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New Products

Stem Systems Releases Perl Networking Toolkit

Stem Systems released Stem, a network application suite and development toolkit. According to the company, network management is enhanced by Stem's collection of high-level modules that provide common network services and resources. You can create applications by connecting Stem modules together in a configuration, with little or no programming required.

Stem includes support for clients/servers, network communication, log file management, process management, multiplexing I/O, message passing, and remote or local runtime configuration. Stem comes with several example applications, including an inetd emulator created by a configuration of standard modules, which requires no extra coding.

Stem is written in pure Perl and is Open Source and free to download and use. Go to for documentation and to download the tarball.

For more information, contact: Stem Systems, Inc., 521 Green Street, Iselin, NJ 08830; Phone: (732) 283-8700; Fax: (732) 636-8673; Internet:; WWW:

LokBox Software Announces InternetPeriscope

LokBox Software announced the release of InternetPeriscope, its Internet server monitoring and auditing software. According to the company, InternetPeriscope includes features and tools that may be useful to systems administrators of small and large networks of Internet servers. The product includes monitoring tools and intrusion detection devices that can help manage intrusion prevention and tracking, as well as hacker detection and identification.

InternetPeriscope helps to monitor a network's Web, DNS, SMTP, and POP (mail) servers for real-time and potential problems, notifying systems administrators of any problems via a graphical interface. The security features analyze servers for hacker vulnerabilities, provide real-time detection of hacker intrusions, and maintain a history of intrusion attempts.

For more information, contact: LokBox Software, 236 West Portal Ave. #769, San Francisco, CA 94127-1423. A 30-day trial is available from:

Palisade Releases PacketHound 2.0

Palisade Systems, Inc. announced the release of version 2.0 of the PacketHound Protocol Management Appliance, a network appliance that allows organizations to monitor or eliminate the use of emerging protocols and applications. According to the company, PacketHound can monitor, manage, or block the use of Aimster, Code Red, DoubleClick, Gnutella, iMesh, Napster, Real Media 1 and 2 , Scour Media Exchange, ShoutCast, WebRadio, Windows Media 1 and 2, among others in addition to custom protocols on an organization's network. PacketHound 2.0 can block subdivisions of existing applications like Napster, which can now be blocked entirely or partially (if, for example, you wish to block uploads but not downloads).

PacketHound 2.0 adds 60 new applications and protocols to the list of those it can manage. Included in this list are AOL Instant Messenger, FTP, HTTP, ICQ, Finger, KazaA, Telnet and POP, among others. The Code Red signature can be used to prevent infection of internal Microsoft Servers, and its logging and reporting capabilities can allow a systems administrator to find infected internal servers so corrective action can be taken.

For more information, contact: Palisade Systems, Inc., 2625 North Loop Drive, Suite 2120, Ames, IA 50010; Phone: (515) 296-5494; WWW:

Naturetech Announces Portable SPARC Workstation

Naturetech announces a notebook computer using technology from Sun Microsystems, Inc. The company's new Ultra-NoteStation 777S is the first notebook computer powered by Sun's UltraSPARC IIe microprocessor. According to the company, the Ultra-NotStation 777S runs the Solaris 8 operating environment, which brings GUI user-friendliness to the UNIX operating system. The 777S introduces new lows in size, weight, power consumption, and cost to the SPARC computer systems market and offers benefits of mobile computing to Sun's user base.

Starting with a 15-inch LCD display, the 777S includes the necessary I/O interfaces such as USB, serial port, VGA output, and Ethernet. Its design includes an 8X DVD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive, and up to two hard disk drives. The lithum ion battery provides up to four hours of battery life. Audio and video are also standard features providing CD-quality 16-bit audio and 24-bit color depth.

For more information, contact: Nature Worldwide Technology Corp., No.1, Min-Chuan Street, Tu-Cheng Industrial Park, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.; Phone: +886-2-22689901; Fax: +886-2-22689903; WWW:

Plumtree Releases UNIX Version of Plumtree Corporate Portal

Plumtree Software announced the general availability of the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.0 for Sun Solaris, the first version of the company's software running entirely on the UNIX platform. According to the company, the release brings to UNIX a document directory for indexing and categorizing documents, the Massively Parallel Portal Engine for assembling Web services in parallel, a library of Enterprise Class Gadget modules for integrating Web services from other applications, comprehensive security and administration tools, and a communities and collaboration framework.

For the new Web user interface, the Plumtree Corporate Portal for Solaris features the Plumtree Java Presentation Layer, written in Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-compliant JavaServer Pages. Customers with experience in Java can perform portal development in Java and customize the user interface without changing the functionality, lowering deployment costs. The Java Presentation Layer can run on either a Java servlet engine or an application server, such as BEA WebLogic or IBM WebSphere. The Java Presentation Layer will be the basis for the next-generation Web user interface for the Plumtree Corporate Portal for Windows, using ASP.NET and C#.

For more information, contact: Plumtree Software, 500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111; Phone: (415) 263-8900; Fax: (415) 263-8991; WWW:

Automatos Announces Remote Diagnostics Suite

Automatos Inc. announced the launch of the Automatos Virtual Systems Engineer (AVSE) product suite. According to the company, the AVSE product suite is a set of automated management services that allow the user to identify operating systems and application-related performance problems. To achieve this automation, the services combine Automatos's tools for performance analysis, capacity planning, real time monitoring, asset inventory/management, Oracle monitoring, and SQL Server monitoring. Users can connect to the AVSE portal via the Internet, download the specific agents, and access the services needed to manage their server problems.

The AVSE operates by analyzing internal resources of different operating systems and applications. The agent will collect data (e.g., CPU consumption, memory usage, memory locks, procedure cache, connection counters, cache hit rates, and logs) and will send it securely to the AVSE backend. The information is then compiled and generated in the form of a report in pdf format.

The AVSE product suite is compatible with servers running Windows NT/2000, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Oracle and SQL Server environments.

For more information, contact: Automatos Inc, 19925 Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA 95014-2358; Phone: (800) 887-7757; Fax: (408) 973-7231; WWW:

SoftIntegration Launches Ch 2.0

SoftIntegration has launched Ch 2.0. According to the company, Ch is a C virtual machine with classes that avoids compile/link/execute/debug cycles for application development. It supports C90, POSIX, and socket/WinSock with more than 1,000 functions. Programs using complex type defined in C99 and complex classes in C++ can run in Ch without any modification.

Ch has many high-level extensions to C, including classes in C++, very high-level shell programming, cross-platform Ch applets, generic functions, string type, computational arrays for linear algebra and matrix computations, user-friendly 2D/3D graphic plotting, classes for Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and advanced high-level numerical functions.

Ch is an alternative to other scripting languages and mathematical software packages for cross-platform shell programming, systems administration, regression test, real-time interactive computing, rapid prototyping, scientific numerical computing, and Web development. Program ch can also be used as a login shell.

According to SoftIntegration, Ch bridges the gap between the C language and UNIX shell and is designed for both interactive command interpretation and shell programming. Ch is a portable shell with consistent interface in Windows, Linux, and UNIX. When Ch is used in a single command mode, most features of Ch are the same as conventional UNIX shells and MS-DOS shell in Windows. Shell programs written in the common set of programming features of C and Ch can be readily compiled to the native machine code for efficient execution.

Ch for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX, is available. For more information, contact: SoftIntegration, Inc., 216 F Street, #68, Davis, CA 95616; Phone:(530) 297-7398; Fax: (530) 297-7392; Internet:; WWW:

WRQ Releases Reflection 9.0

WRQ, Inc. announced the release of version 9.0 of its WRQ Reflection terminal emulation and PC/UNIX integration products. According to the company, enhanced security through Reflection Security Components 9.0 provides Kerberos, SSL, and TLS support, which facilitate encryption and authentication to host systems. It also permits XDM-Authorization and integration of third-party SSH clients. Added support for XML provides businesses with a standard for capturing and exchanging data between PC XML-enabled applications and UNIX, Linux, and HP e3000 host systems. Linux Console support allows for ANSI colors, attribute color mapping, and keyboard and mouse mapping for Windows desktop users connecting to Linux hosts.

Multiple X display support allows X Window sessions from multiple UNIX hosts to be displayed on a single PC with independent display configurations. Customization capabilities include a new setting search and printing commands, adding tailoring controls for Reflection for IBM users. New versions of the WRQ Reflection products are scheduled to be available worldwide by Fall 2001, which includes its terminal emulation products, Reflection for IBM, Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS, and Reflection for HP, as well as PC/UNIX integration solutions, Reflection X and Reflection Suite for X.

For more information, contact: WRQ, Inc. 1500 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109; Phone: (206) 217-7100; Fax: (206) 217-7515; WWW: