Cover V01, I01


May/June 1992, Vol. 1 Issue 1 (Premiere Issue)
System Administration
  Orchestrating a Kinder, Gentler Disaster
    by Dorian Deane

My Favorite One-Liners: Some Useful Shell Programs
    by David Fiedler

Testing Capabilities in Terminals and Emulators
    by G. Clark Brown

A Community-Style Overnight Job Spooler
    by Leor Zolman

Where did that Core File Come From?
    by Chris Hare

USENET ELM: A Case Study in Portability between UNIX Systems
    by Sydney Weinstein

Beware the Trojan Horse
    by R. King Ables

Installing AIX
    by Bruce H. Hunter

How UNIX Password Controls Work
    by Chris Hare

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