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September 1999, Vol. 8 Issue 9
O/S Security
  TITAN -- A Systems Administration Approach to Security
    by Dan Farmer, Brad Powell, and Matt Archibald

Can You C2?
    by M.L.A. Lammerse

The Xni Network Analysis Tool
    by Marcel Gagné

Maintaining Patch Levels with Open Source BSDs
    by Michael Lucas

Landmining the Cracker's Playing Field
    by Amy Rich

Hardening a Host
    by Dave D. Zwieback

Intrusion Detection Strategies and Design Considerations
    by Ronald McCarty

Practical Packet Sniffing
    by John Mechalas

Use the 'Net to Secure Your Net
   by James W. Meritt

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

Questions and Answers
    by Bjorn Satdeva

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