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Veridian Announces PBS Pro 5.0 Workload Management Solution

Veridian has announced the new professional edition of the Portable Batch System -- PBS Pro 5.0. According to the company, PBS workload management solution and flexible scheduling capabilities provide increased utilization of valuable computer resources.

Built on six years of PBS technology, PBS Pro 5.0 provides enhancements in new features, stability, reliability, and fault tolerance making it a workload management solution for UNIX platforms such as workstations, supercomputers, and UNIX PC clusters. Features include:

  • Multiple user interfaces -- Graphical user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI)
  • Management of both batch and interactive work
  • Job-interdependency and chaining -- Users can define a wide range of linkages between jobs, including the order in which the jobs are executed, synchronization of one job to another, and job execution depending on the success or failure of a previous job
  • Dynamic load balancing among systems so any one system is not overburdened with work while others remain idle
  • Cross-system scheduling -- Jobs can be scheduled across multiple systems from one or more systems
  • Files can be moved automatically (staged) to the execution system and output files staged off the execution system as required
  • Charge-back accounting logs for determining computer allocations
  • Provides advanced reservations and meta-computing features to support distributed computing and computational grid technology

For more information, contact: Veridian Systems PBS Products Dept., 2672 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 810, Mountain View, CA 94043; Phone: (650) 967-4675; Fax: (650) 967-3080; Internet:; WWW:

Multiview Group Announces Multiview Catalyst Version 6.0

MultiView Group, part of Surf Control, Inc., has announced the availability of its Web-to-host connectivity software, MultiView Catalyst version 6.0. According to the company, Multiview Catalyst Version 6.0 gives customers point-and-click Web access to their legacy UNIX applications and is the fastest and easiest way to face-lift and Web-enable UNIX applications.

According to the company, MultiView Catalyst is specifically designed for the UNIX environment and offers UNIX customers an efficient solution for face-lifting and connecting UNIX applications to the Web. Additionally, MultiView Catalyst provides monitoring and usage abilities for assisting application service providers (ASPs) who offer outsourced Web-to-host connectivity services.

New Capabilities for MultiView Catalyst Version 6.0 include:

  • Complete Printing Support -- MultiView Catalyst 6.0 features a range of printing capabilities for both internal and remote users. In addition to print screen and auxiliary or pass-through printing, users can also perform background printing via completely secure connections (SSH and SSL) with LP printing. Bandwidth is maximized, since print jobs are handled in the same session and the print priority can be set.
  • Session Resume -- A new Session Resume feature assures solid remote connections and adds network stability since client connections or print jobs can be quickly resumed.
  • Monitoring Capabilities -- Systems administrators and ASPs can monitor software usage and user workloads from a browser.
  • Flexible Enterprise Licensing -- Customers can purchase one set of licenses and use any combination of products, such as MultiView Catalyst, MultiView 2000, and MultiView 2000 Server Edition. Installation for PC-level, thin client and Web-based users can be centrally controlled via the MultiView License Manager, and shared product license keys provide load balancing, server resilience and backup, and virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Enhanced Security -- With Secure Shell (SSH v1) support, all data exchanges between the terminal emulation client and the remote UNIX server are fully encrypted and secure. MultiView Catalyst provides a complete security wrapper that protects data traffic from the Web Client to the Catalyst Server (SSL) and from the Catalyst Server to the UNIX host (SSH).
  • Smart Cursor Improved Mouse Navigation -- Smart Cursor provides added productivity since edit fields and other areas on the screen can be selected with the mouse instead of with arrow keys or tabs.
  • Web Page Wizard -- The Web Page Wizard automates the Web design process, providing the fastest way to set up display parameters and turn boring UNIX screens into dynamic Web pages.

For more information, contact: MultiView Group SurfControl, Inc., 100 Enterprise Way, Suite A110, Scotts Valley, CA 95066; Phone: (831) 431-1600 or (800) 359-3408; Fax: (831) 431-1800; Internet:; WWW:

SharpeWare Releases NetWatch 2.0

SharpeWare has released NetWatch 2.0, a program designed for Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare, and UNIX, that monitors servers -- logging important data and generating alerts when problems occur.

NetWatch 2.0 remotely monitors and logs servers without the need for special agents. Key data, such as memory or disk load, can be logged, or the "Tell me When" feature can be used to automatically generate alerts by pager, email, and more. The Alert Log tracks all problems and resolutions. The VolWatch feature gives a constantly refreshed single view of storage status across all servers regardless of their type. Users can publish directly to a company intranet site and view up-to-date alerts, server, and user data through a browser. NetWatch 2.0 maintains the necessary Web pages automatically, and no Web server customization or installation is required. Regardless of the type of server, NetWatch 2.0 will remotely display open files, active users, processes/services/NLMs, memory, disk and network performance, and more.

For more information, contact: SharpeWare, 10 Gallow Hill, Peebles, EH45 9BG, Scotland; Internet:; WWW:

Vista Software Releases Apollo ASP 5.14

Vista Software has announced the official release of Apollo ASP for Web developers working with Active Server Pages. According to Vista Software, Apollo ASP is the first database engine specifically designed and developed for Web developers working with Active Server Pages (ASP).

Apollo ASP sells for $429 per deployment. It is a COM-based database engine that supports Clipper, FoxPro, and HiPer-SIx data formats. It features built-in ApolloSQL, which is an SQL-92 compatible SQL engine, and two components: Query and QuickMail. The Query component supports the SQL engine and the QuickMail component is a full-featured email engine.

For more information, contact: Vista Software, 8070 La Jolla Shores Drive, Suite 506, La Jolla, CA 92037; Phone: (858) 729-0110; Fax: (858) 729-0210; WWW:

Foundry Networks Announces New Content-Aware Cache Switch

Foundry Networks, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of ServerIron XL/TCS, a powerful content-aware cache switch, to build intelligent content networks that route traffic based on content, rather than just IP addresses. ServerIronXL/TCS is optimized for content-aware Transparent Cache Switching (TCS) and is targeted to remove price/performance barriers to the mass deployment of content-aware cache switches.

Using the ServerIronXL/TCS cache switch, customers can build content networks taking advantage of the following major features:

  • Intelligent load balancing of caches to eliminate content duplication, increase cache-hit ratio, and improve Internet response time
  • Accelerate delivery of dynamic content and optimize cache utilization by bypassing the caches automatically for dynamic content
  • Specify content-based rules to determine what content should be cached
  • Organize caches into logical groups to serve different content to provide differentiated service offerings to content providers

The U.S. list price for ServerIronXL/TCS with eight 10/100 ports, packaged exclusively for content-aware cache switching, is $4495. More detailed pricing information for ServerIron Web switches is available at the Foundry Networks Web site.

For more information, contact: Foundry Networks, Inc., 2100 Gold Street, P.O. Box 649100, San Jose, CA 95164-9100; Phone: 1-888-TURBOLAN or (408) 586-1700; Fax: (408) 586-1900; Internet:; WWW:

Aladdin Announces New Internet Content Security Solution

Aladdin Knowledge Systems has launched eSafe Gateway 3.0. According to the company, this is the first and only all-in-one proactive content security solution that protects corporate networks and users from known and unknown attacks, before they get to users' personal computers. Using new patent-pending NitroInspection technology, eSafe Gateway 3.0 allows for an uninterrupted flow of secure Internet content. As a transparent, but comprehensive, integrated solution for small- or large-sized enterprises, eSafe Gateway 3.0 automatically updates content security policies, provides for real-time inspection of HTTP, FTP, and SMTP (email) traffic, filters all malicious VB/Java, prevents non-productive Web surfing, and provides a host of anti-spam, anti-spoof, anti-relay, and anti-email-bombing features.

eSafe Gateway 3.0 offers Web site (URL-based) filtering, which allows monitoring and control of surfing habits. Full integration with SurfControl, a leading URL-filtering database, assures organizations that bandwidth usage, as well as employee work time, are more efficiently used. Web filtering can also reduce the risks of legal liability. eSafe Gateway 3.0 is equipped with more than 20 new security and management features that make protection more secure and efficient. According to the company, it can reduce the time an organization spends protecting itself, while maintaining a strong, proactive stance against dangerous threats. eSafe Gateway 3.0 offers five new features:

  • All-in-one proactive protection at the Internet gateway -- Prevents known and unknown threats before they get to users' PCs
  • Scalable architecture with built-in load sharing -- Fits small and large enterprise environments with optional content inspection load-sharing capabilities
  • NitroInspection technology -- Delivers fast real-time inspection for HTTP and FTP traffic content, eliminating the need for slow proxy solutions
  • Auto-learning and blocking of offending sites and senders -- Automatically adds all offending sites and senders to the "black list" to ensure high-level security without taking any risk
  • Automatic Proactive Updates -- Automatically downloads new attacks' signatures and necessary security policies changes to protect against latest security threats

Other eSafe Gateway 3.0 features:

  • Scans and filters malicious code -- Blocks all potentially hostile file types without relying on users' judgment
  • Blocks dangerous email scripts -- Blocks hostile scripts in attachments, as well as embedded into HTML formatted email
  • Blocks hostile attachments -- Prevents outbreak of vandals and viruses in email
  • Enforces content security policy -- Prevents undesired inbound or outbound Internet content through customized security policy
  • Filters non-productive content and Web sites -- Prevents workers from surfing non-work related sites
  • Inspects HTTP, FTP, and SMTP incoming and outgoing traffic -- Completely inspects all company Internet traffic at the gateway (Web downloads, and email)
  • Management through central, secure remote administration -- Controls and manages content security policies from anywhere on a network/Internet

To view a rebroadcast of Aladdin's Webcast announcing eSafe Gateway 3.0 and for additional information about eSafe Gateway 3.0, visit Aladdin's Web site at: WWW: Introduces the PDS 2100 Security Appliance with Check Point's VPN-1/FireWall-1 SmallOffice Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise security solutions announced a new class of low-cost security appliances targeted at small offices. The SecureCom PDS 2100 appliance series, designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use, will initially feature Check Point Software's VPN-1/FireWall-1 SmallOffice security software, also announced by Check Point, for a combined price starting under $1,800. The high-performance, low-cost PDS 2100 appliance can be deployed by customers or by managed service providers to secure eBusiness connections for enterprise remote/branch offices and small businesses.

The SecureCom PDS 2100 appliance series is the latest addition to's SecureCom family of modular, scalable security platforms. This perimeter defense system (PDS) offers a flexible, integrated security solution within customers' existing network environments. By combining this high-performance appliance with Check Point's VPN-1/FireWall-1 SmallOffice software and management capabilities, the PDS 2100 provides an enterprise-class security appliance for the 5-to-50 user environment. The PDS 2100 appliance is small enough to sit on a desktop corner. Using open Intel architecture, it features a special hardened version of Red Hat Linux, pre-installed for added security and maximum compatibility; up to three 10/100-Mb Ethernet ports; serial and USB ports; and future expansion options for added scalability. The Ethernet interfaces provide fast access to information, enabling connections to a variety of sources including xDSL, cable modems, routers, and other Ethernet devices.

The PDS 2100 series stores all software applications on a "personality module," a non-volatile storage medium that is field replaceable. This feature ensures appliance flexibility and adaptability as additional modules become available for intrusion detection, anti-virus, and other security software. Additional features include:

  • Robust, scalable enterprise-class security design
  • Preconfigured and installed security software and OS for ease of use
  • Small size -- 1U high and less than 8.5'' wide; can fit two side-by-side in a standard 19'' rack
  • Web-based setup and administration with centralized policy management
  • Decreased total cost of ownership due to design simplicity, price-point, and administration ease

The SecureCom PDS 2100 appliance, combined with Check Point's VPN-1/FireWall-1 SmallOffice software, will be available at the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year starting under $1,800 through's and Check Point's worldwide network of distributors, authorized resellers, and service providers.

For more information, contact: Inc., 1101 East Arapaho Rd, Suite 100, Richardson, TX 75081; Phone: (972) 664-8090; Internet:; WWW:

Comtrol Announces New Two-Port Serial Hub

Comtrol Corporation, a provider of network device connectivity solutions, announced that it has expanded its family of RocketPort Serial Hubs with a two-port model. According to the company, the new product provides a low-cost, high-speed, bus-independent 10/100Base-T Ethernet-attached connectivity solution that delivers serial expansion via any network. Both ports are individually software selectable, supporting RS-232/422/485 interface standards. The new product is shipping immediately and is available from PC product distributors, including Ingram Micro, Tech Data, and Express Systems and Peripherals. For more information, contact: Comtrol, 6655 Wedgwood Road, Minneapolis, MN 55311-3646; Phone: (763) 494-4100 or (800) 926-6876; Fax: (763) 494-4199; WWW: or call (800) 926-6876.

Aurora Software Announces SarCheck for AIX

Aurora Software, Inc. has announced the general release of SarCheck 4.0 for AIX. SarCheck is a performance management tool designed to assist systems administrators in the analysis of system performance by translating the output of several monitoring utilities in a plain English or HTML-formatted report. SarCheck identifies performance bottlenecks, finds runaway processes and memory leaks, recommends changes to various tunable parameters and hardware configurations, and quantifies remaining system capacity.

SarCheck is designed to help systems administrators learn more about how their systems work by explaining resource utilization and capacity limits in plain English. It uses the tools that come with the operating system, primarily sar and ps, to learn how the system's resources are being used. It then makes recommendations for kernel tuning and hardware upgrades, based on how well the system's resources are utilized. The software also helps the administrator to diagnose problems remotely, and to quickly recommend or implement corrective actions. Because SarCheck has been specifically designed with safety in mind, it will make detailed recommendations instead of attempting to fix problems itself. It will also explain the reasons for its recommendations.

SarCheck currently runs on many UNIX platforms. Translation to languages other than English is planned for the future. For more information, contact: Aurora Software, Inc., P.O. Box 1033, Plaistow, NH 03865; Phone: (603) 382-4200; Fax: (603) 382-4247; WWW: