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New Products

Integrated Research Announces Prognosis UNIX 7.04

Integrated Research (IR) has announced Prognosis UNIX 7.04, a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for UNIX and Linux environments. According to the company, Prognosis UNIX reduces systems management costs and improves service levels by identifying and eliminating problems at the server, operating environment, and application level, often before business operations are impacted.

Through its 32-bit user interface, Prognosis provides real-time monitoring and problem alerting and notifies key personnel via pager, email, or mobile phone. Prognosis has automated facilities for storage, consolidation, review, and reporting of historical information and automatic trending for capacity planning. Its automation engine provides iterative problem analysis and resolution.

According to the company, Prognosis UNIX can manage everything from the most advanced clustered environments, Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) and single processors, down to the CPU, daemon, or process level. It integrates with Prognosis NSK and Prognosis NT to deliver cross-platform manageability of heterogeneous environments. Prognosis UNIX is available for AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, SCO UnixWare, Solaris, and Linux.

For more information, contact: Integrated Research Inc, 7600 E. Eastman, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80231; (303) 283-7700; Fax: (303) 283-4608; Internet:, WWW:

BMC Software Strengthens EDP Products

BMC Software, Inc. has announced that it has strengthened its lineup of Enterprise Data Propagation (EDP) products with the availability of EDP 2.3, including ChangeDataMove and DataMove 2.3, now supporting DB2 Universal Database (UDB) on OS/390, UNIX, and NT platforms. EDP 2.3 offers a more complete data propagation solution for companies with large databases and 24x7 availability requirements that need to quickly retrieve and integrate legacy data from mainframes for data warehousing or e-business applications.

The EDP management system integrates and manages the movement of bulk data and change data across the enterprise. According to the company, these EDP solutions provide optimal data availability for customers with very large databases and high transaction rates, such as banks, insurance companies, or airlines.

New features of EDP 2.3 include an export utility that can share repository information via an XML formatted file, enabling companies to move and share data with other repositories across their enterprise. EDP 2.3 also features improved performance and a target API, giving customers greater flexibility and support for data propagation needs. For more information, contact: BMC Software; (800) 841-2031 or (713) 918-8800; Fax: (713) 918-8000; WWW: http://

JNI Ships New Solaris Driver and EZ Fibre for Fibre Channel Adapters

JNI Corporation announced the general availability of its new Solaris driver (v4.0) for all of JNI's Emerald-based FibreStar host bus adapters (HBAs) running on systems using the Sun Microsystems Solaris operating system. A new version of EZ Fibre, v2.1, which supports all JNI HBAs running on the Solaris operating system, will soon be available.

The new Solaris driver operates with all JNI PCI or SBus HBAs using the Emerald ASIC controller (FCEn-xxxx family). This includes the existing PCI adapters, the FCE-3210/-6410, FCE2-6410/-6412, and the new Emerald-based SBus adapters, the single-port FCE-1063 and dual-port FCE2-1063 (see separate news release). The driver is supported on Sun systems running under Solaris v2.6, 7, and 8.

EZ Fibre v2.1 is an easy-to-use configuration and management utility that simplifies installation and support for all JNI HBAs on the Solaris operating system. It has a new Java-based client interface, allowing it to be easily ported to other operating platforms, thereby providing an unmatched level of support for heterogeneous Storage Area Networks (SANs).

The latest Solaris driver (v4.0) is part of the UNIX DriverSuite. The UNIX DriverSuite is a single, integrated software driver platform that enables JNI's FibreStar HBAs to run under four major UNIX-based operating systems: Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX.

The newest driver offers a number of significant features for Emerald-based boards. These include:

• Full Fabric Support -- JNI drivers support all Fibre Channel topologies, including full switched-fabric support. JNI has offered full fabric support on Solaris for several years and is the only manufacturer with Solaris drivers qualified on both SBus and PCI bus HBAs in full-fabric environments.

• Solaris 8 Compatibility -- JNI offers full compatibility with Sun Microsystems' latest operating system, Solaris 8, including the latest high-availability and clustering capabilities offered by the operating system.

• Full DriverSuite Integration -- Fully integrated with JNI's other UNIX operating systems as part of the DriverSuite.

• Full Emerald Compatibility -- Solaris, like all of the DriverSuite software, is fully compatible with JNI's entire line of Emerald-based FibreStar HBAs, including the dual-port/dual-independent channel 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI bus HBA, the FCE2-6412.

EZ Fibre offers a variety of features to simplify SAN configuration and management, including:

• Installation -- EZ Fibre reduces installation to a fraction of the time by replacing a command-line interface with an easy-to-use graphical interface, rendering installation almost foolproof.

• Management -- EZ Fibre enables systems operators to allocate devices to specific hosts; define spare disks as backups in case of disk failure or a surge in storage demand; and also to swap out disks without bringing down a system.

• LUN-level zoning -- EZ Fibre enables LUN-level (logical unit number) zoning, a method of managing multiple disks in an environment of heterogeneous hosts in a SAN environment.

• Troubleshooting -- EZ Fibre provides diagnostics tools to detect connection and HBA status.

The Solaris driver (v4.0) is available today from JNI and is compatible with all versions of Emerald-based FibreStar(tm) PCI bus and SBus HBAs, including the new FCE-1063 and FCE2-1063 SBus adapters, as well as the Emerald-based FCE-3210, FCE-6410, FCE2-6410, and FCE2-6412 PCI adapters. EZ Fibre 2.1 is coming soon and will support all JNI HBAs on Solaris. EZ-Fibre 2.0 is currently available for Solaris and JNI's FC64-1063 SBus-to-Fibre Channel HBA.

For more information about the driver, EZ Fibre, or JNI's products, contact: JNI, 9775 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA 92121; (800) 452-9267 or (858) 535-3121; Fax: 858-552-1428; WWW:

Vital IT Launches Vital Server

Vital Information Technology, Inc. (Vital IT) has announced the availability of Vital Server, a shared Internet hosting solution. Every Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a customized secure UNIX operating system capable of running open-source and commercial software applications. Features include T1-capable bandwidth, Pentium III processor, Apache Web server, and a browser-based management interface. Vital Server is designed for resellers or businesses requiring unlimited domains, users, and bandwidth transfer. All Virtual Private Servers include 24x7 security and availability monitoring, 24x7 emergency phone support, and unlimited email support. System and database administration support is also available.

For more information, contact: Vital Information Technology, Inc., P.O. Box 10606, Greensboro, NC 27404-0606; (336) 379-8248; WWW:

Sun Unveils New Graphics Tools for Immersive Visualization

Sun has announced new graphics products and vendor partnerships for immersive visualization, a series designed to make collaborative visualization centers more affordable. Sun's graphics accelerator board, Sun Expert3D, is now supported on Sun work group servers, such as the Enterprise 450 and Enterprise 420R. Images can be viewed on multiple displays at resolutions of up to 5,760 by 1,200 pixels in 3-D, allowing easier work group collaboration. Additionally, the company claims that an Enterprise 450 coupled with three Expert3D boards is a 3-D configuration costing less than half of some competing packages.

To enhance its 3-D display capabilities, Sun has also entered into several new vendor partnerships. Sun platforms will now support products by display vendors Trimension Systems, Panoram Technology, and MechDyne. Software vendors VRCO, Muse Technologies, and Teneo Computing will make their products available on Sun platforms. Sun's Expert3D products are available immediately. Cost varies, depending on configuration. A system comprised of one Enterprise 450 workgroup server and three Expert3D boards is listed at $53,815.

For more information, contact: Sun Microsystems, Inc., 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303; WWW:

Running Start Adds Java/XML/WAP Support

Running Start, Inc. announced it has added platform support for Java, XML, and WAP to its ArticleBASE Web content management, workflow, and dynamic publishing system. Designed to leverage the latest technological capabilities in the Apple WebObjects 4.5 development platform, ArticleBASE adds support for the Java programming language, XML (Extensible Markup Language) and WAP Wireless Application Protocol). Many enterprise IT departments have experienced Java programmers whose skills can be more readily leveraged to perform in-house customization, maintenance, and support for their Web site or portal, as a result of ArticleBASE's Java support. ArticleBASE 2.1's newly integrated XML and WAP support will allow data exchange with other XML-based applications and enables site access from any browser, PDA, or cell phone.

ArticleBASE is a comprehensive e-business solution that integrates Web content management, workflow, and dynamic publishing to maximize the digital assets of the enterprise. Secure global access allows authorized personnel to contribute content and participate in workflow processes regardless of their location. After content creation is complete, the finished documents can be centrally stored, managed, and made available as Web pages that are dynamic for personalization, or static for increased performance. ArticleBASE includes open APIs for customization and integration capabilities and offers support for industry-leading operating systems, Web servers, browsers, and databases.

Running Start develops WebObjects-based technologies used to deploy Web content management and dynamic publishing systems for the enterprise. Running Start's technologies include ArticleBASE, a Web content management, workflow processing, and dynamic publishing system; and RSCommerce, a powerful e-commerce solution. Created utilizing the Apple WebObjects development platform, Running Start's technologies run on industry-standard server platforms, such as Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X Server, as well as leading databases, including Oracle, Sybase, and MS SQL Server.

Both ArticleBASE and RSCommerce utilize Web interfaces for system configuration and maintenance, and they support open industry standards to allow integration with legacy applications. Running Start offers its technologies and related consulting services through a network of channel partners and through Running Start Professional Services.

For more information, contact: Running Start, Inc., 5515 E. Grant Rd., Suite 209, Tucson, AZ 85712; (520) 547-4200; Fax: (520) 547-4339; Internet:; WWW:

Inprise/Borland Announces Open Source Code for Interbase 6.0

Inprise/Borland has announced the availability of the source code for InterBase 6.0, its cross-platform, structured query language (SQL) relational database management system (RDMS). Binary formats for the Linux, Windows, and Solaris operating systems are also available for download, free of charge. With Version 6.0, Inprise/Borland introduces performance improvements, a higher level of SQL92 compliance, and a replication engine.

Developers worldwide have built InterBase into a multitude of applications, taking advantage of InterBase's small footprint and low maintenance requirements. Copies of the source code and binary versions for Linux, Windows, and Solaris are available at the Inprise/Borland Web site. InterBase 6.0 has been released under a variant on the Mozilla Public License (MPL) V1.1. Developers using InterBase under this license can modify the code or develop applications without being required to open source them. The open source license applies to all platforms.

InterBase 6.0 is the most recent version of the powerful, high-performance, cross-platform database known for its low-maintenance requirements and enterprise-class features and performance. In addition to being the first open source release of InterBase, Version 6.0 introduces a number of new features including new data types (long integer, date, time, datetime), extended SQL92 compliance, an open interface for defining new national character sets, plus performance and security enhancements. For more information, contact: Inprise Corporation, 100 Enterprise Way, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; (831) 431-1000; WWW:

SafeStone Releases SuperCypher -- 1024-bit Encryption Software

SafeStone Technologies Plc, a developer of enterprise IT security and management software, announced the release of SuperCypher, a 1024-bit encryption tool for use on multiple applications across multiple platforms. SuperCypher enables e-commerce and all internal transactions to be conducted securely, and protects intellectual property from tampering. SuperCypher allows users to encipher or decipher 20 MB of data in less than five seconds. This allows any data transactions to remain secure without compromising sensitive data and transaction speed. Files of all types, including backup files and tapes, are pass-key protected for use only by the file's rightful owner.

SuperCypher runs on multiple platforms and can be used on multiple applications. SafeStone's array of security and management software also includes the DetectIT security portfolio. Other SafeStone offerings include both security software (such as DataVigil -- a real-time, dynamic file monitoring application), and a multiple systems management portfolio (e.g., the Config/400 for comprehensive management of all hardware resources, Disk Space Manager, Performance Manager, Message Manager, Spool File Manager, and Restricted Task Manager).

Designed to provide a security solution for heterogeneous environments, SafeStone software, including SuperCypher, runs on Windows NT, UNIX, and Linux systems. For additional information, contact: Safestone, 5 Independence Way, Suite 300, Princeton, NJ 08540; (609) 514 5111; Fax: (609) 514-5191; WWW:

Perle Announces Dial-Out Modem Pooling Client

Perle Systems, a leading provider of networking products for IP and e-business access, has announced the addition of a Linux dial-out modem pooling client for its line of 833 Access Servers. The new client allows Linux-based users to share modems with other Linux, Windows 95/98, NT, and 2000 workstations on their network.

This software allows Perle 833 Access Servers to eliminate the need to attach individual modems on each Linux workstation in the office, where dial-out facilities are needed. This reduces the number of PBX ports used for modem dial-out, saving PBX upgrade costs as office staffing increases. The software lets users share modems attached to, or integrated in, Perle 833 Access Servers by re-routing data traffic from Linux applications, normally destined for the COM port, to the server modem pool. If modems on the access server are busy, dial-out users can be placed on a server queue. When a modem becomes available, the Perle 833 Access Server automatically establishes a dial-out session with the next user in the queue. This eliminates the hassle and lost productivity associated with highly active dial-in/dial-out users.

The new Linux dial-out modem pooling client is supported on:

Perle 833 version 5.64 and above

Perle 833IS version 6.06, 7.0, and above

Perle 833AS version 6.15 and above

It is available immediately as a free software upgrade from Perle's Web site. For more information, contact: Perle Systems Inc., WWW:

ActiveState Releases Beta Mail Filter Engine

ActiveState announced the release of PerlMX, Perl software that allows sys admins to use Perl inside Sendmail for easy email- handing tasks. It is a mail filter engine that will operate under Sendmail on the Linux and Solaris platforms.

PerlMx is designed to provide an efficient, scalable, and customizable framework of solutions for the entire range of email filtering tasks. These include:

• Mail Archiving: selectively log email traffic based on arbitrary criteria

• Volume Accounting: keep track of email volumes to generate statistics

• Custom Routing: redirect mail to third parties based on sender, recipient, or other external parameters

• Control: implement your own heuristics for weeding out “spam” email

• Keyword Scanning: add custom actions based on keywords in email

• Content Rewriting: add new headers or change existing content of to incoming messages

For more information, contact: ActiveState, 580 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1W6, Canada; (604) 484 6400; Fax: (604) 484 6499, WWW: