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Check out this page on our trip to First Saturday in Dallas!!

2001-09-17: Jeremy and Matt show their 8 server cluster, and Tom did a Linux tape backup presentation.

2000-05-15: Good meeting with machines raning from very old (Heathkit/digital and XENIX 68k machines) to very new (BeOS on dual x86 proc).

Various meeting and group photos from 1999-2003 at our old Balcones Heights location. Some good hardware pics in here.

After 10+ years, this is XCSSA's first meeting after our re-forming to not only include X-otic operating systems and computers, but also microcontrollers, electronics and other fun "Hardware Hacking" projects. :) Now meeting on SAC campus.

After including "Hardware Hacking" and microcontrollers in our group meetings, things really started to liven up. Now we're having presentations on everything from microcontroller gaming to PC board fabrication HOWOTOs! Just check out these meetings!

Various cool meeting photos from 2007-2009. Includes the famous "cooler bot" video!

2009-04-20: The Richard Stallman Trinity lecture & Rackspace book signing.


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