XCSSA Presentation on Microcontroller Interfacing to MIDI, SID Chips and LCDs

This is a key point in time for XCSSA. It is the first XCSSA meeting after our re-forming to not only include X-otic operating systems and computers, but also microcotnrollers, electronics, and any cool "Computing Systems" (or hardware) that interests us. Several of the founding members came out (above). They are (from the left), Gene, Tweeks, Steve and Charles back from when XCSSA was reborn from the ashes of CASA (Commodore Amiga of San Antonio) in 1996. We're glad that they're still with us!

Anyway, in this meeting, Tim Soderstrom gives us a really cool presentation on his MidiBox project, Tweeks gives a presentation on integrating Liquid Crystal Displays with the Arduino microcontroller, and another guest Frederik bought in a microcontroller powered Enigma Machine emulator that he designed and build from scratch (below)! Very cool night that brough our new, and old time X-otic geeks alike!

Part of Tweeks' demo of the Arduino and the LCD.
Tim's MidiBox/SID audio presentation...
Besides the cool project, he demo'd some really cool 8bit tunes.
We had a pretty good turn out of new and old timer XCSSAers.
A newcomer Frederik brought in a cool microcontroller demo.
He created a modern version of the real enigma machine!
Here he is encrypting "Hello".
Very cool stuff...
Some of the original founding XCSSA members. Gene, Tweeks, Steve and Charles.