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New Products

Aduva Announces Network-Based Service to Automate Management of Multi-System Linux Networks

Aduva, Inc. announced the introduction of the Aduva Director, a network-based solution that automates the system management of multiple, networked Linux systems. The solution was designed for multi-system, commercial Linux users regardless of installation size or heterogeneity. According to the company, it addresses the need for system management tasks such as upgrades, patches, and new hardware driver and software installations to ensure system reliability and component compatibility.

The central foundation of the Aduva Director is the Aduva Knowledge Base, which includes conflict and dependency information on hardware driver, software, and kernel module components for Linux systems. This repository grows and is updated based on new products, upgrades, patches, security notices, and other developments in the Linux community.

The Aduva Director software is installed on the system's central administration server. A local software client is also installed on each individual system in the network. The local software client maintains an inventory and profile of all hardware, software, and kernel module components and makes this information available to notify the administration server about developments. No user configuration information is sent to Aduva, so the solution is secure.

For more information about the Aduva Director, contact: Aduva Inc., 2595 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303; Phone: (650) 858-8650; Fax: (650) 858-8658; WWW: http://

Plus Technologies Announces Enterprise Print Management Solution

Plus Technologies, the software division of Digital Controls Corporation, announced the release of a new output management software solution called Queue Administrator Plus (QA Plus). According to the company, QA Plus provides an output management solution while solving the problem of having to define and maintain printer definitions across multiple UNIX/ Windows servers. For companies with multiple servers and printers, QA Plus can provide a place where all printers can be defined for all servers in the network. Additionally, QA Plus provides an output management system that can deliver business documents and reports to a variety of end destinations including printers, email, fax, and Web servers.

In addition to printer administration, QA Plus can enhance printing performance by providing delivery confirmation, thus allowing redirecting of jobs, reprinting, restarting on any page, viewing, and secure system access, with a job status display/monitor, for output delivery to printers, email, fax, and Web servers.

For more information, contact: Plus Technologies, 305 S. Pioneer Boulevard, Springboro, OH 45066; Phone: (877) 899-7587 or (513) 746-8118; Fax: (513) 743-8575; WWW: http://

BigStorage Announces Network-Attached Storage System

BigStorage Inc. announced K2 NAS, a network-attached storage device. The K2 combines the flexibility of the Linux OS with redundancy features at every level, including integrated network and storage processors. The K2 NAS can be plugged into your network and be up and running quickly. The K2's Web-based graphical interface allows the administrator to configure and monitor the system from any client on the network. The K2 supports Windows 98/2000, MacOS, Linux, and UNIX. Additionally, the BigStorage K2 can easily be expanded, according to the company. Options include additional storage units, backup software, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel.

For more information, contact: BigStorage, Inc., 19 Heron St., San Francisco, CA 94103; Phone: (415) 252-0732; Internet:; WWW:

TimeSys Launches Linux/RT Version 2.0

TimeSys announced TimeSys Linux/RT Version 2.0, a Linux distribution with features to meet embedded real-time quality-of-service requirements. TimeSys Linux/RT Version 2.0 is a QoS solution that operates within the Linux kernel, rather than running as an additional layer beneath Linux.

Designed for a wide array of applications, including telecommunications, automotive, defense, and embedded electronic, TimeSys Linux/RT Version 2.0 can provide real-time responses in devices that run on the Linux operating system. For example, a Linux-based operating system may be used to power an Internet appliance for use in the home. This appliance can regularly be required to stream video from the Internet, receive voice-over-IP phone calls, search the Internet, and may be linked to a home security system. TimeSys Linux/RT Version 2.0 could allow each of these functions to take place in a predictable window of time, allocating priority levels to the most important functions -- in this case the home security system.

The TimeSys Resource Kernel is housed directly within the Linux kernel, which allows standard Linux applications and device drivers to gain real-time responsiveness and quality-of-service enhancements. Additional TimeSys Linux/RT Version 2.0 features include:

  • A fully preemptible platform
  • CPU and network reservations
  • Priority inheritance
  • Priority ceiling protocol
  • A high-resolution timer
  • 256 fixed-priority levels
  • Periodic thread support
  • QoS guarantees
  • Support for Real-Time Java
  • Real-time POSIX extensions
  • SMP kernel preemption support

For more information, contact: TimeSys Corporation, 4516 Henry Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213; Phone: (412) 681-6899; Fax: (412) 681-5522; Internet:; WWW:

Tadpole-RDI Adds "On-Board" Video to Its Portable UNIX Servers

Tadpole-RDI, Inc., a provider of portable UNIX workstations and servers, announced enhancements to its UltraSPARC IIiTM-driven VoyagerIIiTM portable servers. The phone book-sized portable server will now be shipped with an integrated audio and video capability that will provide Tadpole customers with "on-board" video, allowing the PCI slot to be used, for example, for dual resolution video output, or increased Ethernet connectivity. VoyagerIIi's removable disk capacity has also been increased to 100 GB.

The enhancements also enable Tadpole-RDI to extend compute-intensive applications of the portable server to markets where the addition of dual-screen monitors is necessary.

VoyagerIIi servers can be configured with features to meet the needs of enterprise software and e-commerce application vendors. Powered by 440-MHz UltraSPARC-IIi / 2-MB E-cache processors, standard ECC memory is 256 MB and can be extended to 1 GB. The 2.5" disks incorporate four high-speed Ultra-DMA controllers, each supporting a single Ultra-IDE disk, and are arranged as two removable twin packs. The twin packs consist of two 25-GB disks, allowing for configurations of 50 GB or 100 GB.

VoyagerIIi servers are shipped with Solaris 7TM, 2.6, or 2.5.1 as the operating system, together with OpenWindows 3x, AutoNETTM software tools plus NTP, NIS+, DHCP, NFS and DNS, as well as Java tools (Java virtual machine and HotJava browser).

For more information, contact: Tadpole-RDI, 2300 Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008; Phone: (760) 929-0992; Fax: (760) 931-1063; Internet:; WWW:

Gadzoox Networks Announces Axxess SAN Appliance

Gadzoox Networks, Inc., a supplier of storage networking products, announced the general availability of its Axxess Storage Area Network (SAN) appliance products. The Axxess SAN Appliance provides a solution that blends disparate vendors' storage systems into a single, scalable, and interoperable Networked Storage Pool (NSP) solution.

According to the company, Axxess is designed to enable any standard server to share access to data on any Fibre Channel or SCSI-based storage system anywhere in the SAN. The Axxess SAN Appliance creates a centralized, shared, and easily managed NSP for all forms of storage. Any server in the SAN is then able to utilize any amount of storage on any storage device, as needed. Axxess' redundant network topology and mirroring features facilitate uptime of data networks, while its LAN-free backup reduces storage bottlenecks. The Axxess SAN Appliance consists of three key elements:

  • The modular, high-performance Capellix Fibre Channel SAN switch
  • The Axxess engine -- the storage appliance hardware with high-performance cache coupled with DataCore Software's storage pooling software
  • Connection kits, which include Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) cards and connection software

The Axxess SAN Appliance is available in two configurations, the Axxess 200e and 300e. The Axxess 200e was designed to take advantage of the benefits of NSPs while providing a scalable, highly available solution with a clear upgrade path. The Axxess 200e is offered at a list price of $45,000. The Axxess 300e is for enterprises with high performance requirements offering double the performance, scalability, and more comprehensive High Availability (HA) features such as client, switch, and Axxess Engine failover support and network volume mirroring.

The 300e is offered at a list price of $75,000. Each Axxess model includes a Capellix Fibre Channel switch that provides the necessary ports for connecting servers and storage.

For more information on Gadzoox Networks Axxess SAN Appliance, contact: Gadzoox Networks, Inc., 5850 Hellyer Avenue, San Jose, CA 95138; Phone: (408) 360-4950 or (888) 423-3222; Fax: (408) 360-4951; WWW:

PostgreSQL, Inc. Releases Open Source Replication and Database Conversion Tools

PostgreSQL, Inc. announced the release of RServ v0.1, the Open Source version of the eRServer utilities for PostgreSQL v7.1 along with the first of their Conversion Utilities -- mysql2pgsql. Both of these utilities are published under the Berkeley BSD Open Source license. Both utilities have now been added to the open source PostgreSQL CVS tree, and may also be downloaded directly from the PgSQL Website at:

For more information, contact: PostgreSQL Inc., PO Box 1648, Wolfville Nova Scotia, Canada B0P 1X0; Phone: (902) 542-0713; Fax: (902) 542-5386; Internet:

PolyServe Announces Server Clustering Software

PolyServe, a provider of systems software for the Internet data center, introduced LocalCluster Enterprise, a new high-availability server clustering solution for data replication of Web- and IP-based services. According to the company, LocalCluster Enterprise provides the ability to cluster up to 10 servers, which allows IT or network managers to create groups of servers, even heterogeneous servers, within their organizations with full monitoring, recovery, and failover support. The integrated data replication feature allows data in the cluster to be automatically replicated on all servers, so users see the same data regardless of which server is handling their requests.

LocalCluster Enterprise supports built-in service monitors for network infrastructure applications such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, NIS, TCP, and more. If a server or service fails, failover and recovery policies can be defined to ensure that users continue to receive prompt and accurate service. Customers can also build custom monitors that trigger a failover event based on policies and tolerances designed into the customer's script. LocalCluster Enterprise also has the ability to customize the notification of cluster event changes. Systems administrators can choose to be notified by email, pager, or through network management stations via an SNMP trap mechanism.

LocalCluster Enterprise is available on Linux and will soon be available on a other platforms, including Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and FreeBSD.

For more information, contact: PolyServe, 918 Parker Street, Suite A14 Berkeley, CA 94710-2526; Phone: (877) 476-5973 or (510) 665-2970; Fax: (510) 649-7661; Internet:; WWW:

Asita Technologies Launches Line of VPN Solutions

Asita Technologies announced the launch of Asita LineSpeed, Asita's embedded solutions that offers virtual private network throughput and a scalable migration path for ISPs, ASPs, telcos, and Fortune 1000 businesses.

According to the company, organizations such as large enterprises, Web hosts, and ASPs/ISPs can scale their network architecture using asita LineSpeed at a fraction of the cost of a private network. Asita solutions also offer a scalable architecture, reduced need for additional network hardware, ease of management, quick deployment, and lower total cost of ownership.

Asita offers 4 models:

  • asita LineSpeed LS20 -- 20 Mbps desktop model for the branch office or small business
  • asita LineSpeed LS100/D -- 100 Mbps desktop model for the branch office or ISP
  • asita LineSpeed LS100/R -- 100 Mbps rackmount model for the branch office or ISP
  • asita LineSpeed LS200 -- 200 Mbps rackmount model for the ISP or ASP

asita LineSpeed product features include:

VPN -- Fast Ethernet support , 1,000-40,000+ user sessions, IPSec 3DES-CBC, DES/3DES, MD5, SHA-1, IKE key management, PPTP with remote client access

Network Infrastructure -- LAN integration (fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet ports), NAT, PAT, failover and load balancing, and virtual user routers.

Firewall -- Packet filtering, site/port/Web blocking, DoS deterrence, and intrusion detection.

Policy Routing and Management -- VLANS, QoS, SLA, access control, authentication traffic management, and rate shaping.

For more information, contact: Asita Technologies, 2301 Dupont, Suite 440, Irvine, CA 92612; Phone: (949) 223-9600; WWW:

MetiLinx Launches iSystem Enterprise

MetiLinx, Inc., a provider of system optimization technology software, announced the general release of iSystem Enterprise, a solution for system optimization of networked server systems. According to the company, the iSystem Enterprise solution increases the performance, scalability, security, and reliability of networked server system infrastructure.

MetiLinx iSystem Enterprise is deployable on Windows NT, Linux, UNIX, or Solaris platforms and reconciles all operating systems and software entities by optimizing the links between them, scaling the network solution vertically for maximum system efficiency. iSystem Enterprise monitors each machine for available capacity and automatically routes tasks to the most available, optimizing resources and increasing system efficiency up to 45 percent across the entire system.

For more information, contact: MetiLinx, Inc., 1670 South Amphlett Blvd., Suite 306, San Mateo, CA 94402; Phone: (650) 235-3500; Fax: (650) 235-3501; WWW:

Caldera Ships Caldera Volution

Caldera Systems, Inc. announced the release of Caldera Volution, a Linux management solution that reduces the cost of implementing and managing Linux systems. According to the company, Caldera Volution allows administrators to use policies and profiles to manage thousands of Linux systems, without having to individually manage or touch each one. Volution is distribution-neutral and provides broad management functions.

Caldera Volution is a Web-based remote management solution that allows administrators to manage Linux systems from anywhere at anytime. It is directory-based utilizing the strengths of LDAP directories. Volution supports three major LDAP directories, Novell's eDirectory, OpenLDAP, and iPlanet. OpenLDAP, and eDirectory ship with the product. The suggested list price for Caldera Volution is $2995.

For more information about Caldera Volution, contact: Caldera Systems, Inc., 240 West Center Street, Orem, UT 84057; Phone: (801) 765-4999; Fax: (801) 765-1313; Internet:; WWW: