Cover V03, I04


July/August 1994, Vol. 3 Issue 4
File System Maintenance
  When Inodes Go Bad
    by Emmett Dulaney

Setting up File Systems and Partitions
    by John Caywood

Remote System Security: A SecureNet and SLIP Solution
    by Rob MacKinnon and Mark Dapoz

Sharing Local Software on a Network
    by John Lees

Smarter Mail Addresses
    by Larry Reznick

The UNIX Process Management System
    by Chris Hare

A Transparent UNIX/PC Conncection via NFS
    by Jonathan Feldman

Questions and Answers
    by Bjorn Satdeva

AIX's Logical Volume Manager
    by Bill Genosa

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

A refer Macro Package
    by Thomas Richter

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