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I recently attended the LinuxWorld Expo in New York. We gave away lots of magazines from our booth and collected more tchotchkes than we can possibly use. Some of you who stopped by to chat wondered why Sys Admin and Dr. Dobb's magazines were exhibiting from the CMP booth. Miller Freeman Inc.'s parent company, British-based United News & Media, purchased CMP Media last year. Since January of this year, MFI's high-tech publications have operated under the CMP name. You may have already noticed the CMP logo on the cover of the magazine. Other CMP magazines include InformationWeek, EETimes, and InternetWeek.

There also seemed to be a healthy interest at the show in the new Linux magazine that Sys Admin is publishing in conjunction with O'Reilly and VALinux Systems. If you aren't familiar with it, check out The theme of the premiere issue is clustering. The second issue, which is scheduled to ship to subscribers the last week of March, will focus on journaling filesystems.

This month's issue of Sys Admin focuses on backup and recovery. In an ideal world, you wouldn't need that daily backup and you wouldn't have to recover lost data in a crunch, but unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way. To help you prepare for those times when a good backup is essential, this issue offers some tips. Greg Schuweiler discusses how to build a system that can grow with your storage needs, move backups off the public Ethernet, and allow rapid recovery. William David describes how to automatically perform a large number of independent nightly backups, look for errors, and sort and summarize the results. Alan C. Davis describes a way to perform unattended backups while the system is in single-user mode and verify the readability of the backup.

Another resource for information on performing backups is the recent O'Reilly book UNIX Backup and Recovery by W. Curtis Preston. The book has been well received and immediately made it onto Betty Zinkann's informal Top Ten List of UNIX books. In next month's issue, I'm happy to say, we will feature the first installment of Curtis's new backup column for Sys Admin. The column will appear in the magazine every other month, and in the off months, Curtis will write a backup column for the Web site. In the meantime, enjoy the magazine!

Sincerely yours,
Amber Ankerholz