July 2002, Vol. 11 Issue 07
  Expect: The Firefighter's Friend
    by Cameron Laird

Compiling PalmTM Apps on Linux
    by Alex Lange

An Economical Scheme for Quasi Real-Time Backup
    by Leo Liberti and Franco Raimondi

Building a Web Mail Server with SquirrelMail
    by Brent Bice

Versatile Fault Management with Perl
    by Tim Shouldice

Generating Passwords with Easypass.pl
    by Matt Lesko

Using Depot to Create a Centralized, Flexible, and Manageable Software Repository
    by Bob Jobsky

Questions and Answers
    by Amy Rich

Storage Consolidation -- Part 2 -- Product Selection
    by Peter Baer Galvin

Parsing and Summarizing a Logfile
    by Randal L. Schwartz

New Products