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September/October 1995, Vol. 4 Issue 5
UNIX/DOS Connectivity
  Real-Time between DOS, UNIX, and MVS
    by Colt Johnson

Integrating Windows 95 and UNIX on One Network
    by Arthur Donkers

Integrating Automounter into NIS across Two Subnets
    by Mark Baker

UNIX as a DOS File and Print Server
    by Kimbol Soques and Bruce Altman

Hiding UNIX Applications in Utility Wrappers
    by Larry Reznick

A UNIX Print Server for UNIX Workstations, PCs, and Macs
    by David Leibfritz

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

Understanding Run Levels
    by Emmett Dulaney

procmon: A Process Monitor
    by Chris Hare

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