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I recently attended a St. Louis UNIX Users Group meeting (SLUUG -- how's that for a slimy acronym). Some 50 persons attended -- a pretty healthy turnout, considering the beastly Midwest summer heat. Despite the wilting heat and humidity, I enjoyed the trip and the visit.

A tutorial on B2 certified system administration preceded the main part of the meeting. I found the tutorial interesting, in part, because I didn't think very many installations were actually using B2 systems. From the questions and volunteered answers, I'm guessing there were actually five or more large B2 sites represented.

That leaves me wondering if I've misgauged the prevalence of B2 installations among our readership. Next time we do a reader survey, I plan to ask some questions about B2 usage. Until then, if you are a B2 site that really uses B2 security provisions, I'd like to hear about your experience. Email me (at a little note. Tell me what you like best, what creates the biggest problem for the B2 administrator, and how many users you support on the B2 system.

I was also excited about something I overheard at the meeting. It seems there is a multi-processor version of Linux brewing somewhere out there in Linux land. (Of course, if I did a better job of monitoring the net, I'd have known that without going all the way to St. Louis.) I've been very impressed with Linux, and being generally interested in parallel processing topics, I think an SMP version of Linux would be great fun.

I hope you find this DOS/UNIX issue helpful. I look forward to hearing from you -- about your experience with B2, with Linux or any other sys admin information you care to share.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Ward