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NRG Global Announces Sysload Monitoring Software

NRG Global recently announced Sysload performance monitoring software for a global view of operating systems, databases, and applications. According to the company, Sysload covers all flavors of UNIX, Win32, NetWare, OS/400, Linux, Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Server, Sybase, SAP R/3, and Oracle E-Business Suite. Sysload also monitors other applications and custom programs, correlating their information with the rest of the environment.

Features include real-time and historical monitoring on over 350 metrics, an alert and reaction system, trend analysis, automatic diagnosis of the system based on trend activity, and Web-based reporting on business processes. Sysload uses POSIX-compliant expressions to enhance flexibility and, with its Script Monitor, Sysload can incorporate in-house shell scripts. The Log Analyzer provides permanent monitoring of conventional or proprietary log files.

Sysload uses a client/server architecture with no pulling on the network and employs less than 1% of the CPU. For more information, visit:

Borland Software Releases Enterprise Server 5.1

Borland Software Corporation recently announced the Borland Enterprise Server 5.1, a mission-critical, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3-compliant application server designed for highly scaled deployment of distributed applications and Web Services. According to the company, Borland Enterprise Server 5.1 speeds application integration with Web Services, eases application management, and delivers performance improvements over the previous 5.0.2 version.

Borland Enterprise Server 5.1 is immediately available in three editions -- the Web Edition, the VisiBroker Edition, and the AppServer Edition -- on Windows, Solaris, and Red Hat Linux operating systems. For more information or for a free trial, visit:

O'Reilly & Associates Releases New Edition of Essential System Administration

O'Reilly & Associates recently announced the new edition of Essential System Administration, by Æleen Frisch. According to the publisher, this newest edition approaches systems administration from a task-oriented perspective, so it is organized around various facets of the systems administrator's job. In the third edition, Frisch covers the essential tasks required to run such divergent UNIX systems as AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64, and more.

The new edition includes expanded coverage of networking, electronic mail, security, and kernel configuration. It also covers services such as LDAP, PAM, DHCP, and DNS, and discussions of many important open source tools, including SSH, Cfengine, Amanda, RRDTool, and Cricket.

For more information about the book, visit:

ImageStream Ships New ATM OC12 Card for Linux

ImageStream Internet Solutions announced its new ATM OC12 card for Linux. According to the company, the new PMC card supports 32/64-bit 33/66 MHz PCI bus operation, and can be installed in PCI and CompactPCI systems using the appropriate carrier card. The new PMC card provides a single mode SC fiber interface, and can deliver wire speed OC12 performance when deployed with the required system hardware. The card is also compatible with ImageStream's Industrial and Pro Series routers, and it can be used in OEM router products for networking, wireless, and satellite applications.

For more information, visit:

Epoch Integration Announces NeedTEXT Shell Enterprise Server

Epoch Integration Inc. recently announced the availability of NeedTEXT Shell Enterprise Server for customers in the United States. According to the company, the software can allow systems administrators to securely access their servers and networks from a RIM BlackBerry Wireless Handheld device. NeedTEXT Shell Enterprise Server is a behind-the-firewall solution that can provide users with a command-line interface with which to manage their servers, routers, and other network equipment. Administrators can use all of their standard command-line tools such as telnet, ssh, ftp, and snmpwalk, to detect, diagnose, and fix problems from anywhere within wireless network coverage.

NeedTEXT Shell Enterprise Server installs in Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments. For more information, contact:

Platform Computing Releases Platform HPC for IBM

Platform Computing Inc. announced Platform HPC for IBM, a Grid-enabled job management solution for IBM high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. According to the company, Platform HPC for IBM is designed specifically for midrange to high-end distributed HPC clusters running on IBM eServer xSeries and pSeries systems.

Platform HPC for IBM provides a set of scheduling policies that can prioritize the workload and arbitrate usage of the heterogeneous hardware within clusters of both AIX and Linux servers, and across multiple sites. For more information, contact:

Avocent Announces AutoView1000R and 2000R KVM Switches

Avocent Corporation recently announced AutoView 1000R and 2000R, two new all-in-one keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) switches. According to the company, these new switches combine analog connections and Avocent's digital KVM OVER IP switching technology. AutoView1000R and 2000R are 16-port rack-mountable switches that are each bundled with AVWorks software. AVWorks is a client-based management utility that provides access to servers attached to an AutoView1000R or AutoView2000R. Each switch supports PS/2, Sun, or USB via an AVRIQ cable interface.

AVWorks supports a wide variety of operating systems and features auto-discovery, wizard-based installation, and context sensitive on-line help.

For more information, visit:

Tadpole Launches SPARCbook 5000

Tadpole recently began shipping its new SPARCbook 5000 notebook for Sun's Solaris Operating Environment. According to the company, the SPARCbook 5000 is built around the high performance/low power 500-MHz UltraSPARC IIe microprocessor and Solaris 8. The SPARCbook 5000 features 15.1" XGA and optional SXGA+ display resolutions, 2 GB of memory, and removable disk capacity of up to 80 GB. The SPARCbook 5000 notebook is binary compatible with Sun desktops and servers and can run all Solaris applications.

SPARCbook 5000 notebook features include a CD-RW/DVD-ROM, dual Ethernet, PCMCIA sockets, stereo speakers, and a Sun-compatible integrated keyboard with glide-point touchpad and three-button mouse. The SPARCbook 5000 notebook is available immediately with pricing from $6,000-12,000, depending upon configuration. For more information, visit:

Xcelerix Embedded In-Memory Database Available on Linux

Xcelerix Corp. announced its Xcelerix Embedded In-Memory Database (IMDB) is now available on the Linux operating platform. According to the company, the Xcelerix Embedded In-Memory Database's architecture -- which pre-joins database tables based on known operational queries -- helps eliminate processing bottlenecks.

For more information, contact:

ZEH Software Announces ZEHRaster Plus

ZEH Software, Inc. recently announced the ZEHRaster Plus for the HP Designjet copier cc800ps. According to the company, ZEHRaster Plus is a UNIX and Microsoft Windows-based printing solution that simplifies complex graphic imaging, enabling the user to access and print a host of file formats. HP began shipping the HP Designjet copier cc800ps bundled with ZEHRaster Plus in June.

For more information, visit:

S4Software Launches Secure4Web

S4Software Inc. introduced Secure4Web, a companion product to the company's Guardian enterprise network security software. According to the company, Secure4Web allows administrators of the Guardian product to distribute account management and password reset functions to users of the systems securely from remote locations via the Internet. Secure4Web permits network users to change their own passwords through an attractive graphical interface. All policy-based password structures, such as format, length, history, and compliance with DOE and DOD FIPS standards are fully supported.

Secure4Web from S4Sofware is hosted on the user's network and can be installed on any UNIX system running a Web server application. Secure4Web is a JAVA-based program. For more information, visit:

John Wiley & Sons Releases Universal Command Guide

John Wiley & Sons recently published the Universal Command Guide: For Operating Systems. According to the author, Guy Lotgering, the book contains more than 8,000 commands and 57,000 command options from most major operating systems including: more than 4,200 commands from Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, and AIX; more than 1,000 commands from Novell NetWare 3,4,5 and 6; more than 2,000 commands from Microsoft (from DOS to Windows XP); and every mouse click and keyboard command found in Mac OS 9.1.

According to the author, every command is documented and cross-referenced based on the command's functionality and purpose. This book can help systems administrators recycle knowledge from one operating system to manage an operating system with which they are less familiar. For more information, visit:

Century Software Releases TinyTERM Plus 4.3

Century Software, Inc. has announced the release of TinyTERM 4.3, which enables the use of the latest technologies to gain access to legacy applications running on UNIX and IBM servers. Enhanced features of TinyTERM Plus 4.3 include advancements in the security options and security utilities, including RSA authentication and support for the latest cipher types. Secure Shell (SSH) port forwarding allows non-secure TCP/IP traffic to be re-routed through an encrypted SSH connection. A new graphical FTP client supporting the SCP protocol allows files to be easily and securely transferred between a PC and any remote server.

Additional features of TinyTERM Plus 4.3 include hostmode, or remote PC access. According to the company, this feature converts any PC running TinyTERM Plus 4.3 into an inexpensive file sharing BBS or dial-up file transfer host. Users can remotely dial in to their remote PC and transfer data. By using the new keyboard macro recorder or CScript, TinyTERM's internal scripting language, these tasks can be accomplished automatically. Other repetitive tasks can be automated with the new keyboard macro recorder and enhanced keyboard mapping.

TinyTERM Plus Edition version 4.3 is now available direct from Century Software and from authorized distributors and resellers. For a complete list of channel partners, details on pricing, and other information, see the Century Software Web site at: