Cover V09, I04


April 2000, Vol. 9 Issue 4
  Building a SAN Backup Solution
    by Greg Schuweiler

Using Linux to Duplicate Computers
    by Mark Nielsen

Automatically Performing annd Monitoring Backups
    by William David

Rainy Day Template Fun
    by Randal Schwartz

The Emergence of Convergence
    by Gilbert Held

Automating Single-User Backups with Tape Verification
    by Alan C. Davis

Recovering Source From a Defunct RCS System
    by Mike Dunham and Ed Schaefer

Managing Usability with the TERM Variable
    by Mats Brymer

ICMP: The Good, teh Bad, and the Ugly
    by Ron McCarty

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

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