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New Products Announces ARIS announced its Attack Registry & Intelligence Service (ARIS), a network attack predictor and incident management system. ARIS is comprised of two modules -- the ARIS analyzer that collects and analyzes incident data and the ARIS predictor that functions as a global warning system for computer attacks.

According to the company, ARIS can automatically and anonymously collect a company's Intrusion Detection System (IDS) log data, provide organized reports on attacks to their systems as well as information to respond to attacks, and give customized prediction reports on likely attacks, all through a secure Web interface.

The ARIS analyzer collects and uploads IDS log files from a variety of systems including Cisco Secure (formerly NetRanger), ISS Real Secure, Network ICE ICEpac and Defender, and Snort, into a central database and correlation engine for the analysis and handling of incidents. The ARIS predictor utilizes the data gathered from a worldwide collection of incidents to view computer attacks from a global perspective, and to predict attacks based on this data. It can statistically track attacks by type, source, time, location, and victim profile. Security analysts at create customized attack prediction reports for each customer.

ARIS analyzer is a free service that is available now at ARIS predictor is a subscription service available in May 2001. For more information, contact:, 1270 Oakmead Parkway, Suite 314, Sunnyvale, CA 94086; Phone: (408) 774-3414 x244; Fax: (408) 774-3419; WWW:

Heroix eQ Management Suite Released

Heroix Corporation announced the release of the Heroix eQ Management Suite. According to the company, Heroix eQ Management Suite unifies monitoring and management of multi-platform computing environments. Additionally, Heroix eQ improves cross-platform management with an interface that guides IT personnel through tasks.

From a single Web-based interface, Heroix eQ monitors and manages Windows 2000, Windows NT, UNIX, and Linux systems. According to the company, Heroix eQ detects and corrects problems before they affect the performance of cross-platform applications and infrastructure components: messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes; databases including SQL Server and Oracle; Web servers such as Apache and Microsoft IIS; in addition to other server and network technologies.

The Heroix eQ Management Suite is available now and pricing begins at $695 USD. For more information, contact: Heroix Corporation, 120 Wells Avenue Newton, MA 02459; Phone: (800) 229-6500 or (617) 527-1550; Fax: (617) 527-6132; WWW:

Tripwire Releases Tripwire for Web Pages

Tripwire Inc announced Tripwire for Web Pages for the Apache Web server platform. According to the company, this new product detects unauthorized modifications to Web site content, prevents the delivery of modified pages, and alerts the systems administrator.

According to the company, Tripwire for Web Pages detects unauthorized modifications to Web server content, instantly alerts the systems administrator, and redirects Web site viewers to a user-defined temporary Web page until authorized content is restored. Tripwire for Web Pages determines whether a Web page has been altered by comparing the date and the digital signature of the current Web page to that of the "known good" authorized file securely saved in the database. This "integrity check" is performed each time a browser requests a Web page from the Web server. If the file dates and/or signatures do not match precisely, Tripwire for Web Pages halts the file from being served, sends a custom notification/replacement page to the browser, logs the event, and sends a custom email to alert the systems administrator of the change and provides steps to restore the authorized content.

Tripwire for Web Pages is available immediately, priced at $1,095. For more information, contact: Tripwire, Inc., 326 SW Broadway, 3rd Floor, Portland, OR 97205; Phone: (503) 223-0280; Fax: (503) 223-0182; WWW:

Unicore Announces NAServer

Unicore Technologies Corporation announced the availability of Macintosh and Gigabit Ethernet support in their 10-HA, 10R, 350, and 350R model NAServer products. According to the company, NAServer is an embedded thin file server that provides network storage access for UNIX, Novell, Windows, and Macintosh clients. NAServer attaches to any 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, or 1000Base-TX/FX Ethernet LAN, it is auto-configuring, and supports multiple high-speed SCSI storage devices.

NAServers provide heterogeneous out-of-box support for UNIX, Novell, NT, Direct AppleTalk/IP, Web, and FTP. NAServer models range from a 1U 19" rackmount unit with up to 320 GB of storage capacity, to desk-side models scaling to more than 1 TB of storage. Models support hot swappable drives, RAID 0, 1, and 5, and have redundant power supplies. For more information, contact: Unicore Technologies, Corp., 55 Middlesex Street, North Chelmsford, MA 01863; Phone: (800) 227-9901 or (978) 251-3344; Fax: (978) 251-3015; Internet:; WWW:

ActiveState Announces ASPN

ActiveState announced the ActiveState Programmer Network (ASPN). According to the company, ASPN delivers tools and knowledge to enable programming with open source technologies.

ASPN Open is a free online resource where programmers can access a knowledge base. Technical references, cookbooks, sample code, and ActiveState documentation are categorized and searchable online. ASPN Open also includes ActiveState's binary distributions of open source programming languages.

ASPN Open provides a non-commercial license for Komodo. ASPN Komodo, designed for professional programmers, combines the Komodo IDE with programming information in a single interface. Built on the Mozilla framework, the Komodo IDE is cross-platform and will provide support for open source programming languages. Priced at $295, ASPN Komodo provides Komodo plus all updates for one year, as well as all the features of ASPN Open.

ASPN Perl combines programming technology and Perl knowledge for the Perl developer. This level includes O'Reilly Perl titles, searchable and retrievable online. Building on top of ASPN Open and ASPN Komodo, ASPN Perl provides Perl utilities, Perl alerts, and Visual Perl. Developers familiar with Visual Studio can now use Visual Perl for Perl application development in Visual Studio.NET. Priced at $495, ASPN Perl assures all updates for one year, including Visual Perl updates released to correspond with Visual Studio.NET development.

For more information, contact: ActiveState Corp., 580 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1W6 Canada; Phone: (604) 484-6400; Fax: (604) 484-6499; WWW:

TCS Releases SecureOffice

Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc. (TCS) announced the availability of SecureOffice software for Tadpole-Cycle's lines of portable Sun-Solaris workstations and servers, UltraBookIIi and VoyagerIIi. According to the company, SecureOffice has internal security mechanisms that maintain a mandatory separation between networks, and provides a secure environment for executing Microsoft Office automation applications at multiple classification levels.

SecureOffice strengthens an organization's security posture through features found in the Trusted Solaris operating system. Three features include: privileges and authorizations, which allow users and processes only as much access to system resources as necessary to perform specific tasks; label-based access control that is automatically enforced by the system; and roles, providing a fine-grained approach to systems administration thereby eliminating the need for the super-user function.

For more information, contact: Tadpole-Cycle, 13873 Park Center Road, Suite 225, Herndon, VA 20171; Phone: (703) 318-7134; Fax: (703) 318-5041; Internet:; WWW:

Vicom Storage Virtualization Engine Announced

Vicom Systems, Inc. and Arsenal Digital Solutions, Inc. announced their partnership to offer virtualized SAN-based storage solutions to Internet Data Centers on a pay-as-you-go basis. The new Vicom Storage Virtualization Engine (SVE) provides a storage management infrastructure based on virtualization. The Vicom SVE resides between Arsenal's storage infrastructure and its customers. Arsenal's storage administrators have a centralized management platform from which they manage all their storage resources. An array of services, including 3-way mirroring, non-disruptive backup, secure access control, LUN carving, and storage allocation are available through a single user interface.

For more information, contact: Vicom Systems Inc., 47281 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538; Phone: (510) 743-1130; Fax: (510) 743-1131; Internet:; WWW:

Linux-Mandrake 8.0 Now Available

MandrakeSoft announces the availability for download of the Linux-Mandrake 8.0 via different Internet servers through According to the company, Linux-Mandrake 8.0 is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced users and features the tools necessary for a desktop workstation and basic server use. Linux-Mandrake PowerPack Edition 8.0 is suited for setting up a workstation or server, and Linux-Mandrake ProSuite Edition 8.0 is designed for small and medium businesses. MandrakeSoft also offers online technical support at:

The 8.0 version contains the graphical interfaces, including:

  • KDE 2.1.1, featuring enhancements from the 2.0 release, plus 2.1 bug fixes. Enhancements have been made to Konqueror, the file manager and Web Browser, Kmail, a mail program, Kicker, the taskbar.
  • GNOME 1.4, Nautilus and Evolution: Gnome environment now comes with Nautilus 1.0, a file manager. Evolution 0.9, a groupware suite is also available for enhanced e-mail, contacts, and appointments in a single environment.

According to the company, Kernel 2.4.3 has been included as the default kernel in Linux-Mandrake 8.0, and includes new features such wider USB support, better SMP (Symertic MultiProcessing Support), new IP and firewalling stacks, and a 64-Gb memory support. The 2.2 kernel has also been included, together with XFree86 in version 4.0.3 supporting the latest video cards.

The RPM manager (RPM 4.0) is compatible with the packages designed for Red Hat distributions, including the most recent ones. The tools included in Linux-Mandrake 8.0 are centralized in a configuration tool, Mandrake Control Center. Development tools are also available, including Kdevelop, Glade, GCC 2.96, and Glibc 2.2.2. For more information, contact: MandrakeSoft Inc, 2400 N. Lincoln Ave., Altadena, CA 91001; Phone: (626) 296-6290; WWW:

Jprobe Ported to HP-UX

Sitraka Software announced that it has ported its Jprobe product suite to Hewlett-Packard Company's HP-UX operating system. According to the company, the JProbe product suite is an integrated set of tools that helps developers tune their Java code to maximize application performance and reliability.

Application Servers supported on the HP-UX platform are the HP Bluestone Total-e-server and BEA Weblogic. Pricing for JProbe ServerSide Suite is $1899 for a single developer computer license, including Gold Support with Subscription (GSS). Jprobe Suite is available from the Sitraka Software Web. For more information, contact: Sitraka Software, 260 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A 4L5; Phone: (416) 594-1026; Fax: (416) 594-1919; Internet:; WWW:

Procom Technology, Inc. Announced NetFORCE 1700

Procom Technology, Inc. announced NetFORCE 1700. According to the company, a journaling file system in NetFORCE 1700 ensures the safety, accuracy, and consistency of data. Checkpoint support enables recovery of accidentally modified or deleted files without reverting to tape backups. Local and remote management is enabled through a browser-based interface. The NetFORCE 1700 also has NDMP support to facilitate backup operations, which makes it a solution for some storage-intensive applications such as CAD, imaging, email, Web pages, databases, file sharing, and data repository.

