Misc Computers & Pizza!


From left to right: Charles Peterson, Bruce Tomlin, and Thomas Weeks

Bruce Tomlin working on getting his Tandy6000 Xenix box up and running. 15MB MFM Hard Drive, 8" floppy, and 16k of RAM. What more could one ask for?! ;)

John Baker with his Motorola MTX604-010A. It features: dual 300MHz MPC604e PowerPC CPUs, lots of on-board I/O and 3 32-bit PCI slots. As shown here, it was running the "potato" (pre-2.2) release of Debian/GNU Linux with a custom-configured 2.2.13 SMP kernel.

The little mini kb, hard drive, and 3.5" motherboard are Tom's biscuit-pc just pulling power off John's box to run (see bottom of this page for more info on the biscuit-pc).

"Ok... Don't touch my root login... PIZZA BREAK!"

Someone test driving Gene's dual x86, overclocked BeOS machine...

A close-up of the BeOS desktop. Niiiiccceee...! :v)
Notice the dual proc monitor sitting on the desktop.

Gene's box now booted into Windows... but only to show the Universal Amiga Emulator (bundles by Cloanto as "Amiga Forever") running.

DOA2 again, with Tom and Steve H. talking in the mirror. Looks like everyone else has made a run for the pizza table!

Robert giving a personal walk-through of the new hot game DOA2.

Showing DOA2 running on his Sega Dreamcast (when DOA2 was brand new).

Another one of Burce's unique thrift store rescue operations. ; )
This machine is a Heathkit home brew, Digital XX-X, that ran ???-OS. Notice no KB and no monitor? Hard core man...

This machine's pretty impressive. It was a DUAL PROC, running both a Motorola 68000 and a Zilog Z80. It came with 64kB of RAM, exp to a full 1MB(!!!). It could run either CP/M (on the Z80), or XENIX (MS-UN*X and grand daddy to SCO-UNIX) on the 68000 proc. And yes.. that's an 8" floppy drive... Very cool little multi-user cable machine. Go HERE for more information.

Tom and his biscuit-pc. It's an AMD 486DX-133, 32M EDO, 10B-T, 2 RS-232, 10GB EIDE, and Red Hat 6.1 Installed--all on a 3.5" motherboard. It was later turned into PSI-WEB which is now serving these web pages that you're reading.