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New Products

Ecrix's VXA-1 Tape Drive Now Available on Fujitsu's GP-S Family and Primepower UNIX Servers

The Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive is immediately available on all Fujitsu GP-S Family and Primepower servers. Nippon Systemhouse, Co., Ltd., a distributor in Japan for Ecrix products, will supply Fujitsu with VXA products.

According to the company, Ecrix VXA data storage tape products offer a combination of data capacity, performance, reliability, and overall value for midrange servers and high-end workstations. VXA tape products offer a read/write architecture that is designed for a high level of data restore. Data is recorded in Internet-like packets in lieu of large data blocks. VXA-1 tape drives are compatible with all major operating systems and backup applications.

For more information, contact: Ecrix, 5525 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO; Phone: (303) 402-9262; Fax: (303) 402-9266; Internet:; WWW:

Dirig Software Unveils Product for Application Server Management

Dirig Software, a developer of applications and systems management solutions, announced it is developing a new product for managing e-business transactions. According to the company, the product (code named Fenway) is capable of managing a complete e-business environment from front-end Web server, through the application server to the backend database on both the Microsoft and Java 2 Enterprise Edition platforms. Fenway is scheduled for a second quarter release and supported platforms include application servers, such as BEA WebLogic, Allaire JRun, IBM Websphere, Sun-Netscape iPlanet, and ATG Dynamo.

Fenway comprises several different sections, with a major distinction placed upon the type of application server (J2EE or COM+ based). COM+ based application servers will use the Windows NT/2000 event subscriber mechanism to learn about Web applications and COM+ objects. J2EE-based application servers will be managed through accessing a series of management servlets designed to reside within the application server. Fenway monitors and manages all aspects of the application server, front-end Web server and back end database, which allows the user to examine statistics from each area including:

Web server -- Number of pages requested, error log entries, HTTP response time

Application server -- Connection pool utilization, number of delayed requests, and number of rollbacks

Database -- Cache hit ratio, table space utilization, and physical reads.

Once connected, individual Web applications and their components will be automatically discovered, delivering detailed component statistics across Web applications. These new statistics are exposed for thresholding, corrective actions, and historical reporting, which allows for virtually uninterrupted e-business transactions.

Fenway will have full compatibility with Dirig's current product offerings. Users of the RelyENT and xSPress solutions can integrate Fenway into their environments, and Fenway customers can extend the e-business solution to their larger infrastructure.

For more information, contact: Dirig Software, 547 Amherst Street, Suite 401, Nashua, NH 03063; Phone: (603) 889-2777; Fax: (603) 889-2471; Internet:; WWW:

MicroEdge Announces Visual SlickEdit 6.0 for UNIX Platforms

MicroEdge, Inc., a provider of multi-platform development tools, announced the availability of Visual SlickEdit 6.0 for UNIX. This UNIX version follows the release of 6.0 for Windows last month. Supported UNIX platforms include Linux, Solaris (Sparc and x86), Sun OS, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, and SCO.

According to the company, the new features in 6.0 for UNIX as well as the enhancements to Visual SlickEdit's core features are aimed at increasing development productivity. Visual SlickEdit provides a common look and feel across platforms and development environments. Developers have a standard coding environment whether they are programming in UNIX or across multiple platforms.

Features added to 6.0 include Java Tool Integration, Java Wizards, and Multiple Build Configurations per project. Visual SlickEdit's Context Tagging feature has been improved with Auto Parameter Info, which automatically lists compatible arguments when filling in the argument to a function or method. Additionally, Context Tagging now has support for JSP, PHP, CFScript, Python, and VHDL. DIFFzilla, Visual SlickEdit's set of file differencing tools, has been enhanced with the ability to difference a specific symbol in two files or the same file.

For more information about Visual SlickEdit 6.0 for UNIX, contact: MicroEdge, Inc., P.O. Box 988, Apex, NC 27502; Phone: (919) 303-7400; Fax: (919) 303-8400; Internet:; WWW:

ADIC Releases Version 5.0 of AMASS for UNIX Storage Management Software

Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced a new release of its AMASS for UNIX storage management software that enables IT departments and integrators to leverage the capacity of automated optical and tape libraries for a variety of large-scale storage tasks. According to the company, the new 5.0 release of AMASS for UNIX provides faster user access to mission-critical data by providing a new advanced intelligent caching utility, it provides a broader range of long-term file protection by extending ADIC's Infinite File Life to new platforms, and it adds support for LTO Ultrium technology.

AMASS for UNIX 5.0 includes new intelligent cache management, which speeds end-user access to data through improved configuration features. With intelligent cache management, administrators can customize the way their cache handles files by using a rule-based priority system that determines the policies for retaining files in cache. Because cached files can be accessed more quickly than files stored only in the automated library, intelligent cache management can improve system performance for user-defined file sets and allow AMASS-enabled libraries to be used in more demanding application environments. AMASS 5.0 supports cache sizes ranging from a few megabytes up to one terabyte.

The new version of AMASS also extends platform support for ADIC's Infinite File Life (IFL) utility, which automatically migrates files from older to newer media before data is lost due to age or wear. The IFL utility tests media on a user-defined schedule, tracks read/write error rates, and renews the files by writing them to new media. This capability is an option for industries that require long-term records retention, including banks, hospitals, insurance companies, government agencies, and media companies. AMASS for UNIX 5.0 extends this utility to cover a range of platforms, including HP-UX, Compaq Tru64, and IBM AIX, and new storage media, including DTF1 and AIT tape formats.

AMASS for UNIX 5.0 also extends its support to devices, including ADIC storage products, which use the new LTO Ultrium tape technology. A complete list of supported platforms, drives, and libraries is available on the company's Web site.

For more information, contact: ADIC, 11431 Willows Road NE, P.O. Box 97057, Redmond, WA 98052; Phone: (425) 881-8004; Fax: (425) 881-2296; Internet:; WWW:

WorkSpot Launches Open Source Application Hosting Service for UNIX Applications

WorkSpot, an Open Source Application Service Provider (ASP), announced the release of the AppSpot Server, a new application hosting service. According to the company, this service allows UNIX- or Linux-based applications to be executed on server hardware, yet remotely displayed and run by the user from within a Web browser or native (VNC) client. In short, AppSpot enables software vendors to quickly move an application designed for local installation into a hosted model.

The AppSpot server allows WorkSpot to host and deploy applications and can be customized for vendors and end users to host at their locations. AppSpot integrates user account and server resource management with off-the-shelf Open Source software components including: VNC, PostgreSQL, Apache, Linux, Perl, and MySQL. It can run on any Linux or UNIX system.

AppSpot key advantages are:

  • Ease of application deployment and use without IT support and maintenance systems or staff expertise
  • Leverages proven Open Source technologies rather than expensive proprietary systems; resulting in low cost and greater flexibility
  • Provides user authentication, management, and billing through a Web interface
  • Enables rapid implementation and support
  • Offers additional end-user savings in conjunction with thin client (hardware)

For more information, contact: WorkSpot, Inc., 1865 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306; Phone: (650) 566-6833; Fax: (650) 566-8524; WWW:

OTG Software Announces DiskXtender for Linux

OTG Software, a software developer of online storage, data access, and email management solutions, announced DiskXtender for Linux, new storage software that supports the Red Hat Linux platform. According to the company, the product brings the benefits of DiskXtender's data storage and access software to this open source platform and to customers operating in multiple platform environments, thus enabling true heterogeneous and centralized storage management. OTG recently announced DiskXtender for UNIX.

DiskXtender for Linux is a solution for intelligent, automated storage management and access to enterprise Linux data. The product provides access to unlimited storage of critical business data from the desktop, corporate intranets, or the Web, improving productivity and lowering the cost of ownership of mission critical data.

For more information, contact: OTG Software, Inc., 6701 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, Maryland 20817; Phone: (800) 324-4222; Internet:; WWW:

NFR Security Releases NFR Network Intrusion Detection 5.0

NFR Security, Inc., a developer of enterprise intrusion detection software, announced the release of NFR Network Intrusion Detection (NID) version 5.0, which provides enhanced ease of use and performance, and advanced detection capabilities.

NFR NID 5.0 (formerly known as NFR Intrusion Detection Appliance) offers several new product features, including the ability to generate SNMP traps, central management from Linux systems, remote administration, customizable alert descriptions and action responses, database export facilities, and an enhanced UNIX user interface. According to the company, the product also provides advanced detection capabilities, including the ability to detect both known and unknown attacks.

NFR NID 5.0 features a comprehensive library of known signatures available, as well as a range of filters designed to detect threatening activity for which no signatures have yet been developed. NFR's platform-independent product is designed to be tamper-proof and eliminates many of the vulnerabilities associated with operational environments. NFR NID 5.0 sensors can operate as standalone devices or within a centrally managed, distributed configuration that monitors various resources such as subnets, firewalls and Web, email, application and database servers. The product can be configured to support the highest performance networks and provides detailed statistical data regarding its own performance.

NFR NID V. 5.0 is available immediately. Pricing for the software is $4,500. For more information, contact: Network Flight Recorder, Inc., 1395 Piccard Drive, Suite 230, Rockville, MD 20850; Phone: (240) 632-9000; Fax: (240) 632-0200; WWW:

Sun Announces Sun StorEdge T3 Array Support for Windows NT, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Linux Environments

Sun Microsystems, Inc. introduced Sun StorEdge T3 array support for Windows NT, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Linux system platforms. According to the company, customers can save on costs of equipment acquisition, administration, training, downtime, and ongoing maintenance by standardizing on Sun StorEdge T3 arrays for their Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Windows NT, and Linux systems. Deploying the Sun StorEdge T3 arrays across multiple host platforms provides customers with a consistent standard of quality, Fibre Channel performance, and availability, with scalability from 163 GB to 169 TB. As capacity is added, the array provides linear scalability of performance, capacity, and availability.

The Sun StorEdge T3 array includes Sun StorEdge Component Manager software, a storage management tool for centralized management of distributed networks. This software provides the ability to locally and remotely manage distributed storage from one central console and allocate storage based upon actual need, rather than system type.

The Sun StorEdge T3 enterprise array includes failover software, which provides a storage availability feature. The failover software provides continuous availability in the event of a host bus adapter or path failure by enabling a smooth transition to an alternate available path to the storage system. Sun has also performed extensive testing of the Sun StorEdge T3 array in clustered environments for all of the supported operating system platforms and plans to announce cluster support for these platforms in the near future.

The Sun StorEdge T3 array delivers capacity up to 5.2 TBs within a standard cabinet and up to 169 TBs per server. List pricing for a 163-GB Sun StorEdge T3 array for the workgroup starts at $37,000. The Sun StorEdge T3 array for the enterprise is list priced at $150,890 for a 1.3-TB configuration, while a 5.2-TB configuration is list priced at $603,550. Customers with previously installed Sun StorEdge T3 enterprise arrays can obtain the system's new fail-over software from Sun at no additional charge.

For more information, contact: Sun Microsystems, Inc., 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303; WWW:

New SSH Secure Shell Product Adds Authentication and Management Capabilities

SSH Communications Security, a developer of Internet security technologies, announced SSH Secure Shell 2.4, a new version of its leading encryption technology designed to protect Internet servers against the most common break-in method used by hackers -- stealing passwords from the Internet. With new support for widely used authentication tools, such as RSA SecurID, Kerberos 5, and PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules), Secure Shell 2.4 provides transparent authentication over any IP-based connection for both client and server applications by encrypting terminal connections and file transfers over the Internet.

According to the company, SSH Secure Shell 2.4 includes several new features designed to increase ease-of-use and functionality for end users:

  • RSA SecurID -- Available for UNIX and Windows platforms, this feature offers a comprehensive range of authenticator options including hardware tokens, smart cards, and software tokens
  • Kerberos 5 -- This network authentication protocol is used to provide strong authentication for client/server systems for the UNIX platform
  • PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) -- PAM allows systems administrators to maintain a flexible security policy management.
  • SSH2, SFTP2, SCP2, and SSH-KEYGEN2 command-line tools -- These tools help manage the Secure Shell systems with fast non-graphical interfaces
  • Configurable Windows client menus and toolbars -- Users can ''redesign'' the toolbars and menus by dragging and dropping them to a new location
  • Backwards compatibility -- Secure Shell 2.4 offers improved interoperability with previous versions of SSH Secure Shell by importing old configurations into current profiles, as well as compatibility with VT test for terminal emulations and SSH1 protocol support for port forwarding and public key authentication

For more information, contact: SSH at WWW: