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New Products

Clustra Systems Releases Clustra DataCenter

Clustra Systems, Inc., recently released the 4.1 version of Clustra DataCenter. According to the company, version 4.1 allows administrators to turn a cluster of off-the-shelf Linux servers into a high-end database with 99.999 percent uptime. Clustra provides a Linux cluster database that provides availability, scales to hundreds of gigabytes, and runs on any Linux hardware.

For more information, contact: Clustra Systems, 620 Third Street, Oakland, CA 94607; Phone: (510) 267-2200; Fax: (510) 267-2220; WWW:

Seapine Adds Solaris Support

Seapine Software, Inc. announced that it has added Sun Solaris support to its defect-tracking application, TestTrack Pro 4. According to the company, this release provides TestTrack Pro 4's server capabilities to developers running Solaris on either Sun Sparc or Intel server hardware. With the Solaris version, developers working in a Solaris server environment can access TestTrack Pro's database from the Windows desktop or a Web browser. TestTrack Pro 4 also supports Windows, the Web, and Linux server platforms, with client support for Windows and the Web. A Mac OS X server component is under development.

For more information, contact: Seapine Software, Inc., 5390 Courseview Drive, Suite 115, Mason, OH 45040; Phone: (513) 754-1655; Fax: (513) 754-1660; WWW:

LXI Automates Tape Consolidation and Duplication

LXI Corp. announced the availability of an automated tape consolidation and duplication solution for the iSeries 400. According to the company, the new features automatically consolidate all the active files from one or more tapes and can duplicate all the tapes associated with a specific backup job. It is available in the latest release of LXI's Media Management System (MMS) family of products for the iSeries. MMS can automatically eject the duplicated tapes for rotation offsite, and the process can be further automated using a job scheduler to provide automated tape consolidation and duplication on a regular schedule.

For more information, contact: LXI Corp., 222 West Las Colinas Boulevard, Suite 960, Irving, TX 75039; Phone: (972) 444-2323; Fax: (972) 444-2350; Internet:; WWW:

Appligent Announces APStripFiles

According to Appligent, Inc., APStripFiles is a command-line application that removes attached or embedded files from PDF documents. It enables you to protect your systems from malicious unwanted PDF file attachments without damage to the PDF itself. APStripFiles provides an option to remove the files from the original PDF document or make a copy of the PDF without the attachment, leaving the original PDF untouched. It can be used on the desktop, a Web server, or directly on an email server to avoid the transfer of viruses that can be carried by a PDF file attachment. APStripFiles supports the removal of attachments from multiple PDF files using file names or wildcards.

APStripFiles is available for AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Red Hat Linux and can be downloaded free from:
For more information, contact: Appligent, Inc., 60 South Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne, PA 19050; Phone: (610) 284-4006; Fax: (610) 284-4233; WWW:

Cremax Announces Stardom Raid Solutions

Cremax USA announced the Stardom RII-U3 and Stardom RIX-U3, multiple platform RAID solutions. According to the company, Stardom features Ultra3/160 SCSI to Ultra ATA IDE 66/100 host independent RAID in a hot-drive swap design with redundant 300-watt power supplies. The Stardom is a host independent RAID subsystem equipped with a Power PC 603E/100 MHz high-performance processor. Features include online auto rebuild, online expansion, and a 45-degree, easy-to-read LCD control panel in the pedestal style of Stardom (RII-U3). It includes Java-based local and remote RAIDGUIDE GUI software, and upgradeable flash ROM firmware. The design of Stardom's hard drive tray is suspended, and Stardom has an airflow design, with hot-swappable cooling fans. Load-sharing redundant power supplies also are hot swappable.

Stardom is available for about $3,900 for RII-U3 and $4,100 for RIX-U3. For more information, contact: Cremax USA Corporation, 900 Via Rodeo Placentia, CA 92870; Phone: (714) 993-3735; Fax: (714) 993-3734; WWW:

WhamTech Releases Thunderbolt

WhamTech Inc. announced the availability of the Thunderbolt Open Database Engine (ODE), which can be used to create very large database (VLDB) systems that can be updated in real-time with a large volume of data and simultaneously allow complex queries by a large number of users. According to the company, Thunderbolt ODE increases limits on scalability, numbers of users, complex queries, and real-time indexing. Primary applications include active data warehousing, data processing, business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise search, and wireless embedded support. Designed on a Windows platform, porting is also available to AIX, Linux, and Sun Solaris.

For more information, contact: WhamTech, 4245 N. Central Expwy., Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75205; Phone: (214) 521-8596; Fax: (214) 521-8599; WWW:

AdminForce Remote Announces AdminForce Remote Monitor

According to AdminForce Remote LLC, AdminForce Remote Monitor is a new Linux product developed to provide in-depth information for operation of Web sites, networks, and related applications. According to the company, AdminForce Remote Monitor is an automatic alert mechanism to warn of potential problems with server operations. Information is delivered to a client IT department via email and via a password-protected Web site.

For more information, contact: AdminForce Remote LLC, 100 Glendale Road, Upper Darby, PA 19082-3108; Phone: (303) 544-0300; Fax: (610) 352-3141; Internet:; WWW:

Ponte Announces Network Security Control Software Platform

Ponte announced the release of nsControl, a software solution that enables enterprises and managed service providers to centrally control security policy across all network devices, regardless of vendor or device type. According to the company, the Ponte nsControl platform helps organizations systematically control policy for any type of network security service (e.g., packet filtering, VPN, intrusion detection) and to automate the deployment of that policy to any type of network device (e.g., firewall, router, VPN appliance, broadband CPE).

The platform can control an organization's existing network without requiring changes to the network's architecture or to the current inventory of network devices. The platform's scriptable interface enables integration with an organization's existing business and operations support systems. Ponte's nsControl platform control server manages all of the information about the security policy and network devices controlled by the platform. The control server schedules, coordinates, tracks and logs the progress of all change requests. The control server allows operators to change device behavior by changing the device attributes stored in the vendor-independent device profile.

The Ponte nsControl platform is available immediately for Sun Solaris servers, with pricing based on the number of network devices and security services under management. For more information, contact: Ponte, 1921 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, CA 94043; Phone: (650) 230-0110; Fax: (650) 230-0106; WWW:

Crossroads Releases Crossroads 8000 Storage Router and Management Software

Crossroads Systems, a provider of storage networking solutions, announced the Crossroads 8000 storage router and management software, which integrates SCSI storage devices into Fibre Channel SANs. The 8000 is designed to connect storage devices into Fibre Channel and SCSI storage networks, and InfiniBand fabrics.

According to the company, storage router configuration and management can be simplified by the Crossroads 8000's embedded Web server and Crossroads Visual Manager (CVM) software. Through the CVM's graphical user interface, network administrators can view and alter the configuration and status the storage router and the attached SCSI and Fibre Channel devices. Management tasks can be handled remotely and securely through a standard Web browser.

The Crossroads 8000 uses a common hardware architecture and common software, the Crossroads Router OS, a modular, scaleable code base. The Crossroads 8000 is capable of virtually no unscheduled down time. Dual power supplies and power cords, dual fans and dual Fibre Channel ports enable the 8000 to continue operating despite a major component failure, a power grid failure or power cord pull, or a Fibre Channel network failure or cable pull. The 8000 features eight SCSI ports in a space-efficient, 1U form factor. The Crossroads 8000 has an internal bus architecture capable of more than 500 Mbytes per second. For more information, contact: Crossroads Systems, 8300 N. MoPac Expressway, Austin, TX 78759; Phone: (512) 349-0300 or (800) 643-7148; Fax: (512) 349-0304; WWW:

Nexsan Introduces InfiniSAN D2D

Nexsan Technologies introduced InfiniSAN D2D disk-to-disk backup storage solutions. According to the company, InfiniSAN D2D provides a lower cost-per-megabyte alternative to tape for data backup. Nexsan provides the D2D solution through the combination of correct-cost hard disk-based, high-availability RAID implemented hardware and a full-feature backup application. InfiniSAN D2D backup systems scale from 160 GB to multi-petabytes for environments ranging from entry-level to mid-range and enterprise-class applications.

The Nexsan-designed GUI interface provides Web-based, centralized management and monitoring features. The D2D backup system provides reliability and data availability for as low as 1.7 cents per megabyte. Nexsan's D2D backup solutions protect data through event-based, 24x7, incremental real-time backup to either a local on-site, on-line primary and/or off-site secondary online disaster recovery system. Nexsan's D2D provides immediate on-line file access and/or allows data retrieval via a LAN, WAN, Fibre, copper, or Internet connection. The solutions are low profile, and available in rackmount, desktop or Infini-Stack stackable systems. Nexsan's InfiniSAN products are system-independent, supporting SAN, DAS, or NAS configurations, and Full Fabric, Fibre, SCSI, or ATA. They provide support for TCP/IP, Ethernet, data and SCSI or IP, and for serial, LAN, WAN, or Web connections. The systems are also designed to be completely host- and operating system-independent, providing that the host can support external SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drives. Nexsan products are available for Windows NT/95/98/2000, Novell NetWare, SCO, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, AIX, and UNIX.

For more information, contact: Nexsan, 21700 Oxnard Street, Suite 1850, Woodland Hills, CA 91367; Phone: (818) 715-9111; Fax: (818) 715-9175; Internet:; WWW: