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Within Sys Admin, we try to provide practical solutions to systems administration problems regardless of what UNIX you run. This special supplemental issue, however, which was developed in cooperation with Sun Microsystems, focuses solely on SolarisTM administration.

The articles included in this supplemental issue are a mix of contributed articles from freelance authors, from Sun Microsystems, and from some of our regular columnists. In the technical features, Alexander Golomshtok describes some useful techniques for troubleshooting Solaris network performance, Ross Oliver discusses the use of Solaris role-based access control, Kristy Westphal describes how TITAN and JASS can be used to harden Solaris hosts, and James McPherson provides some general tips for tuning Solaris 8.

The Sun-contributed articles provide overviews of the features and benefits of Sun Management Center and Sun MC Change Manager. They also cover some security tips for Solaris 9, features of Sun Cluster 3.0, and the Solaris Patch Manager. Sun Microsystems feels these products are important to systems administrators and, through this special supplement, has taken the opportunity to provide information developed specifically for Sys Admin readers. Feel free to contact me with comments or suggestions.

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Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief