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New Products

Sun Announces Free Solaris Licenses

Sun Microsystems has announced that for the cost of media, shipping, and handling charges it will provide free licenses to its Solaris operating environments when used for non-commercial use. Solaris is an open standard-based environment that offers broad direct access to operating system capabilities; application development and deployment in a heterogeneous world; a Java-based and Web-centric environment; and stable APIs and tuned libraries.

Through an expanded Sun Developer Connection program, developers, members of the academic community and Solaris enthusiasts can request a free license to the latest version of the Solaris operating environment for teaching, research, software development, and software testing and other non-commercial use on PCs or SPARC workstations. Individuals, non-commercial developers, and members of the academic community who register for the Sun Developer Connection under the Free Solaris program will have access to all Sun Developer Connection resources. Benefits include priority access to Sun Development tools and unlimited use of the SunDeveloper Connection site's Self-Help and Training and Tutorials sections. They will also receive Sun Info Essentials: quarterly developer updates, information about Sun's developer programs and events, Solaris technical information, and pointers to free downloadable tools.

Non-commercial developers can order their copies of the Solaris operating environment at; while student, educators, and researchers should access Public domain software that is precompiled and formatted on all Solaris platforms and releases can also be downloaded for free from Additionally, Java development tools and technologies are available from the Java Store on the Web at Free Java tools, for teaching purposes, are available at For more information, contact Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, CA; WWW:

Sound Ideas Releases FineLine

Sound Ideas of America, Inc. has released FineLine Internet MailServer SMTP & POP3 client software for SCO, AIX, HP-UX versions of UNIX. FineLine, a mail transport agent, supports sending and retrieving Internet email using a single Internet POP account. FineLine installs and configures through a character-based interface and eliminates the need to setup and maintain sendmail, mmdf, or uucp. FineLine uses either TCP/IP or FineLine Internet Link dial-up connection software.

FineLine also supports multiple domain names on a single system and multiple POP Internet mailboxes. FineLine automatically connects to the Internet periodically to send and retrieve mail with an optional log mailed to specified users. With FineLine, each user can have a specific return address or domain name assigned to them and user login names can be mapped to alternate names and hidden from email messages. FineLine also includes a junk email filter and distribution list facility and supports returning mail with an announcement, forwarding incoming mail, defining aliases, and specifying and responding to return-receipt.

FineLine Internet MailServer is licensed by the number of users who send or receive Internet email. A downloadable version is available at the company's Web site. For pricing and other information about the FineLine Internet MailServer, contact Sound Ideas Of America, Inc., Fountain Ct., Suite 23, Bartonsville, PA 18321; (800) 633-5250 or (717) 688-9511; Fax: (717) 688-9611; WWW:

Enlighten Software Upgrades EnlightenDSM

Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc. has upgraded EnlightenDSM for UNIX and NT, its Distributed Systems Manager. EnlightenDSM version 2.6 adds monitoring and events features that support monitoring of multiple instances of the same process, including those running concurrently. EnlightenDSM 2.6 exercises control over each individual instance of the processes from launch to process exiting. EnlightenDSM 2.6 also protects against unintentional or unauthorized access.

With EnlightenDSM 2.6, user-defined data (i.e., user preference, previously defined grouping of users and machines, user definition, and security setting) are preserved while upgrading to newer version of the software. Historical and previously collected trend analysis data and all modified standard tests and newly created user custom tests are also carried over. Additionally, EnlightenDSM 2.6 incorporates FLEXlm, GLOBEtrotter Software's licensing system. FLEXlm creates a central repository of information that inventories all software licenses currently installed on the system. Customers can exercise flexibility in managing the deployment of EnlightenDSM software components to specific hardware platforms such that licensed software components can be moved from one platform to another.

EnlightenDSM 2.6 also includes support for IRIX 6.5 including the IRIX print management systems and architecture. The workgroup version of EnlightenDSM 2.6 comes bundled on new Silicon Graphics servers and workstations running IRIX 6.5 and is being shipped to SGI maintenance customers upgrading to IRIX 6.5.

For pricing and other information about EnlightenDSM 2.6 for UNIX and NT, contact Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc., 999 Baker Way, Fifth Floor, San Mateo, CA 94404; (650) 578-0700; Fax: (650) 578-0118; Internet:; WWW:

Ultera Ships Imager

Ultera Systems Inc. has begun shipping Imager, a series of plug-and-play mirroring controllers. The Imager series of controllers actually mirrors the data being backed up onto two drives or two autoloaders, though the controllers appear to have a single drive or autoloader. By cascading the devices, a user can produce four, six, or more copies simultaneously.

The Imager series includes two models, Imager 1 and Imager 2. Imager 1 operates at a 20 Mbps burst rate over a SCSI 1 or SCSI 2 host channel, and records at 10 MBPS onto two individual drivers or two autoloaders. Imager 2 operates at 40 Mbps from the host and to the drives and also supports the robotics for controlling tape libraries. According to the company, any SCSI tape drive and any backup software can be used with either Imager system. The Imager series also can be managed online through a GUI interface which is compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT, and with DOS. The series can also be operated offline through their own control panel for tape copying, comparing, or verifying.

Prices for Imager begin at $2,445. Internal half-height 5 1/4", desktop, and rackmount units are available. For more information, contact Ultera Systems Incorporated, 26052 Merit Circle, Suite 160, Laguna Hills, CA 92653; (949) 367-8800; Fax: (949) 367-0758; Internet:; WWW:

Faximum Announces Messaging Server

Faximum Software Inc. has announced the Faximum Messaging Server (FMS), a software product that integrates fax communications with existing UNIX and Windows NT Internet email servers. FMS lets users send and receive faxes just as they would email. Outbound faxes are emailed to an address, while inbound faxes arrive as MIME messages with TIFF attachments. Users can receive and print faxes anywhere they can access their email. Using FMS, faxes appear in the same inbox as email, which eliminates the need for separate email and fax directories. Also messages can be sent to both fax and email recipients at the same time.

The Faximum Messaging Server is compatible with the IETF RFC standards and the International Telecommunications Union for Fax over the Internet. This means that the Faximum Messaging Server can exchange fax messages with Internet Fax Machines, as they become available from office product vendors. The FMS can also be configured to bypass the phone system and send the fax over the Internet to another FMS server or Internet Fax machine closest to the destination for final delivery to a Group 3 fax machine.

The Faximum Messaging Server supports SCO OpenServer 5.x or UnixWare 7, SCO Merge, Netscape Navigator/Communicator for SCO OpenServer or UnixWare 7. The Faximum Messaging Server is priced at $1,292 for a 50-user license and also includes a license for one fax line for every 25 users. Free 30-day evaluation copies are also available. For more information, contact Faximum Software Inc., 1497 Marine Drive, Suite 300, West Vancouver, BC, Canada V7T 1B8; (604) 925-3600; Fax: (604) 926-8182; Internet:; WWW:

IONA Ports OrbixTalk 1.2

IONA Technologies has ported its middleware messaging product, OrbixTalk 1.2, to the IBM AIX platform. OrbixTalk 1.2 is a messaging solution that facilitates one-to-many or many-to-many communication between a group of components and applications. OrbixTalk features management and administration tools including advance documentation, online assistance, and graphical management tools. OrbixTalk is scaleable and, through its multi-cast approach, minimizes the consumption of network bandwidth. OrbixTalk also offers support for Orbix on a variety of additional platforms.

For pricing and other information about OrbixTalk 1.2 for AIX, contact IONA Technologies, Cambridge, MA; (353) 662-5255; Internet:

Raritan Announces MasterConsole MX4 KVM Switch

Raritan Computer, Inc. has announced its MasterConsole MX4 keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) switch, an extension of its leading MasterConsole product line. The MX4 is a matrix KVM switch that enables up to four simultaneous users to control up to 256 computers (Sun, Dec Alpha, RS/600, HP9000, Silicon Graphics, PC, and Macintosh) each from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The MX4 KVM switch is intended for applications such as: multi-user management of multiple servers, including data centers, corporate networks, web hosting, and ISP operations; access to a pool of workstations from multiple user stations; computer help desk and customer service operations; and hardware/software development, testing, and integration.

The MX4 incorporates Raritan's emulation technology (which dedicates a processor to each channel) to ensure smooth switching and operation of business critical systems, independent of the platform's operating system. The MX4 comes in 8-channel and 16-channel models, which are compatible with existing MasterConsole X, S, and P models for expanding control to up to 256 computers. On-screen user interface and multi-level security provide flexibility an ease of use. User consoles, computers, and cascaded MasterConsole switches can be located up to 325 feet from the MX4.

MX4 models are priced at $2,695 and $5,195 for 8 and 16 channel models. Both models support video resolutions up to 1600x1280. For more information, contact Raritan Computer, Inc.; (732) 764-8886; Fax: (732) 764-8887; WWW:

WRQ Upgrades Reflection Product Line and Announces Reflection EnterView

WRQ has upgraded its Reflection product line. Reflection products now include Reflection Hands-Free Administration, a set of management tools that centralize deployment and configuration of software and provide more control over users' access to information. The tools include Reflection Deploy, Reflection Profiler, and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Reflection Deploy deploys and launches applications from a Web page on an Intranet. Reflection Profiler is a tool for centralized remote configuration of user access to information on host system. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is a scripting language that lets developers integrate multiple applications and data sources.

WRQ also has announced Reflection EnterView 1.0, its Web-to-host connectivity product. Reflection EnterView 1.0 installs on a Web server and can be downloaded to a desktop as needed. Reflection EnterView connects an unlimited number of users to UNIX, Digital, and IBM hosts from any Java-enabled clients without infrastructure changes or increases in server capacity.

For pricing and other information about the Reflection product line, Reflection Hands-Free Administration, or Reflection EnterView 1.0, contact WRQ, 1500 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109; (800) 872-2829 or (206) 217-7100; Fax; (206) 217-0211; Internet:; WWW:

Network Instruments Releases Observer 5.1

Network Instruments, LLC has released Observer 5.1. Observer 5.1 features Ethernet Collision Expert Analysis, which uses statistical analysis methods to determine the causes of network collisions. The Expert analyzes network collisions and identifies which station caused the collision, letting administrators correct faulty hardware. A summary area includes recommendations regarding which stations should be checked for failing hardware.

Observer 5.1 also includes FDDI error-tracing features that show aggregate FDDI errors as well as FDDI errors by station. These error-tracking features include System Management (SMT) and media access control (MAC) packets. The Vital Sign display, which shows an aggregate of network error conditions in realtime, displays SMT and MAC layer errors sorted in order of importance. Once aggregate errors have been discovered, errors can be tracked down in the Network Station Error Statistics display, which displays FDDI errors by station. As a result, systems administrators can use Observer 5.1 to analyze and troubleshoot all network protocols, including Ethernet, Token-Ring, and FDDI. Observer 5.1 also includes a trending interface. The Network Trending collection facility and viewer displays statistical data that has been collected in a chart or list format both for the network as a whole and for every individual station present on the network at any moment.

Observer 5.1 is priced at $995. Distributed Observer is priced at $1,290 for one local and one remote Probe: additional Probes are priced at $295 per Probe. For more information, contact Network Instruments, LLC, Minneapolis, MN; (612) 932-9899; WWW:

BSDI Ships Internet Super Server 4.0

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. has begun shipping Internet Super Server 4.0, a software package which includes a UNIX-like operating system, services, and tools for ISPs and corporate Intranets. Super Server 4.0 includes Apache Web Server and Sendmail email with spam protection, Miva Engine and Miva Merchant,'s Post.Office email, Raima's Velocis database, and VPE's WebBUILDER Web site design tools. Also included in Super Server 4.0 are FTP, DNS, and Netnews. Super Server 4.0 uses BSDI's MaxIM graphical management user interface. For secure e-commerce transactions, Netscape FastTrack with SSL is available from the BSDI FTP site.

Other features of Super Server 4.0 include support for Compaq RAID systems, the IPv6 protocol, the IPX/IP gateway packet exchange and NetWare compatible file and print services. Super Server 4.0 also supports ELF object file format and dynamic linking. Super Server 4.0's security features include IPsec, ISAKMP key management, a programmable IP Packet Filter, and BSD authentication enhancements.

For pricing and other information about Super Server 4.0, contact Berkeley Software Design, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO; (719) 593-9445; Internet:; or WWW:

Xi Graphics Releases maXimumTMcde/OS

Xi Graphics has released maXimumTMcde/OS. maXimumTMcde/OS integrates the Linux operating system with Xi Graphics Accelerated-XTM Display Server and The OpenGroup's GUI that includes Motif Window Manager and CDE.

maXimumTMcde/OS Executive Edition is priced at $214.95, and the Developers Edition is priced at $364.95. Laptop versions are higher. For more information, contact Xi Graphics, Denver, CO; (800) 946-7433; WWW:

EIS Offers The Solaris Companion

EIS Computers, Inc. has begun offering The Solaris Companion, a collection of Open Source software on CDROM. The Solaris companion includes 275 applications, precompiled for Solaris SPARC and Intel and bundled with full source code and a browser-based installation utility. The Solaris Companion includes 87 GNU Free Software applications, emacs, Apache Web server, Netscape browser, Perl interpreter, Xfree86-Xwindows server, networking tools traceroute and BIND, security tools ssh, TCP-Wrappers and Cops, plus languages, shells, graphics utilities, games, and other applications.

The Solaris Companion is priced at $79. For registered users of the Summertime-97 CDROM, the Solaris Companion is priced at $45. The Solaris Companion is available for pre-ordering from the Solaris WebStore, For more information, contact EIS Computers, Inc., 207 West Los Angeles Ave., Suite 303, Moorpark, CA 93201; (805) 383-1466; Fax: (805) 383-1470; Internet:; WWW:

Box Hill Introduces ONS Line

Box Hill Systems Corp. has introduced a line of Open Network Storage (ONS) products. Divided into the ONS 4000, ONS 5000, ONS 8000, and ONS 9000 series, the ONS product line provides Ultra SCSI and Fibre Channel RAID storage and supports UNIX and Windows NT environments. Features of the ONS products include added fault-tolerance, SAN Spanning, and ParallelPath. Other features of the ONS product line include capacities up to 1TB, redundancy and hot-swapping of active components, support for RAID 0, 1, 0+1 (10), 4 and 5, and GUI support for local and remote monitoring.

For pricing and other information about the ONS product line, contact Box Hill Systems Corporation, 161 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY 10013; (800) 727-3868 or (212) 989-4455; Fax: (212) 989-6817; Internet:; WWW: