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The Macabre


Ever see a bug eat a mammal? (Not for younger viewiers, animal lovers, or sqeamish people!)
The Mysterious


"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light" Wow! I Don't know what this stuff is MADE of but it AIN'T BUTTER!
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches Ever see a Stawberry Pop Tart (SPT) shoot 2 foot flames like a jet engine? This one is a MUST see!

That's right.. and check Snopes! This one's for real! hehe Chec for more info here.
Fun with Grapes - A Case Study Ever see a grape shoot sparks & plasma? hehe... cool!
Twinkie Meltdown The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Rapid Oxidation Test! Twinkies used as alternative world fuel source?!
FlatWorld WOW! These guys are REAL Freaks! Well.. ok.. look at where the page is located (AOL)... I understand now... hehe
Kibo! ... (?) Ok.. I still haven't figured this site out yet... but the author has some kind of unhealthy fetish for orange safety cones..!

The Bonsai-Kitty Page!
"Dedicated to preserving the long lost art of body modification in housepets." Yes! That's right! Kitty in a bottle! A cure to all those who are allergic to pets... Plus, no worries about them getting into things amy more! It's Bonsai-Kitty! hehe
Peeps Experimentation Yes... that's right.. those cute little marshmallow bird-creatures. Check out how resiliant they are to various stress test!

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