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New Products

SuSE Linux Debuts on IBM S/390

SuSE Linux has announced the port of SuSE Linux OS to the IBM S/390 hardware platform. The first beta version of SuSE Linux for IBM S/390 will be available from SuSE's ftp server ( The release of the production version is scheduled for this fall. The independent International Data Cooperation (IDC) found that the market share for Linux servers rose from 16% to 25% within the last year. The S/390 architecture allows configuring logical partitions on a single machine so different operating systems (OS/390, VM/ESA, VSE/ESA) can run independently. These partitions allow businesses to adopt SuSE Linux while maintaining their current OS environments.

SuSE Linux supports Intel platforms, PowerPCs, and Alpha processors. SuSE support of S/390 facilitates platform interoperability and unifies systems administration tasks for heterogeneous networks. For more information, contact: SuSE, Inc., 580 Second Street Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94607; (510)-628-3380; Fax: (510)-628-3381; WWW:

HELIOS Ships PCShare 3.0

HELIOS Software GmbH has announced PCShare 3.0, a high-performance, Windows compatible file and print server running on UNIX-based servers. PCShare 3.0 is compatible with Windows applications and supports mounting of drives and printers via the Windows network browser. PCShare can support from one to hundreds of nodes. Server features include SMB/CFIS, DHCP, WINS, WINS proxy, name service routing between network cards, and printing to local PC printers, as well as printing to EtherShare queues. PCShare's built-in DHCP/BOOTP server allows administrators to automatically distribute TCP/IP configuration to any Windows or Macintosh client.

PCShare provides menu-driven administration for setup of users, groups, volumes, printers, and DHCP from any PC or UNIX system on the network. PCShare's Windows-based VT320 terminal emulation software allows multiple UNIX-based applications to run from connected PCs.

PCShare 3.0 is available for a variety of UNIX-based systems, including Apple's Mac OS X Server and Linux Pentium-based servers. Macintosh clients are integrated to the same server via the HELIOS EtherShare 2.6. For more information, contact: HELIOS Software GmbH, Garbsen, Germany; Fax: +49 5131-709325; Internet:; WWW: In the U.S., contact: European Mikrograf Corporation, 269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 100, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; (831) 461-6061; Internet:; WWW:

Mortice Kern Systems Announces
MKS Toolkit 7.0

Mortice Kern Systems, Inc. has announced the MKS Toolkit 7.0 product family. Every MKS Toolkit product now includes NuTCRACKER Workstation, an operating environment providing UNIX application and script compatibility on Windows. Integration of NuTCRACKER also support extensibility, allowing custom commands and utilities created or ported with advanced MKS Toolkit developer products to run by users on any MKS Toolkit product.

The MKS Toolkit product family includes: MKS Toolkit for System Administrators; MKS Toolkit for Interoperability; MKS Toolkit for Developers; MKS Toolkit for Professional Developers; and MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers. The MKS Toolkit for systems administrators supports moving data and files between machines, remote administration, and UNIX-compatible backups across UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms. Administrators can automate repetitive tasks like password synchronization, adding users and groups, setting up new machines, cloning a system file or document tree on local or remote systems, and automatically scheduling recurring tasks.

The MKS Toolkit for Interoperability includes an X server for displaying and running UNIX graphical applications on Windows clients. It also includes a telnet server along with a full UNIX command-line environment of over 300 utilities, allowing users to connect to a Windows machine from any UNIX or Windows machine. The developer's toolkits support cross-platform scripting and applications with familiar tools.

MKS Toolkit for systems administrators, developers, and interoperability are available at suggested retail prices of $299, $399, and $599, respectively. The professional developer and enterprise developer toolkits are priced at $899 and $2500, respectively. For more information, contact: Mortice Kern Systems, Inc., 185 Columbia Street West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 5Z5; (800) 637-8034 or (519) 884-2251; Fax: (519) 884-8861; WWW:

SteelEye Introduces LifeKeeper for Linux

SteelEye Technology, Inc. has announced the beta release of LifeKeeper for the Linux platform. LifeKeeper for Linux 3.0 is a high-availability clustering system. LifeKeeper maintains the high availability of clustered Linux systems by monitoring system and application health, maintaining client connectivity, and providing uninterrupted data access to clients via Internet, intranet, or extranet.

According to SteelEye's announcement, LifeKeeper has been used commercially by many Fortune 500 companies, including Chase Manhattan Bank and AT&T. SteelEye Technology acquired the core LifeKeeper technology and has delivered it to the Linux market. For more information, contact: Nadel Phelan, Inc., 269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 107, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; (831) 439-5570; Fax: (831) 439-5575; WWW:

SuSE Linux and PolyServe Announce Understudy 1.3

SuSE Linux and PolyServe have announced Understudy 1.3 server clustering software for high availability and load balancing on SuSE Linux. High-availability clustering allows two or more computers to work in conjunction as a strategy for implementing parallel processing applications. Clusters can be extended by adding new PCs to the network.

Understudy 1.3 consists of the daemon “ClusterPulse,” which is installed on each server in the cluster performing IP service monitoring failure detection and failover to an alternative host. Also included in Understudy 1.3 is “ClusterScope,” a Java-based application that enables the systems administrator to configure and manage the cluster from any console. For more information, contact: SuSE, Inc., 580 Second Street Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94607; (510)-628-3380; Fax: (510)-628-3381; WWW:

InstallShield Adds Linux Support

InstallShield Software Corporation has announced InstallShield Java Edition 3.5 with support for the Linux platform. Utilizing “Web Start” Wizard technology, jointly developed by InstallShield and Sun Microsystems, Jave Edition 3.5 expands the capabilities of InstallShield's cross-platform installation-authoring software by allowing developers to create familiar “Windows-like” installation programs for multiple platforms, including Solaris, Windows, and now RedHat Linux.

With InstallShield Java Edition, developers can create a single installation for all their platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Solaris. In one installation package, they can address the unique requirements of each operating system, eliminate redundant work, and provide a standard end-user experience across multiple platforms. OS-specific “platform packs” extend the services of the native platform. With support for Linux, InstallShield Java Edition allows developers to support Launch Scripts, Desktop Icons, and RedHat Package Management.

InstallShield and IBM have announced a collaboration on version 4.0 of Java Edition with plans to support AIX, AS/400, OS/2, and Project Monterey platforms. InstallShield Java Edition 3.5 will be priced at $995. Current users of InstallShield Java Edition can upgrade for $395. For more information, contact: InstallShield Software Corporation, 900 National Parkway, Suite 125, Schaumburg, IL 60173-5108; (847) 240-9111 or (800) 374-4353; Fax: (847) 240-9120; Internet:; WWW:

SuSE Linux Releases Apple PowerPC, IBM RS6000, and Motorola PreP Versions

SuSE Linux has announced fully engineered versions of Linux for the Apple PowerPC, IBM RS6000, and Motorola PreP. The package includes databases, firewall scripts, Web servers, and mail programs as well as other applications such as the video editing system Broadcast 2000, or the image processing program, GIMP. The SuSE installation setup tool, YaST2, guides new users through the installation steps. Automatic hardware detection simplifies configuration of sound, printer, modem, ISDN, and graphics cards. YaST2 can also configure network and Internet settings. Finally, YaST2 launches the KDE desktop, providing display of existing HFS partitions, a selection menu, as well as a menu-driven overview of all programs installed on the computer.

Mac users are provided with the Virtual Machine (MOL) MAC on Linux, making it possible to start the MacOS in Linux and switch from one program to the other. Mac users have the option of using standard PCI hardware, such as network or TV cards. The completed SuSE Linux for PowerPC contains a graphical installation tool, network and server applications and utilities, development tools, and various graphical desktops. SuSE provides more than 1000 programs on 4 CDs. For more information, contact: SuSE, Inc., 580 Second Street Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94607; (510)-628-3380; Fax: (510)-628-3381; WWW:

Elsop Enhances LinkScan

Electronic Software Publishing Corp. (Elsop) has announced LinkScan 7.2. The LinkScan family of products provides test automation and Web site management capabilities. LinkScan is designed for performance and scalability to meet the needs of large Web sites and intranet applications. Customization features allow Webmasters and quality-assurance engineers to create automated test sites. LinkScan is available for Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

The product family includes: LinkScan Enterprise, LinkScan ServerPro, LinkScan Server, and LinkScan Workstation. For version 7.2, the products have been enhanced with: options to control the scanning of large Web sites with dynamic content, including testing scenarios using Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Java Applets and other server-side scripting tools; simplified testing of password protected sites; simplified and improved support for cookies; validation of <IMG SRC> tags for ALT, HEIGHT, and WIDTH attributes; refinements to JavaScript pattern-matching algorithms; and several report enhancements.

The LinkScan family ranges in price from $300 to $5000. LinkScan operates on UNIX Systems (including AIX, DSDI, FreeBSD, Digital Unix, HP/UX, IRIX, Linux, and SunOS/Solaris), and Windows platforms with Perl 5. Fully functional evaluation copies are available for download. For more information, contact: Electronic Software Publishing Corporation, 6214 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95120-4915; (408) 997-9370 Fax: (209) 391-9446; WWW:

B&B Electronics Protects Networks

B&B Electronics has announced their Model 4850FS, which protects network from damaged nodes, power loss on a node, and power supply voltage surges. Any RS-485 device without valid data is automatically removed from the network. 2000V RMS isolation protects the rest of the network from damaging ground loops and power supply fluctuations. Transient voltage suppressors on the line side provide added protection against short voltage spikes.

The 4850FS works with both two-wire half-duplex and four-wire full-duplex systems. It supports baud rates up to 460 kbps. The compact (3.8 x 2.4 x 1.0 in) unit installs easily at each device needing protection. LED's indicate activity on the network for installation and troubleshooting. The unit requires 12V DC at 170mA max.

The price of Model 4850FS is $114.95, direct from the manufacturer. For more information, contact: B&B Electronics, 707 Dayton Rd., Ottawa, IL 61350; (815) 433-5100; Fax: 815-433-5105; WWW:

Frontx CPX Sdn Bhd Moves Computer Ports

CPX (Computer Port Extension) is a new product invented by a Malaysian company, Frontx CPX Sdn Bhd, and is supported by the Malaysian government through Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC). The product relocates computer ports to the front of a PC system by means of custom designed extension cables. A custom designed casing that fits into a 5.25" drive bay holds the relocated ports and positions the ports at the front of a PC tower case. The ports to be extended can be selected independently.

CPX is a range of products consisting of the casing and extension cables with the first release addressing multimedia ports, CPX M Ports. CPX M Ports can be used to extend audio-in, earphone, microphone, and game ports.

The product is pending international patent. CPX M Ports can be purchased online at: at a prices of $25.90 per unit (delivery charge included for shipment to the United States). For information, contact: Frontx CPX Sdn Bhd, Kompleks Adorna Gold, 107-5-12, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Penang, Malaysia; +604-2272962; Fax: +604-2275962; Internet:; WWW:

Omniplex Announces Terminal Emulator

Omniplex Ltd has announced TigerTerm, a terminal emulator supporting VT420, Wyse 50/60, CO ANSI, and IBM 5250 and 3270 terminals. Features include support for multiple sessions, customizable display, macro language, TCP/IP, and serial modem support. Omniplex plans to market and deliver TigerTerm exclusively through the Internet. Users will be able to download evaluation copies, documentation, order software, and license keys using the Web at: For more information, visit the Web site or contact: Omniplex Ltd, Audley House, Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted Herts, HP4 1EH UK; + 44 (0) 1442 871002; Fax: +44 (0)1442 871005; Internet:

API Introduces UP1100 Ultimate Performance Series Motherboard

API (Alpha Processor, Inc.) has announced the UP1100, a complete, cost-efficient, entry-level Alpha board for Alpha Linux developers interested in Beowulf clusters, Web servers, development systems, and rendering solutions. API combined high I/O and memory bandwidth technology in the low-profile UP1100 featuring the Alpha 21264 processor.

Doubling disk I/O performance over the UP1000, the UP1100 uni-processor planar design includes on-board integrated sound and Ethernet on a standard ATX form factor. The UP1100 unit prices will start at under $2,000.

API also announced plans to collaborate with Quadrics Supercomputers World (QSW) to develop a high-performance supercomputer for Linux. For more information, contact: API, 130C Baker Ave Ext., Concord, MA 01742; (978) 318-1100; Fax: 978-371-3177; Internet:; WWW:

Tandberg Data and Imation Unveil SLR40 Tape Drive and Cartridges

Tandberg Data and Imation have announced an addition to the Scalable Linear Recording (SLR) product group -- the SLR40 tape drive and tape cartridges. Tandberg's SLR40 tape drive stores up to 40 Gb of data and transfers data at up to 21.6 Gb per hour (6 Mb per second). The SLR40 uses a 5.25-inch, half-height form factor. Imation's new SLR40 tape cartridge offers up to 40 Gb of storage capacity.

SLR40 tape drives offer average file access times at less than 35 seconds. The drive offers in-line compression, enabling hardware compression before it enters the buffer, freeing buffer capacity and increasing data throughput and system performance while providing an 8 Mb buffer. The drive also supports SCSI Ultra 2 Wide LVD/SE interface. The SLR40 tape drive incorporates the VR2 (Variable Rate Randomizer) technology developed by Overland Data, Inc.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the SLR40 tape drive is $995 and for the cartridge is $49. For more information, contact: Tandberg Data, Inc., 2685-A Park Center Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93065-6211; (805) 579-1000; Fax: (805) 579-2555; WWW:

APCON Announces Fiber Optic Patch Panel

APCON has announced an electronic fiber optic patch panel for Fibre Channel and gigabit Ethernet networks. The Model ACI-2046 supports gigabit Ethernet networking speeds, manages direct termination and switching of fiber optic cables, and provides up to 16 I/O ports for fiber connectivity of new devices. The ACI-2046 allows network administrators to remotely direct and redistribute connections between servers and peripherals as needed. The unit also provides point-to-point connectivity.

The ACI-2046 regenerates the optical signal extending the distance capability up to 10 Km. A GUI allows network administrators to control up to 32 patch panels. APCON's AutoSwitch software can schedule reconfigurations. The unit also includes a LAN port, dual RS-232 serial ports, redundant power supplies, and a menu-driven LCD panel.

The APCON Model ACI-2046 Electronic Fiber Optic Patch Panel is priced at $4995 to $6995, depending upon its configuration. For information, contact: APCON, Inc., 17938 SW Upper Boones Ferry Road, Portland, OR 97224; (503) 639-6700 or (800)624-6808; Fax: (503)639-6740; WWW: