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Bivio Announces Bivio 1000-AX

Bivio recently announced the Bivio 1000-AX, a Gigabit line rate, carrier class, multi-service router that supports routing, firewall, VPN, and QoS. According to the company, the Bivio 1000-AX is an open network service platform that delivers aggregated services at the price point of a single purpose network appliance. The system includes the AX software bundle and the Bivio 1000 hardware platform comprised of the eXpressLANE Packet Processor module, an application processor, and modular network interfaces. System management is provided by the Bivio Operating System, BiviOS, an open Linux-based operating environment and management system that can enable service virtualization and the opportunity to add future network service applications.

The Bivio 1000-AX is comprised of the AX software (IPv4 routing, firewall, VPN, QoS) and system hardware including the multi-gigabit eXpressLANE packet processor module, the application processor module, power supply, and modular network interfaces. The system is a two rack-unit device that comes preloaded with software. The list price for the system and software is $45,000. Optional service and support packages are also available.

For more information, contact: Bivio Networks, 4695 Chabot Drive, Suite 200, Pleasanton, CA 94588; Phone: (925) 924-8600; Fax: (925) 924-8650; Internet:; WWW:

Central Command Releases Vexira Antivirus for Linux

Central Command recently announced the availability of the Vexira Antivirus for Linux servers and workstations. According to the company, Vexira Antivirus for Linux servers and workstations are proactive virus protection applications combining high-speed virus scanning and virus detection technology. It protects against all forms of DOS, Windows, Linux, OS/2, and UNIX-based viruses. Vexira Antivirus for Linux provides antivirus protection with on-demand scalability for parallel real-time virus protection and allows up to 20 real-time virus protection modules (daemons) to be loaded in memory. Integrating the real-time virus protection enables files to be virus scanned as they are read, written, created, and executed to ensure maximum virus protection. Additional features include: automatic virus removal and renaming, email notifications to systems administrators, custom report creation, automatic updating, definable path protection, and archive virus scanning.

The Vexira Antivirus for Linux is available with single workstations licenses starting at $39.95 and servers starting at $349.95. For more information, contact: Central Command, WWW:

Tek-Tools Announced Storage Profiler 2.0

Tek-Tools, Inc, recently announced the availability of Storage Profiler 2.0, a high-performance, Web-based storage resource management solution with enhanced support for EMC Corporation's Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems. According to the company, Tek-Tools' Storage Profiler is a cross-vendor, enterprise-level solution that provides automated usage trend reporting, capacity planning, and real-time monitoring for storage networks. Storage Profiler version 2.0 introduces support for operator-friendly, location-independent monitoring and reporting for EMC Symmetrix resources. Storage Profiler supports a variety of environments including Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT, Linux, Windows 2000, Novell, NetWare, Network Appliance, and Oracle.

Storage Profiler Version 2.0 is available from Tek-Tools with pricing starting at $7,500 for a 10-pack Right-to-Use (RTU) license. Organizations interested in evaluation copies can contact the company at: Tek-Tools, 4319 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX 75244; Phone: (972) 980-2890; Internet: WWW:

Prentice Hall PTR Publishes LINUX Administration Handbook

Prentice Hall PTR recently announced the publication of Linux Administration Handbook, written by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, and Trent R. Hein. According to the publishers, the Linux Administration Handbook provides the material necessary to effectively use Linux in real-world business environments. Using the same approach as their UNIX System Administration Handbook (Prentice Hall PTR, 1988, 1995, 2001), the authors address administration challenges in the three most popular and representative distributions of the Linux community: Red Hat 7.2, SuSE 7.3, and Debian 3.0.

Written for both the novice administrator and as a trustworthy reference for the seasoned professional, Linux Administration Handbook features stories and insights, examining how Linux systems behave in real-world environments. The authors cover difficult tasks including DNS configuration, networking, sendmail configuration, security management, kernel building, performance analysis, and routing.

The authors divide the book into three large sections: Basic Administration, Networking, and Bunch o' Stuff. Basic Administration provides an overview of Linux from a systems administrator's perspective. The Networking section describes the protocols used on Linux systems and the techniques used to set up, extend, and maintain networks. Bunch o' Stuff includes a variety of supplemental information including advice on topics ranging from hardware maintenance to the politics of running a Linux installation. Each chapter is followed by a set of practice exercises ranging from brief easy exercises to project-sized exercises. For more information, visit:

MTI Technology Corp. Releases Vivant 400 Series

MTI Technology Corp. recently introduced the Vivant 400 Series, an affordable, scalable, high-capacity storage solution that provides an end-to-end 2-Gb Fibre Channel technology. According to the company, the new series supports multiple heterogeneous open systems host servers running a wide variety of operating systems and applications. The Vivant 400 series supports 36.4- and 72.8-gigabit drives, is modular in design, and is available in both SAN and direct-attached models. Four-way scalability allows enterprises to add new applications, new servers, more capacity, and more storage processing power.

The Vivant 400 can consolidate available data into one centrally managed storage "pool" that is accessible by many different applications. Its high-availability design with redundant hot swappable components, mirrored cache with battery backup, and multiple data paths can help increase application and server uptime. The Vivant 400 is a storage solution for enterprises running business-critical applications on mid-range and high-end UNIX and Windows servers.

The Vivant 400 is available in rackmount, 20- and 70-inch cabinet, and tower configurations, with multi-terabyte solutions averaging $200,000. For more information, contact: MTI Technology Corp., WWW:

Brocade Communications Systems Announces SilkWorm 12000

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. recently announced its entry-to-enterprise storage networking platform, the SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch, which is available in 64- and 128-port configurations. According to the company, the SilkWorm 12000 is a 2-Gb/sec, modular fabric switch designed to network true high-availability enterprise storage environments. The SilkWorm 12000 includes a modular, bladed, extensible architecture; Fibre Channel port density with 128 ports in 14 rack-units; hot-swappable components that can be replaced or upgraded without interrupting network operations, including switch modules; redundant power supplies, cooling systems, and processors; and support for non-disruptive software upgrades. For more information, contact: Brocade, 1745 Technology Drive, San Jose, CA 95110; Phone: (408) 487-8000; Fax: (408) 487-8101; Internet:; WWW:

MKS Announces Implementer 5.3

MKS Inc. announced the latest version of Implementer 5.3, the Company's software configuration management and deployment solution for iSeries and AS/400 development organizations. According to the company, Implementer 5.3 contains new capabilities, including: seamless integration with MKS Integrity Manager, faster promotions, enhanced DB2/400 support, improved impact analysis flexibility, and improved third party integrations.

For more information, contact: MKS Inc., 410 Albert Street Waterloo, ON Canada N2L 3V3; Phone: (519) 884-2251; WWW:

CodeWeavers Announces CrossOver Office

CodeWeavers, Inc. recently announced the release of CrossOver Office, a software solution that allows enterprise-level Linux users to install and operate Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes on their PCs without the Windows operating system. CrossOver Office can eliminate the need for both a Microsoft Windows operating system license and a Windows emulator when running Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes in Linux, thereby giving users a way to use two popular PC business applications.

CrossOver Office is priced at $54.95 per user, with workgroup, site, and enterprise license discounts available. For additional information, contact: Codeweavers, Inc., 2550 University Ave. West Suite 439S, St. Paul, MN 55114; Phone: (651) 523-9300; Fax: (651) 523-9399; WWW:

Ximian Announces Red Carpet CorporateConnect

Ximian, Inc. recently announced the availability of Red Carpet CorporateConnect, a Web-based service that provides customers with centralized software maintenance and version management for Linux workgroups and servers. According to the company, CorporateConnect lets organizations update systems automatically or on demand with software from Ximian, Linux distribution providers, and third-party software vendors. The service lets administrators create, manage, and customize their own private, secure "channels" for company software standards and internal applications.

Red Carpet CorporateConnect lets administrators use a single solution to automatically deliver and update software packages across their organizations. From an Web-based administration console, administrators can centrally configure and distribute software selections, manage users, and create group profiles of target machines for installations and updates. To organize and simplify software options, administrators can build secure, private software channels combining packages from the Red Carpet public library of applications from Ximian, Linux OS, publishers and other Linux vendors with their own internally developed applications and tools. Updates for workstations or servers can be initiated "on demand" by users or can be scheduled to occur automatically at designed times using CorporateConnect Autopull technology. Built-in on-screen reports make it easy to monitor user activity, downloads and status, and CorporateConnect's automatically generated emails alert administrators to any problems with scheduled updates.

For more information, contact: Ximian, Inc., 401 Park Drive, 3 West Boston, MA 02215; Phone: (617) 375-3800; Fax: (617) 236-8630; WWW: