Richard Stallman Comes To San Antonio

On Monday, 2009-04-20 Richard Stallman, the creator of gcc and GNU/Linux, came to San Antonio to lecture at Trinity University. Through a turn of events, Stallman had decided to stay at my (Tweeks') home while here! As a result these arrangements, I was able to convince him to visit my employer, Rackspace Hosting, for a Racker meet-n-greet and Free Software Foundation book signing (his non-profit group). These are a few of the photos from the Rackspace book signing (from 10-11am), a liesurely lunch at the Racker's favorite Korean restaurant Il Song Garden, and then later that night on to the XCSSA.ORG group trip to the Trinity lecture. Through my Trinity/IEEE connections, I was able to get XCSSA special reserved seating right down front and center. Overall, it was a very memorable event for all involved, and a once in a lifetime opportunity for me!
(more high res photos from just the book signing are here)

At 10am we opened the doors to the Racker Rally Room in the Rackspace Datapoint offices, and "Rackers" (what we call Rackspace employees) from all over the company came flooding in.
Some people just wanted the chance to get a picture with him...
But most were buying up books and T-shirts for Richard to sign.
Some of Rackspace's uber-geekiest guys came out from all the various San Antonio Rackspace offices.
Everyone was eager to meet the man who created gcc and most of the early GNU/Linux Operating System, and get something signed by him.
We had pins, keychains, books and T-shirts...
But I think most Rackers just wanted to come out and meet the legend.
Some of these folks have only been working at the Rack for a couple of years...
and others for a decade now (such as Javier there on the end).
Uber geek and n00b alike were thrilled at this once in a lifetime opportunity.
And Stallman sensed how big a fan base he had at the Rack.
Debbie Talley (right) really helped us pull this thing off.. and KRACK (the internal streaming radio station) did on site interviews!
"Sweetums", a KRACK DJ, even asked me for a few words.
This is Bri.. one of Rackspace's uber geek-chicks getting a shirt signed.
Sweetums interviewing Stallman between autographs.
All in all.. a huge success. Rackers got to meet a legend, and we raised over $2100 for the Free Software Foundation!
What was really fun was lunch afterwards! Stallman hung out with some of the Rackspace uber geeks and we hit a favorite Racker Korean BBQ house. :)
The owner herself came in and made us a couple of very special dishes. Yum!
Later that night had reserved seating at Stallman's lecture at Trinity! (click to view PDF of flyer)
XCSSA met at SAC and then all carpooled over to Trinity together. Here we are about to go in.
Here's Stallman preparing for his talk with his famous hair twirling. :)
This folder will eventually contain the video footage of Stallman's Trinity lecture.