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New Products

BladeLogic Announces Software Suite 4.0

BladeLogic Inc. announced a new software suite that, according to the company, extends the UNIX shell to manage Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers simultaneously, from a single console. BladeLogic Software Suite 4.0 supports 14 operating systems and increases the number of servers systems administrators can manage concurrently. According to the company, sys admins can update servers enterprise-wide simultaneously and identify inconsistencies that can cause crashes or security vulnerabilities. BladeLogic Software Suite 4.0 begins shipping in the first quarter of 2002.

For more information, contact: BladeLogic, Inc., 181 Spring Street, 3rd Floor, Lexington, MA 02421; Phone: (781) 372-5161; Fax: 781-372-5299; WWW:

Microlite Ships BackupEDGE SS

Microlite Corporation announced BackupEDGE SS, a commercial backup and crash recovery software product. According to the company, BackupEDGE SS supports bootable tape, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW backups under Linux, SCO OpenServer 5, Caldera Open UNIX 8, and UnixWare 7. Evaluation copies are now available from the Microlite Corporation Web site.

For more information, contact: Microlite Corporation, WWW:

Vector Networks Announces LANutil Suite 5.1

Vector Networks Inc. announced the release of LANutil 5.1 desktop management software. According to the company, version 5.1 includes a tool that quantifies application usage by individual PC, allowing managers to record, evaluate, and reduce wasted license fees for underused programs, and stay in compliance with employed applications.

Free evaluation downloads are available from their Web site. For more information, contact: Vector Networks Inc., 3425 Corporate Way, Suites D - G, Duluth, GA 30096; Phone: (770) 622-2850; Fax: (770) 495-6214; WWW:

IOGEAR Announces MiniView III USB 2.0

IOGEAR announced the upcoming release of its MiniView III USB 2.0 KVM Peripheral (KVMP) sharing switch, which allows users to control up to four computers, access two next-generation USB peripherals from a single KVMP switch, and daisy-chain up to 127 operating systems. According to the company, the new USB 2.0 offers transfer rates of 480 mbps. The product is PC and Mac compatible and has push button controls to select computers and an OSD (On-Screen Display) menu. The two- and four-port (GCS1722U/1724U) products are priced at $179.99 and $249.99 (MSRP) respectively and will be available in the first quarter 2002.

For more information, contact: IOGEAR, 23 Hubble Drive, Irvine, CA 92618; Phone: (949) 428-1111; Fax: (949) 428-1100; WWW:

Cisco Press Releases New Routing Protocol Title

Cisco Press announced the November 2001 release of Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols (CCIE Professional Development), by Abe Martey, CCIE, Faraz Shamim, CCIE, Johnson Liu, CCIE, Zaheer Aziz, CCIE (ISBN: 1587050196). According to the publisher, Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols provides step-by-step guidelines for solving particular routing failure scenarios. The book provides an overview of routing and concentrates on the troubleshooting steps engineers should take in resolving various routing protocol issues that arise in a network.

Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols explains the key ingredients of an IP network (IP addressing, IP routers, and transport technologies) and how all the pieces play together in functional IP networks. It also covers the following IP routing protocols: BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, RIP (v1 and v2), IGRP, and EIGRP. For more information, contact: Cisco Press, 201 W. 103rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46290; WWW:

Aladdin Releases eSafe Appliance

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced the release of eSafe Appliance, a Linux-based pre-configured, plug and play content security appliance. According to the company, eSafe Appliance is designed to provide simple installation, yet strong protection for small- to medium-sized businesses. eSafe Appliance is compatible with Check Point's OPSEC Firewall-1, and meant as a replacement for purchasing a dedicated PC. eSafe Appliance is a one-time purchase accompanied by eSafe's standard per-seat activation license and maintenance fee. With one appliance and eSafe Gateway activated, organizations can receive up to 3 MB of Internet HTTP, FTP, and SMTP traffic with simplified administration and central management. When installed as a secure mail relay in DMZ, eSafe Appliance with eSafe Mail activated can inspect and forward an average of one million emails a day.

Aladdin's eSafe Appliance is priced between $750 and $850 with the option of using eSafe Gateway and/or eSafe Mail at a per-seat license/maintenance fee. For more information, contact: Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc., 2920 N. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60004; Phone: (847) 818-3800; Fax: (847) 818-3810; Internet:; WWW:

SuSE Releases Linux Enterprise Server 7

SuSE Linux announced the release of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7 for S/390, the latest version of its server operating system for deployment in enterprise mainframes. According to the company, the new release is based on kernel 2.4, and this SuSE server version now supports S/390 servers as well as IBM eServer zSeries z900.

For more information, contact: SuSE, 580 Second Street, Suite 210, Oakland, CA 94607; Phone: (510)-628-3380; Fax: (510)-628-3381; Internet:; WWW:

nStor Announces AdminiStor 6.1

nStor Technologies announced AdminiStor 6.1, an upgraded version of its storage management software suite. According to the company, AdminiStor 6.1 provides the configuration, monitoring and centralized management capabilities required by storage area networks (SAN) and other enterprise storage deployments. Standard RAID configurations can be set up from the same graphical user interface (GUI) without interruption of server operations. Online RAID expansion is provided for direct connect or SAN environments, and logical unit mapping (LUN) is built into the controller for storage allocation and partitioning. AdminiStor's monitoring capabilities provide real-time status of all storage devices within a pool, and local and remote systems administration is enabled via Web browsers on a LAN/SAN network or over the Internet.

AdminiStor 6.1 supports mixed operating system environments, including Red Hat Linux 6.1 and 7.2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Sun Solaris. For more information, contact: nStor, 10140 Mesa Rim Road, San Diego, CA 92121; Phone: (858) 453-9191; Internet:; WWW:

Auspex Releases Brat Network Server

Auspex Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise storage solutions, announced a small, low-cost Network Attached Storage (NAS) server called the Auspex brat, which is the company's first NAS appliance designed to sit anywhere in the enterprise. According to the company, all components come installed in a 52" high x 28" wide cabinet. The Brat Network Server includes 500 GB of storage (expandable in 500-GB increments up to 4 TB), Auspex's NDMP-based TurboReplicator software for use in conjunction with the customer's backup and restore application, a bilingual operating system that permits secure file sharing across UNIX and Windows platforms, two RAID controllers, one network interface card, and a distribution unit built into the cabinet.

For more information, contact: Auspex, 2800 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95050; Phone: (408) 566-2000; WWW:

Recourse Releases Gigabit ManHunt

Recourse Technologies, a provider of threat management solutions, announced the release of Gigabit ManHunt, a high performance version of its threat management solution for detecting, analyzing, and responding to both signature and non-signature-based attacks at gigabit speeds. According to the company, Gigabit ManHunt detects both known and previously unseen attacks at wire speed on multiple fast-Ethernet or Gigabit-Ethernet links. ManHunt provides aggregation, correlation, and analysis technology, which can decrease the number of false positives.

For more information, contact: Recourse Technologies, Inc., 700 Bay Road Redwood City, CA 94063-2469; Phone: (650) 381-8000; Fax: (650) 568-0598; WWW:

InfoExpress Releases CyberGatekeeper

InfoExpress, Inc. announced that its remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite is now shipping. According to the company, CyberGatekeeper gives systems administrators a single platform to define and enforce security configurations for remote computers accessing their corporate networks. The software enforces corporate security by auditing remote systems to ensure that they are safe before they can access the corporate network. If a system is not safe, CyberGatekeeper automatically shuts down access to the corporate network.

CyberGatekeeper is a vendor-neutral remote system policy enforcer designed to work with third-party software, including Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients, personal firewalls, and anti-virus programs, providing administrators with flexibility in their choice of applications. It also allows administrators to enforce custom configurations and applications on remote systems.

For more information, contact: InfoExpress, 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041; Phone: (650) 623-0260; Fax: (650) 623-0268; Internet:; WWW:

XAO Announces XAO 1.0

XAO Inc, formerly a division of VA Linux Systems, announced the availability of XAO 1.0, a Web-services software solution based on the Apache Web server. According to the company, XAO 1.0 allows companies to integrate data from disparate sources such as relational databases, legacy applications, ERP systems, and other application servers and make them available in a standardized fashion. The resulting system can then be made available as a Web service or in the data format specified for the customer. XAO 1.0 is the company's first product release since being spun off from VA Linux Systems.

For more information, contact: XAO Inc., 221 E. Walnut St., Suite 102, Pasadena, CA 91101; Phone: (626) 584-9335; Fax: (626) 584-9364; WWW:

MKS Releases MKS Toolkit 8.0

MKS recently announced the release of MKS Toolkit 8.0. According to the company, this release will increase a customer's ability to perform cross-platform, software development, Windows scripting along with the addition of AlertCentre, a solution for availability monitoring, alerting, and automating corrective actions. AlertCentre is available with the MKS Toolkit 8.0 and can also be purchased as an add-on solution for all other MKS Toolkit Products.

For more information, contact: MKS, 410 Albert Street, Waterloo, ON Canada N2L 3V3; Phone: (519) 884-2251; Fax: (519) 884-8861; WWW: