Cover V07, I12


December 1998, Vol. 7 Issue 12
Document Management
  Sys Admin File Revision Control with RCS
    by Dave Plonka

Managing Availability of SAP R/3
    by Frank Koensgen

Managing Documentation with RCS
    by Robert Kiesling

A Web-Based Revision Control System
    by Richard S. Smith

Using vLANs
    by Gilbert Held

Writing Maintainable Perl Programs and 49 Shell Scripts
    by Brian Tanaka

Using UNIX Utilities to Create CD-ROMs
    by Benjamin F. Kuo

IT Security Coming of Age
    by Chris Hare

Reducing Asynchronous Serial Interrupts
    by Packey Velleca

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

Questions and Answers
    by Bjorn Satdeva

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