWW:

TrueSAN Launches 7000FC Series

TrueSAN Networks, Inc. has launched the 7000FC series, a line of end-to-end full Fibre-Channel SAN solutions. Based on an Open SAN Framework (OSF) and fourth-generation TrueFiber technology, the 7000FC series provides scalability and seamless integration with existing network systems. The 7000FC’s enterprise-class storage software adds standards-based SNMP management, remote replication, clustering services, and advance multi-protocol support delivering file services using NFS, CIFS, and SMB protocols.

TrueSAN 7000FC’s storage capacity begins at 2000 GB, and is expandable to 7 TB per storage subsystem. SAN connectivity begins at eight nodes and is expandable, according to the company, to hundreds of nodes per storage network. Other features include SANdesigner for visually prototyping complete storage networks, and SANcare, a global services and support program providing technical consulting and on-site 24x7 support.

The TrueSAN 7000FC series supports Linux, Solaris, NetWare, UNIX, Windows NT/2000, and MacOS. For pricing and other information about TrueSAN 7000FC, contact: TrueSAN Networks, Inc., 60 S. Market St., Suite #1050, San Jose, CA 95113; (408) 817-9050; WWW:

Sun Introduces StorEdge

Sun Microsystems has announced Sun StorEdge Network Data Replicator (SNDR), remote data replication software that brings enterprise-level functionality to the open systems world. By replicating enterprise data remotely in real time in any multi-vendor storage subsystem, SNDR protects against business disruptions resulting not only from major disasters, but also from human error, software bugs, and power failures.

Designed as a service to the storage network, the SNDR software delivers the required data availability that enterprise customers need to enable their 24x7 businesses. By providing redundant data storage across geographically separate sites attached directly or through a SAN to a Sun Solaris server, SNDR protects critical enterprise information in the event of a disaster and reduces time to recovery after a disaster. According to the company, SNDR also minimizes the impact of planned or unplanned disruptions on business processes and can be used for additional applications such as remote data backup, data migration and analysis.

The software replicates volumes over any distance and runs in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Paired with StorEdge Instant Image, SNDR provides global data center management, allowing datacenters to manage peak loads worldwide, and enabling multiple uses of the primary data by numerous other applications.

SNDR ranges in price from $9,000 to $72,000. The product is available immediately. For more information, contact Sun Microsystems at:

SGI Introduces New Octane2 System

SGI has introduced the Silicon Graphics Octane2 visual workstation, a new power desktop line with the highest level of visualization of any UNIX desktop workstation. Octane2 brings together a new robust implementation of SGI VPro graphics; an optimized crossbar architecture; the latest high-performance MIPS RISC processor; and a number of industry-first features.

Octane2 is available with two VPro graphics configurations, V6 with 32 MB graphics memory and V8 with 128 MB graphics memory. VPro graphics for IRIX was developed by SGI to serve the highest requirements of its desktop customers. The graphics also leverage SGI’s expertise in OpenGL with full hardware acceleration of the OpenGL 1.2 core feature set and imaging extensions on a single chip.

Configured with single or dual MIPS R12000A 400-MHz processors produced in NEC’s highly advanced 0.18 micron process technology, Octane2 offers three times the graphics price/performance of Octane and 33% faster CPU performance. Octane2 excels on fill rate and geometry performance for maximum interactivity.

Octane2 with V6 graphics starts at $17,495 U.S. list for a system that includes a single 360 MHz MIPS R12000A processor, 256 MB of memory, a 9-GB Ultra SCSI disk, 32 MB of graphics memory and a 21‘‘ monitor. Octane2 V8 starts at $24,995 U.S. list and includes a single 400 MHz MIPS R12000A CPU, 256MB of memory, a 9GB system disk, 128 MB of graphics memory and a 21" monitor. Octane2 systems are available now and in volume next month. Existing Octane customers can upgrade to the new VPro graphics and faster processors to take advantage of the new features and performance improvements. SGI offers 14 configurations of Octane2 to choose from. For additional information, contact SGI at: