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New Products

OpenBSD 2.5 is “Secure By Default”

The OpenBSD team announced the release of OpenBSD 2.5, which ships with a “secure by default” configuration. The configuration adopts the principle of “that which is not expressly enabled is disabled”, providing a default security stance. OpenBSD is a free, open source, proactively secure, UNIX-like operating system designed to protect itself and its users against network-based attacks. OpenBSD runs on Intel and compatible PCs, SPARC, Alpha, and other workstation-class hardware.

A typical OpenBSD installation can run in 30 minutes. The administrator selectively enables services and controls the configuration through a small set of configuration files. OpenBSD also integrates strong cryptography. The as-shipped configuration of the Apache WWW server includes SSL support (one extra file must be downloaded and the system rebooted). OpenBSD tracks the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) protocols and interoperates with other standard-compliant implementations.

OpenBSD is based on the University of California Berkeley 4.4BSD-Lite operating system and is the product of volunteer programmers world-wide. It is distributed from Canada and can be downloaded free from the Internet or purchased on CD-ROM to raise funds for the project. Users communicate and support each other through mailing lists. Commercial installations and support are available from third parties. For more information, visit the project Web site at:

Network Instruments Provides Analysis Tools for Switched Environments

Network Instruments, LLS has released Observer 6.1, a protocol analyzer, traffic manager, and troubleshooting tool for switched environments. Observer 6.1 uses a technology to bridge the gap between shared and switched networks. The Observer 6.1 Suite provides management options including: Observer Expert Extension, Observer Web Extension, Observer SNMP and RMON Extensions.

Observer 6.1 uses the following three methods for switch management:

• port-looping with statistical sampling technology, which lets the administrator see all ports on the switch (included in Observer and Distributed Observer)

• RMON console functionality for switches with embedded RMON (requires the RMON Extension for Distributed Observer)

• SNMP console monitoring for switches with embedded SNMP agents (requires the SNMP extension for Observer).

Because Observer 6.1 can manage the ports on a switch, it is also possible to use packet capture for any port, or groups of ports without first configuring the switch ouside of the Observer environment.

Observer 6.1 provides a new Internet Observer mode, which monitors Web site traffic and the duration of visits. For switches that include an SNMP agent in the switch hardware, Observer 6.1's SNMP Extensions allows users to query and view any SNMP data the switch collects, including traffic and device-specific information. Observer 6.1 also includes SNMP-based scripting to support a wider range of switch vendors (including 3Com and Nortel/Bay). The SNMP Extension also includes a Walker utility for troubleshooting SNMP-managed devices. Observer 6.1 also offers an internal RMON Extension to provide RMON1 or RMON2 statistics and capture functions within the hardware of the switch. The new release adds RMON triggers and alarms.

For switches that support port mirroring, Observer 6.1 offers port-looping, the ability to have a Probe “loop” through all ports on the switch and collect statistics on the switch as a whole, or port capture. Port-looping provides a view of the switch, including information on individual port usage, total broadcast, cross-port jabber, and total data throughput. Observer provides modes for switched environments: Internet Observer, Trending, Packet Capture, Bandwidth Utilization, Utilization History, Top Talkers, Size Distribution Statistics, Errors-by-Station, Protocol Distribution, IPSubProtocols, IPXSubProtocols, Triggers and Alarms, and Discover Network Names.

Observer is a 32-bit PC application for Windows 95/98/NT environments and supports multiple protocols over Ethernet, Token-Ring, and FDDI LANs. Observer 6.1 is priced at $995. The SNMP Extension is priced at $495, and the RMON Extension is $495. Distributed Observer is priced at $1,290, and Observer Suite is priced at $2,995. For more information, contact: Network Instruments, Fourth Floor, 8800 West Highway Seven, Minneapolis, MN 55426 USA; (800) 526-7919; FAX: (612) 932-9545; Internet:; WWW:

Tally Introduces T9132/T9140 Production Network Lasers

Tally Printer Corporation has announced the T9132 and T9140 Production Network Laser Printers with capacity for up to 50 networked users. The printers are rated at 32 and 40 pages per minute with workloads of 150K–200K pages per month. The printers can print the first page of a document in four seconds.

The T9132 and T9140 process papers, forms, and labels up to 110 lb. stock. They can be configured with up to six trays, with a maximum input capacity of 3,550 sheets. Paper out can support up to 2,710 sheets. The printers provide bi-directional print drivers with job status and printer information delivered to the desktop. Installed printer options, “gas gauges” showing available paper stock, size of paper, and capacities -- including the exact time the last page was printed -- are all viewable on the user's screen.

The printers are available with support for network operating systems, such as UNIX, VMS, NT, Novell, and MacOS, and print drivers for Macintosh and Windows 3.x/9x/NT. Adobe PostScript level 2 and PCL5e are standard. Optional modules can configure the printers to support copying, faxing, scanning, envelope feeding, multi-position stapling, and a 31-page per minute duplexing capability. Standard configuration prices for the T9132 and T9140 start at $3495 and $3995, respectively. For more information, contact: Tally Printer Corporation, P.O. Box 97018, Kent, WA 98064-89718; (425) 251-5500; FAX: (425) 251-5520; WWW:

SourceOffSite Offers Cross-Platform Internet Access Tool for Visual SourceSafe

SourceOffSite, Inc. has announced the 2.0 release of SourceOffSite Professional Edition. The product is a cross-platform Internet access tool for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, permitting access to SourceSafe databases via TCP/IP connections.

SourceOffSite is a client/server application that provides a user interface resembling the SourceSafe Explorer. SourceOffSite supports IDE integration and provides both encryption and compression for data transfers.

For more information, contact: SourceOffSite, Inc., 3200 Farber Drive, Champaign, IL 61822; (217) 356-3213; FAX: (217) 356-0135; WWW:

Ede Development Introduces Software Configuration Management Tool

Ede Development Enterprises, Inc. announced AccuRev, a software configuration management tool that tracks all aspects of software changes without imposing strict development rules or requiring additional resources.

AccuRev repositories can be stored on and accessed from UNIX, Linux, or NT systems via TCP/IP. AccuRev relies on a transaction-based database and hot backups to avoid data losses due to hardware failures. The product provides transaction-oriented triggers allowing customization of process management functions. According to Ede, AccuRev integrates seamlessly with other tools.

AccuRev is available on Linux (Intel and PowerPC), Hewlett Packard HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Compaq Alpha UNIX, IBM AIX, Windows NT 4.0 (client and server), and Windows 9x (client only). Ports to MacOS X, Java, and other UNIX platforms are planned. A single-user license is priced at $749. Volume discounts are available. For more information, contact: Ede Development Enterprises, Inc., 350 Haverhill Street, North Reading, MA 01864; (800) 383-8170; FAX: (978) 276-3443; Internet:; WWW:

Century Releases TinyTERM 4.04

Century Software Inc. has released version 4.04 of TinyTERM Plus Edition, TinyTERM Web Server Edition, and TinyTERM Thin Client Edition. Version 4.04 brings TN3270 and TN5250 emulations in a browser to the TinyTERM product line.

TinyTERM Plus Edition is a standalone product that provides client access to UNIX and IBM host data and applications through a Web browser interface. TinyTERM Plus Edition features LPR/LPD and NFS file sharing utilities. TinyTERM Web Server Edition provides Intranet, extranet, and Internet users access to UNIX and IBM host data and application via the Web and features server-based deployment, installation, and configuration. TinyTERM Web Server Edition includes unlimited licensing without a per-user fee. TinyTERM Thin Client Edition provides access to UNIX and IBM host data and applications in a thin client/server environment that is compatible with Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. The Thin Client Edition also features server-based deployment, installation, and configuration.

For pricing and other information about version 4.04 of TinyTERM Plus Edition, TinyTERM Web Server Edition, and TinyTERM Thin Client Edition, contact Century Software Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, (801) 268-3088; Internet:; WWW:

Enlighten Ships EnlightenDSM

Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc. has begun shipping EnlightenDSM as a component of IBM's Suites for Solaris and AIX products. EnlightenDSM provides a single graphical interface to manage mixed environments comprised of multiple UNIX and Windows machines including DEC, HP, SCO, SGI, Sun, IBM, Windows NT, 95, and 98.

There are three types of IBM Suites: the Base Suite, the Business Integration Suite, and the Enterprise Suites. The Base Suite for Solaris or AIX is designed for branch offices, departments, and medium-sized businesses. Along with EnlightenDSM, the Base Suite includes IBM's WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Universal database, Lotus Domino, Adstar Distributed Storage Manager, and Sun's SunLink SNA/PTP communications server. The Business Integration Suite includes all the components of the Base Suite plus IBM's MQSeries message queuing middleware. The Enterprise Suite includes all the components of both the Base Suite and Business Integration Suite plus TXSeries (Encina and CICS) transaction monitors. All of the Suites have an install wizard developed in Java for installation of the Solaris or AIX Suites, as well as to manage upgrades to future releases of the products within the Suites.

The Base Suite for AIX or Solaris is priced at $2,499 per Suite plus $225 per desktop client. The Business Integration Suite is priced at $6,499 plus $225 per desktop. The Enterprise Suite is priced at $18,249 plus $375 per client. For more information, contact Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc., San Mateo, CA; (650) 578-0700; WWW:

MKS Announces Upgrade and Two Products

Mortice Kern Systems has upgraded its MKS Toolkit and has announced two products: MKS Toolkit Select 6.2 and MKS NuTCRACKER Professional 4.2. MKS Toolkit 6.2 includes MKS CShell, which gives users a choice of either a UNIX shell, KornShell, or CShell to use as the primary command line environment under Windows NT and Windows 95/98. Other features of MKS Toolkit 6.2 include increased size limit on file and tape utilities and the ability to preserve the environment of various KornShell windows when logging off and having the KornShell windows restored at the next log in. MKS Toolkit 6.2 also includes commands such as: color (changes the color of the console window), dosname (converts from 8.3 to long file names, and back again), mkurl (builds a url from component parts), priv (manipulates NT privileges), whereis (displays all known pathnames for executable commands), and xd (dumps contents of a file in hexadecimal).

Additionally, MKS has announced MKS Toolkit Select 6.2, which lets users access remote UNIX applications from a Windows system. MKS Toolkit Select 6.2 includes MKS Toolkit and an X Window System Server. MKS NuTCRACKER Professional 4.2 lets users develop single or multi-threaded C, C++, or Fortran applications, shared libraries, and daemons, on Windows NT (including Terminal Server Edition), Windows 9x, or both, while maintaining a common source code baseline across many platforms, including UNIX. NuTCRACKER Professional applications run natively in the Win32 subsystems and support such Windows features as COM, the registry, and Windows help. MKS NuTCRACKER Professional includes the following components: NuTCRACKER SDK, MKS Toolkit, a selection of X Window System Servers, NFS client for Windows, and Telnet server.

For pricing and other information about MKS Toolkit 6.2, MKS Toolkit Select 6.2, or MKS NuTCRACKER Professional 4.2, contact Mortice Kern Systems US Inc., 12450 Fair Lakes Circle, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA; (800) 865-6660 or (519) 884-2251; FAX: (703) 803-3344.

Western Scientific Releases NetFiler

Western Scientific has released NetFiler, a multi-protocol network file server that can store, share, and retrieve data simultaneously over the network from Windows, UNIX, and Web clients. NetFiler is fully scalable and, according to the company, can perform over 2500 NFS operation per second and less than 9 milliseconds response time. NetFiler base systems support 36.4 Gb of RAID storage. NetFiler can also be configured with up to 1.1 TB per cabinet.

Pricing for NetFiler starts at $18,000. For more information, contact Western Scientific, 9445 Farnham St., San Diego, CA 92123; (619) 565-6699; WWW:

Overland Announces Support for Quantum DLT 8000

Overland Data, Inc. has announced that its full product line of tape automation solutions, including the LoaderXpress and the EnterpriseXpress DLTtape library, will support Quantum's DLT 8000 drive technology. Quantum's DLT 8000 drives provide a native capacity of 40 Gb and are backward read and write compatible with DLT 4000 and DLT 7000 formats. The DLT 8000 drives will use the same DLT IV cartridge as the DLT 7000 drives.

Overland will offer a DLT 8000 option as soon as the drives are generally available from Quantum. In addition to implementing DLT 80000 on new purchases of its libraries and loaders, Overland will also offer a DLT 8000 upgrade plan to users of its DLTtape-based automation products. For pricing and other information, contact Overland Data, Inc., 8975 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123; (619) 571-5555; FAX: (619) 571-0982; WWW:

American Systems Releases PC Remote 1.0

American Systems has released PC Remote 1.0, a program for accessing remote computers across a LAN, over a modem, using the computer serial ports, and across the Internet. PC Remote lets end users determine who can access their computers and whether or not that person can transfer files back and forth. According to the company, the system is totally secure, with each user being assigned a username and password. Connection “profiles” can be created so frequently that used connections can be established with just a few mouse clicks. The host portion can be automatically loaded when Windows starts, so a work computer can be accessed at home or a home computer accessed while away on business.

PC Remote provides keyboard and mouse control of the remote computer, as well as macros that can be executed just as if they were being run on the remote machine. Data can be copied to the clipboard on the remote computer and appear in the clipboard of the controlling computer. The end user can select between image quality and speed. The data flow can also be paused while doing other tasks and resumed when desired. PC Remote includes an intuitive interface. On a LAN, PC Remote can automatically scan to find other machines running the program, and it determines what serial port is being used for making the call on a modem connection.

PC Remote 1.0 runs under Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98. It requires 2 MB of disk space and 8 MB of RAM. PC Remote 1.0 is priced at $49.95. For more information, contact American Systems, 5424 Rufe Snow, Suite 320, Fort Worth, TX, 76180; (888) 892-4310 or (817) 485-6547, FAX: (817) 485-2193, Internet:, WWW:

3R Soft Upgrades MailStudio 2000

3R Soft has upgraded MailStudio 2000. Targeted at Linux servers, MailStudio 2000 version 2.0 features an enhanced address book for grouping address management, an informational Q&A board for threaded discussions and file attachments, and an instant messaging function to send online instant messages. Additionally, 3R Soft is also launching 2-byte character set versions of MailStudio for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

A free trial download of MailStudio 2000 version 2.0 for Linux is available at Current MailStudio customers can upgrade by contacting 3R Soft. For pricing and other information about MailStudio 2000 version 2.0, contact 3R Soft, San Jose, CA, (510) 303-8100; Internet:; WWW:

STEP Announces ST-Repository

STEP Tools, Inc. has announced ST-Repository, a component of its STEP Database Management Toolset. The STEP Database Management Toolset is an integrated suite of tools and libraries for STEP implementations that brings applications and databases into compliance with ISO 10303 STEP (Standard for Product Data Exchange) and other standards that use EXPRESS information models. ST-Repository is a server application that manages STEP product databases inside mid-sized to large corporations with ISO 10303 standardization. With the ST-Repository Open Server, a company can add and customize their own tools and services. The ST-Repository data management toolset can also operate with PDM systems. ST-Repository also supports programming with EXPRESS-X and Java Beans.

ST-Repository's online translation and visualization engine allows the contents of the product data repository to be shared via a company's Intranet or supply chains. ST-Repository also provides enterprise-wide accessibility to three-dimensional engineering information. STEP models can be viewed via the ST-Visualizer, an interactive 3D visualization tool that displays STEP solid and wireframe models. With the STEP Tools On-line Data Translator, clients can use WWW services for sharing product data with internal and external customers and suppliers. Using ST-Repository, end users can translate and observe CAD models in several file formats including VRML, STL, and XT. ST-Repository also includes a programming interface that performs data management tasks such as displaying a bill of materials or examining assembly trees.

ST-Repository supports Solaris and Windows NT/9x platforms. Other UNIX platform versions will be supplied upon request. For pricing and other information about ST-Repository, contact STEP Tools, Inc., 1223 Peoples Ave., Troy, NY 12180, (518) 276-2848; FAX: (518) 276-8471; Internet:; WWW:

Discmatic Releases ONYX

Discmatic has released ONYX, a standalone 100-disc CD duplicator that supports up to four 8X drives. ONYX includes on-the-fly CD-to-CD copying, batch copying, and the option of adding a dedicated CD-ROM reader. According to the company, ONYX can duplicate 24 full CDs (74 minutes of audio/650MB of data) per hour. ONYX supports EZ-ONE control firmware, which stores its core logic on an advanced flash ROM rather than on the hard disk drive. The internal firmware can also be upgraded via a firmware CD. ONYX includes a 4-GB internal hard drive and supports Discmatic's Multiple CD Image Management system. Features of the management systems include Image Management, which loads, deletes, renames, and un-deletes files, and Hard Disk Management. Additionally, the Audio Compilation feature assembles and stores selected tracks from a variety of discs as a single CD image on the internal hard drive.

ONYX supports an autoloading mechanism that picks up each disc by the rim, lifts it over the spindle, and loads it into one of the recorders. ONYX features a front-mounted drive bay where an optional dedicated CD-ROM reader can be installed. Additionally, ONYX includes multiple drive batch copying, which duplicates multiple master discs in a single operation. ONYX supports the following CD formats: CD-DA (DOA, TAO), CD-EXTRA, Mixed mode, Multi-session, CD-ROM, HFS, Hybrid, PhotoCD, VideoCD, CD-i, PSX, Sega CD, and Rock Ridge (UNIX).

For pricing and other information about ONYX, contact Discmatic, 55 Mall Dr., Commack, NY 11725; (800) 422-6707 or (516) 864-9700; FAX: (516) 864-9710; Internet:; WWW:

JDH Releases Web-4M Version 2.5

JDH Technologies has announced Web-4M 2.5, which provides a collaboration/groupware environment for Linux. Web-4M features multi-media rooms with slide shows, whiteboards, chats, and audio conferencing. Tools such as email and news are integrated with room-based tools via a document library. Personal productivity tools include a calendar, address book, and scheduler.

Web-4M users need only a Web browser and a network connection. No client distribution is required. Web-4M is targeted for intra-business and business-to-business applications including telecommuting and distributed training.

Multi-platform (Windows, Solaris, and Linux) support is provided for both clients and servers. For more information, contact JDH Technologies; Internet:; WWW:

Exabyte Releases Fibre Channel-to-SCSI Router

Exabyte Corp. has released the Exabyte FC12, a Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router. The FC12 lets customers integrate Exabyte's tape drives and library solutions into Fibre Channel-based SANs. The FC12 Fibre Channel-to-SCSI router attaches SCSI tape-storage devices to Fibre Channel networks. The FC12 features one multi-mode Fibre Channel port and two SCSI ports. The FC12 also provides bidirectional connectivity between a single 100 MB/sec Fibre Channel port and two Fast Wide or Ultra SCSI buses, and supports distances of up to 10,000 meters. Pricing for the FC12 starts at $7,995.

For more information, contact Exabyte Corp., 1685 38th St., Boulder, CO 80301; (800) 392-2983; Fax: (303) 417-7865; WWW: