Cover V02, I04


July/August 1993, Vol. 2 Issue 4
Network Administration
  newping: Remote Host Downtime Detection
    by Eric T. Horne

Distributing Local Information with NIS
    by R. King Ables

Making the Most of NFS
    by David S. Linthicum

Using cron and crontab
    by Larry Reznick

More Network Security: Equivalency
    by Chris Hare

Using the UNIX Pipe in C
    by Ed Schaefer

Printer Encryption on AIX
    by Jeff Courington

User Report: CTAR and Company
    by Leor Zolman

SCCS: Keeping It under Control
    by Chris Hare

A Disk Usage Report Generator
    by Leo Willems

Which Day of the Week Is This?
    by Larry Reznick

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

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