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New Products

Covalent Technologies Releases Raven SSL 1.5

Covalent Technologies, Inc., has announced Raven SSL 1.5, the newest version of its security add-on for the Apache Web server. New features in Raven SSL 1.5 simplify installation and administration. The new version adds support for third party products, such as hardware accelerators from nCipher and Rainbow Technologies.

New graphical user interfaces simplify installation, certificate management, and module administration. The text-based interface has also been improved. Version 1.5 adds support for Transport Layer Security (TLS). Raven SSL 1.5 is available for download from Covalent's Web site. The full price is $495. Current customers can upgrade to Raven SSL 1.5 for $149. For more information, contact: Covalent Technologies, Inc., 706 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103; (800) 444-1935; Fax: (415) 536-5210; Internet:; WWW:

Zzyzx Expands Its High-Performance Raid Storage Line with RocketRAID MAX

Zzyzx Peripherals, Inc. has announced the availability of RocketRAID MAX. The RocketRAID MAX is a new Ultra2 SCSI interfaced RAID array featuring a new 64-bit RAID controller architecture. According to the company, with all field-replaceable units redundant and hot swappable, the RocketRAID MAX offers extreme fault tolerance. It is designed for high-performance, mission-critical SCSI-interfaced UNIX and NT computing environments requiring over 3 TB of disk storage.

The RocketRAID MAX utilizes a new PowerPC processor, features up to 1 GB of cache, and supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. The RocketRAID MAX is offered in a 5U rack mount enclosure that supports two redundant, hot swap RAID controllers and nine disk drives. Additional disk expansion enclosures can be daisy-chained to this 5U chassis, creating RAID solutions over 3 TB. Additionally, 10 to 30 disk drive tower solutions are also available, supporting up to 2 TB in capacity. Both rack mount and tower configurations of the RocketRAID MAX can be built with 9 GB, 18 GB, 36 GB, and 73 GB disk drives with speeds ranging from 7,200 RPM to 10,000 RPM and 15,000 RPM models.

The RocketRAID MAX features Zzyzx's new Mission Control-MAX JAVA-based RAID management GUI, designed to facilitate network-wide RAID management. This software runs in standalone mode on Solaris, Windows2000, and Windows NT, or remotely over a LAN/WAN using any standard Web browser. Mission Control-MAX provides a GUI for configuring and monitoring the RAID operational status, throughput and operational statistics, and enclosure status of the RocketRAID MAX.

The RocketRAID MAX is backed by Zzyzx technical support with a three-year return to manufacturer warranty on the controllers and enclosure, and five years on the disk drives. Lifetime toll-free 5x9 technical support is standard with each system. For more information, contact: Zzyzx, 5893 Oberlin Dr. #102, San Diego, CA 92121; (858) 558-7800; Fax: (858) 558-8283; Internet:; WWW:

RTI Announces High-Capacity Signal Recording System

Real Time Integration has announced the NetAcquire Data Archiver, a high-capacity portable signal recording device with integrated playback. The NetAcquire Data Archiver samples analog, digitial, and serial data signals at selectable sppeds, and stores the data on an internal 10-GB hard disk. Depending on acquisition speed, the system supports continuous signal recording from days to years.

NetAcquire Data Archiver operates as a standalone device or as a network peripheral. When NetAcquire is connected to an Ethernet network, the archived data files are available to any computer on the network using FTP. NetAcquire Data Archiver also supports standalone signal playback from recorded data files. Playback operation is configurable, including playback speed, start time, and auto-restart once end-of-data is reached.

NetAcquire Data Archiver includes an integrated Web server, allowing remote system configuration and monitoring from any Web browser. NetAcquire AutoFTP software handles archiving very large data sets. AutoFTP runs on the NetAcquire and continuously transfers archive data files to a customer-supplied central file server. Once AutoFTP confirms a successful file transfer, the associated data file is removed from the NetAcquire hard disk.

NetAcquire Data Archiver also provides data time-stamping and power failure protection. Expansion options include up to 256 analog channels and 64 serial channels. Archive disk capacity can be increased to 30 GB. RAID and DLT tape autochanger options are also available.

The NetAcquire Data Archiver is priced at $6,495. For more information, contact: Real Time Integration, Inc., 733 7th Ave., Kirkland, WA 98033; (425) 576-0822; Fax: (206) 374-2418; Internet:; WWW:

HELIOS Ships EtherShare 2.6

HELIOS Software GmbH has begun shipping EtherShare 2.6. EtherShare 2.6 includes high-performance UNIX implementation of AppleTalk networking, including support for routing, AppleShare IP, advanced spooling and print support, and PostScript Type 1 and 3 font server for all printers, and UNIX text to PostScript printing.

New features to EtherShare 2.6 include: Unicode/UTF-8 volumes that enable different clients to see the same file names; remote EtherShare Admin over TCP and AppleTalk; non-blocking EtherShare Admin; fast Print Preview over TCP/IP using Fast Ethernet; Desktop Tools including Unicode support for: cp, mv, rmdir, mkdir, touch, chmod, chown, chgrp, and ls.

EtherShare 2.6 also adds support for Japanese Shift-JIS; user and password-protected print queues; print queues that disable background printing (thus eliminating temporary files and increasing print job speeds); HELIOS Mail support for MIME with support for new file attachment formats, including base64, binhex, uuencode, and uuencode AppleSingle file format; improved memory management by HELIOS Mail; and new support for Mac OS Navigation services.

EtherShare 2.6 is available for a variety of UNIX systems, including: Apple's Mac OS X Server and Linux Pentium-based servers. Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 clients can be integrated via HELIOS PCShare 3.0. For more information, contact: HELIOS Software GmbH at, or their U.S. Distributor: European Mikrograf Corporation, 269 Mt. Hermon Road, Suite 100, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; (831) 461-6061; Fax: (831) 461-6056; Internet:; WWW:

OpenBSD Announces Release 2.7

OpenBSD has announced release 2.7 of their “Secure by Default” operating system, targeting Internet servers and workstations. OpenBSD 2.7 enhances the built-in strong cryptography with teh OpenSSH suite to support the SSH 1 and 2 secure communications protocols and drivers for hardware accelerators for IPSec VPNs.

OpenBSD's cryptography has been enhanced by encrypting virtual memory swap space and by more flexible ISAKMPD key exchange and operating modes for IP security networking. OpenBSD avoids U.S. export controls on cryptography because it is published in Canada with cryptographic software developed entirely outside the United States. Support for SSH1 and HTTPs secure protocols depends on the RSA public key algorithm patented in the USA. Users worldwide may use the OpenSSL free library while those in the USA must use the non-commercial RSAREF library to abide by the patent.

OpenBSD's SSH support is done with the free OpenSSH suite, also developed by OpenBSD team members. OpenBSD 2.7 improves support for high-end system boards, SCSI controllers, ethernet interfaces, and adds gigabit Ethernet drivers and IPv6 networking.

OpenBSD is free software, released under a Berkeley-style open-source license. It is developed by a team of Internet volunteers, based on UC Berkeley's 4.4 BSD-Lite. OpenBSD runs on PCs, SPARC, Mac68K, and other hardware. For more information, contact: The Computer Shop, Calgary, Canada; (403) 243-4356; Fax: (403) 243-2684; WWW:

Advantech Introduces Rackmounted RAID Storage

Advantech has introduced a rackmounted RAID storage subsystem with terabytes of storage capacity. Data transfer speeds up to 80 Mb/second are supported. Other features include: up to 128 Mb DRAM data cache; Advantech's on-line capacity expansion; auto-rebuild features for HDDs; hot swappable and redundant components; and the ability to stay "live" during high-bandwidth demands (peak times) without shutting down the system. While running at peak performance, the RAID-500U2 can automatically update the configuration of newly installed drives in the background, without the need to reboot.

The RAID-500U2 can support 6 expansion chassis via an Ultra2 or Ultra-Wide SCSI bus for a total of up to 56 hard disk drives. Prices for the RAID-500U2 data storage subsystem start at $5800, including a 5U RAID enclosure with 8 disk cartridges, redundant Ultra2 RAID controllers with 4 SCSI channels, and a 300 W ATX redundant power supply. OEM and volume discounts are available.

For more information, contact: Advantech Technologies Inc., Computer Telephony Division, 10225 Barnes Canyon Road, #A209, San Diego, CA 92121; (858) 623-0838; Fax: (858) 623-0839; Internet:; WWW:

Virtuoso 2.0 Supports Cross-Platform XML

OpenLink Software, Inc., has announced Virtuoso 2.0, its e-business Integration Server. Virtuoso 2.0 implements Native XML Storage, XSL-T, XPATH, WebDAV, SOAP, SQL-92, ODBC, JDBC, HTTP, Free Text Indexing, Synchronization, and Replication in a single-server system.

Virtuoso 2.0 is available for download from OpenLink's Web site at: WWW:

Deneba Software Ships Graphics Server

Deneba Software has released version 2.0 of the Deneba Internet Graphics Server, which has been updated to use features of Canvas 7. DIGS 2.0 allows users to use a Web browser to retrieve and view Canvas graphics that are stored in DIGS-managed directories (on a Windows NT or 2000 server). A single-connection, one-user license is available for free to all current Canvas 7 registered users. An additional five-connection license is available for $995.95; additional file-format filters are sold separately.

DIGS allows users with Web browsers to view the contents of a file at full resolution, scroll, and change pages, switch layers, and change magnification. This can be done without downloading the file, using browser plug-ins, or enabling Java. All the zooming, processing, and navigation calculations are performed by the server, which then sends small GIF and JPEG files to the Web client for viewing. The server provides support for collaborative work with images.

For more information, contact: Deneba Software, 1150 NW 72nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33126; (305) 596-5644; Fax: (305) 273-9069; WWW:

Western Scientific Unveils Dual Active Controller RAID

Western Scientific has released the ArcusRAID, a high-performance active/active RAID that provides high availability and performance across a range of environments, including UNIX, Windows, parallel databases, and storage area networks (SANs).

The ArcusRAID can perform 100 Mb/second controller to cache transfers. It is available in either Ultra-2 LVD or Fibre Channel setup and is capable of transferring data at a rate of up to 80 Mb/second standard or 100 Mb/second burst when used in a RAID 3 application. System sizes range from 92 GB to 950 GB and support either RAID 3 or RAID 5. Each controller comes standard with 32 MB RAM and can be configured with up to 128 MB. The ArcusRAID also contains a built-in IP address and fabric switching in a SAN-ready rackmount box.

ArcusRAID includes the AutoRebind capability. Upon hot-replacement of a failed controller, the AutoRebind feature senses the new controller, rebinds it back into the storage system, and reallocates the workload previously being handled by the surviving controller, all done without user intervention. Base ArchusRAID systems start at $19,000. For more information, contact: Western Scientific; 9445 Farnham St. San Diego, CA 92123, CA 92123; (858) 565-6699; Fax:(858) 565-6938; WWW:

BigStorage Announces tRAID for Linux

BigStorage Inc. has announced the tRAID system for Linux. The BigStorage tRAID can be configured to hold over 2 TB of useable storage per subsystem, and can chain as many as 2 additional 3U JBOD units to the controller unit. Available in both UltraSCSI and FibreChannel versions, the tRAID provides hot-swap SCA drives and power supplies, and a high airflow layout. The tRAID is backed by BigStorage's 24x7 Life Response customer support system.

For more information, contact: BigStorage, Inc., 19 Heron Street, San Francisco, CA 94103; (415) 252-5521; Fax: (415) 252-1521; WWW:

Trustix Releases XPloy

Trustix AS, has announced XPloy, a graphical user interface for Linux operating system administration and management. XPloy manages site resources, such as users and storage systems, and XPloy also includes security administration of Linux Internet Firewalls. According to Trustix, XPloy will simultaneously save administration time and increase security.

XPloy is offered as a subscription service at $49 per month (per server). A two-month trial subscription is available for $24.50 per month. For more information, contact: Trustix AS, P.O. Box 1245, Leiv Eiriksson Senter, 7462 Trondheim, Norway; +47 73 54 50 54; Fax: +47 73 54 50 53; WWW:

Heroix Releases RoboCentral V3

Heroix Corporation has announced the latest version of its RoboCentral remote console management software. Heroix RoboCentral V3 provides a graphical Event Monitor, increased scalability, and other features. The new release enables organizations to use a single Windows NT/2000 server to consolidate consoles and remotely manage hundreds of UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS systems, as well as bridges, routers, and other components.

Heroix RoboCentral now integrates with Heroix RoboMon, including the ability to write events directly to the RoboMon Event database. Dynamic reconfiguration allows administrators to add new system consoles, modify user profiles, and perform other operations, without disrupting the RoboCentral service. The automatic failover is now more resilient to system and network loss. For more information, contact: Heroix Corporation, 120 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459-3302; (800) 229-6500; Fax: (617) 527-6132; WWW:

Common UNIX Printing System 1.1 Released

Easy Software has announced the 1.1 release of the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS), an IPP/1.1-based printing system for UNIX. CUPS 1.1 is the newest stable release of CUPS. It includes a level 3 Postscript RIP, a new PDF filter, Epson printer drivers, IPP/1.1 support, banner page support, and LPD client support. Binaries for several platforms are available at:

CUPS provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It has been developed by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing solution for UNIX. CUPS provides System V and Berkeley command-line interfaces.

CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) as the basis for managing print jobs and queues. The Line Printer Daemon (LPD), Server Message Block (SMB), and AppSocket (aka JetDirect) protocols are also supported with reduced functionality. CUPS adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description (PDD) based printing options.

CUPS also provides a customized version of GNU Ghostscript (currently based off GNU Ghostscript 5.50) and an image file RIP that are used to support non-PostScript printers. Sample drivers for HP and Epson printers are included that use these filters. For more information, contact: Easy Software Products, 44141 Airport View Dr., Ste. 204, Hollywood, Maryland 20636; (301) 373-9603; Internet:

NSS Debuts Thunderbolt NAS System

Network Storage Solutions had announced Thunderbolt, a ultra-high-density NAS storage system. NSS describes Thunderbolt as having "industry-leading response times". Thunderbolt scales up to 8 TB of storage in a single 19-inch rack. Thunderbolt supports UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, and HTTP.

For more information, contact: Network Storage Solutions, 14020 Thunderbolt Place, Suite 500, Chantilly, Virginia 20151; (800) 532-2224; WWW: