Cluster And Backup Night


Matt and Jeremy and their 8 server Linux Cluster from 2001-09-17.

Jeremy giving his Cluster presentation using the Ants load balancing/clustering suite.

Jeremy uses this cluster for C++ source code and kernel compiling. The average 2.4 Linux kernel that would normally take aroun 30 minutes, is crunched down to around 2 minutes on this Antsd cluster! His next application of this technology will target VCD/Divix video encoding--using the application wrapper, desktop/server pooling, cluster suite called Condor.
A Link to Jeremy's Cluster Site
A Link to The Main Beowulf Cluster Site
A Link to The Freshmeat Beowulf Underground

Now Charles does a follow up talk about his cluster at SW Research which does large parallel, genetic, simulation calculations on an x86 Solaris farm. Many good questions and answers!

Now what you've all wanted to see... The hardware close up shot...
Oooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Tom giving an intro to Doing Linux Backups at home. This briefly compared tar, dump/restore, and cpio--and then went into detail on the hardware and software requirements, and what and how to perform the backups. Kent Polk had prepared to discuss the Amanda backup suite (with more info here), but we ran out of time. See the archive of this meeting or the XCSSA-Files for a copy of Tom's handout.