Procom's NetFORCE 1700 NAS appliance is available immediately. For more information, contact: Procom Technology, Inc., 58 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618; Phone: (949) 852-1000; Fax: (949) 852-1221; Internet:; WWW:

Tatung Announces SPARC-Compatible Servers

Tatung Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI) announced the COMPstation U200R and the COMPstation U100T, two new SPARC-compatible servers based on Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC IIe processors and its 64-bit, SPARC v9 architecture. According to the company, the COMPstation U200R is housed in a low-profile 1U enclosure that can be stacked to allow service providers to optimize space allocation in high density rack-mount enclosures. Although the COMPstation U200R is suited for service provider environments, it is also being used in multiple unit configurations for front-end application services. The COMPstation U100T is targeted for engineering workgroup, software development, and high performance graphics applications.

The COMPstation U200R is expandable from 256 KB to 2 GB of system memory; and one PCI slot at 33 MHz/32 bit. Disk storage includes options for IDE or Ultra Wide SCSI, with capacities ranging from 18 GB to 36 GB or higher; one 5-1/4 inch slot for a notebook-type CD-ROM; one 3-1/2 inch slot for FDD; and two 3-1/2 inch slots for IDE or SCSI hard disk drives. The COMPstation U100T is expandable from 256 KB to 2 GB of system memory; and three PCI slots at 33 MHz/32 bit. Like the low profile server, disk storage includes options for IDE or Ultra Wide SCSI, with capacities ranging from 18 GB to 36 GB or higher; but the U100T has three drive slots for CD-ROM, tape drive, HDD or FDD, and one IDE or SCSI slot for hard disk drives.

Both systems include two serial ports, a Centronics-compatible parallel port, two USB ports, two 10/100-BaseT Ethernet interfaces, Solaris 8, and an optional 16-bit audio/graphics. The COMPstation U200R comes with a 150-watt power supply, and the COMPstation U100T includes a 250-watt power supply.

For more information, contact: Tatung Science & Technology, Inc., 436 Kato Terrace, Fremont, CA 94539; Phone: (510) 687-9688 or (800)-659-5902; Fax: (510)-687-9588; Internet:; WWW:

Maxoptix Releases LTO Libraries

MaxOptix Corporation announced the availability of a range of Linear Tape Open (LTO) libraries with its Breece Hill-branded line of next-generation tape technology products. According to the company, the full line of LTO devices, including the MaxOptix 4.30/50, 6.100/6.210, 9.140, 12.420, 15.350, and 18.280, are available now.

The MaxOptix 4.30 and 4.50 are midrange, four drive by 30- or 50-cartridge libraries with mixed media capabilities. With a native data storage capacity of 3 TB and 5 TB and compressed capacity of 6 TB and 10 TB respectively, the MaxOptix 4.30 and 4.50 LTO libraries feature self-calibrating robotics and demonstrate more than 1 million cartridge changes.

The 6.100 offers 10 TB of native data storage capacity (20 TB compressed) and features data transfer rates up to 648 GB/hr. MaxOptix's 6.210 is designed for large, distributed systems and provides secondary storage strength to corporate customers. With room for 210 cartridges, the 6.210 has 21 TB of native capacity, which can be expanded to 42 TB when compressed. Its open system design allows it to interface with all major operating systems, including UNIX, Windows NT, Novell and others. MaxOptix's 9.140 offers up to nine drives and 140 cartridges to provide compressed capacity of 28 TB when configured with LTO technology.

For Storage Area Network environments, MaxOptix's 12.420, 15.350, and 18.280 offer connectivity options for attaching to SAN configurations. Web browser-based control allows remote access, and the Standard Data IQ allows integration within a data center by supporting industry protocols and network management protocols. These LTO libraries offer large capacities and transfer rates -- 84 TB and 648 GB per hour from the 12.420, 56 TB and 972 GB per hour from the 18.280, and 70 TB and 810 GB per hour from the 15.350 (compressed).

For more information, contact: MaxOptix, 3342 Gateway Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538; Phone: (510) 353-9700 or (800) 848-3092; Fax: (510) 353-1845; WWW:

Tarantella Ships Version 3.1 Tarantella Enterprise 3 Software

Tarantella, Inc. announced Tarantella Enterprise 3, version 3.1, an enhancement to its application and data centralization solution. According to the company, the new version features firewall traversal and browser proxy, which provide enhanced global connectivity from remote offices as well as customer and partner sites, while lowering or removing administrative overhead.

Tarantella Enterprise 3 software is designed to support up to 1,000 users per server. Up to 50 servers can be combined into a single array to balance the server load across geographically dispersed networks. As with the previous version, version 3.1 integrates with all UNIX, IBM AS/400, mainframe, Linux, Windows, and Web-based application platforms.

Tarantella Enterprise 3 is available now for download at For more information, contact: Tarantella Inc., 425 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1900; Phone: (888) 831-9700; WWW: