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New Products

SuSE and Enlighten Partner for Linux Management

Enlighten Software Solutions and SuSE Linux AG have announced a partnership. SuSE will bundle Enlighten's Linux System Monitoring and Reporting technology with the SuSE Linux 6.4 for Intel distribution.

SuSE customers will be able to select Enlighten Monitoring for their Linux systems during the SuSE installation process. When selected, the Enlighten Linux Monitoring Agent monitors and reports on critical Linux system and operator conditions including processor, memory utilization, changes in hardware and software configuration, and increases in network errors. The Enlighten agent also contains links to the Enlighten Software Web site, where users can register, obtain documentation and test configurations, and upgrade to EnlightenDSM, which provides single-point monitoring and management of Linux, UNIX, and Windows. For more information, contact: Enlighten Software Solutions, Inc., 999 Baker Way, 5th Floor, San Mateo, CA 94404; (650) 578-0700; Fax: (650) 578-0118; Internet:; WWW:

Deneba Software Announces Linux Version of Canvas 7

Deneba Software has announced development of a Linux-based version of its graphics program, Canvas 7. Deneba has made a beta version available for free download. Deneba first released Canvas 7 in November 1999, for Macintosh and Windows. Canvas 7 is an illustration program that also provides an image editing, Web design and page layout solution.

For more information, contact: Deneba Software, 1150 NW 72nd Avenue, Penthouse Floor, Miami, FL 33126; (305) 596-5644; Fax: (305) 273-9069; WWW:

Unison Information Systems, Ltd. Announces RAID I/O FLYER 3D

Unison Information Systems, Ltd. has announced RAID I/O Flyer 3D, an external RAID Subsystem. The RAID I/O Flyer 3D is based on the same technology as Unison's six drive RAID I/O Flyer II Fault Tolerant RAID Subsystem. The RAID I/O Flyer 3D offers users a lower cost alternative to the RAID I/O Flyer II.

Unison has taken the SCSI to IDE design of the RAID I/O Flyer II and reduced the cost by shrinking the packaging down, but enhanced the interface from Ultra Wide SCSI to Ultra2/LVD SCSI interface on the host side, to IDE interface on the drive side. RAID I/O Flyer 3D plugs into any host system with a SCSI port. The subsystem can be configured via RS232 or using its LCD panel. Capacity for the subsystem ranges from 30.6 Gb through 122.7 Gb, with prices ranging from $3124 through $4072. For more information, contact: Unison Information Systems, LTD, 21 Walsh Way, Framingham, MA 01701; (800) 846-3472; Fax: (508)879-0772; WWW:

SecuritySpace.Com Provides Security Portal

SecuritySpace.Com has launched a portal intending to provide a “one-stop-shop” for Internet security related news, resources, tools, and services. SecuritySpace.Com provides a suite of tools that can be used to identify, understand, and fix security vulnerabilities open to a potential attack. One example, the Desktop Audit, is designed to identify security holes and suggest possible solutions. also provides links to major vendors in categories such as Virus Scanning, Intrusion Detection, Firewalls, Vulnerability Assessments, and Secure email. Security News provides links to the latest Internet security news coverage. also provides: WebProbe, a server query service; Whois; and Hacked Sites, information on the latest attacks.

E-Soft Inc., a Canadian company that specializes in Internet security, e-commerce solutions, and application development, publishes SecuritySpace.Com. For more information, contact: Security Space, 2213 Lancaster Cr. Burlington, ON, L7P 3G4 Canada; (905) 331-2260; Fax: (905) 331-2504; Internet:; WWW: http://www.SecuritySpace.Com.

Visual Numerics Announces INVIZION 2.0

Visual Numerics, Inc., has announced INVIZION v2.0, a customizable time-series analysis application written in Visual Numerics' PV-WAVE software product. The three most significant features added to version 2.0 were: a Windows-like menu interface; improved methods for accessing customer data files; and an interactive zoom and pan function for selecting specific data points for more detailed analysis.

INVIZION is available for UNIX workstations and Windows machines. INVIZION provides time-series analysis of data and graphical display of the results via customized plot page layouts. INVIZION pricing begins at $24,495 for a starter kit, which includes on developer license, three run-time seats, and one week of onsite consulting. For more information, contact: Visual Numerics, Inc., Corporate Headquarters, 1300 W. Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite 150, Houston, Texas 77042; (800) 364-8880; Fax: (713)781-9260; Internet:; WWW:

Space Optimization Tool for MS Exchange Introduced by VERITAS Software

VERITAS Software Corporation has introduced VERITAS Remote Storage for MS Exchange (RSE), a storage management application designed to minimize storage space on Microsoft Exchange servers by automatically moving email message attachments from the Exchange database onto a secondary storage device. This product can be integrated with VERITAS backup products, allowing shorter backup and recovery time and potentially improving system performance through the smaller database size.

VERITAS Remote Storage for MS Exchange allows organizations to move older message attachments within Exchange databases to a secondary storage device, such as a tape drive or library that users might already be using to back up their systems. With VERITAS RSE, the size of Exchange databases may shrink by as much as 50 percent, while Exchange clients retain complete access to all of the message attachments that have been moved by VERITAS RSE.

VERITAS RSE gives administrators the ability to create policies that determine how and which attachments are to be managed per Exchange server. Selection criteria can be based on size and age of the attachments. Additionally, administrators may define policies, specifying which attachments to move and when to move them to streamline performance.

Additionally, VERITAS Software has created VERITAS Data Analyzer for Exchange, a tool that examines the user's Exchange databases, evaluating what percentage of the database is composed of attachments versus message text, as well as the age and size of the attachments that are in the databases. The Analyzer Tool provides administrators with statistics about the data being managed by VERITAS RSE, illustrating the amount of space being freed up by VERITAS RSE. A “what if” scenario provides administrators the opportunity to visualize what their databases would look like based on the implementation of different policies prior to actually implementing those changes. For pricing and other information, contact: VERITAS Software Corporation, 1600 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, CA 94043; (650) 335-8000; Fax: (650) 335-8050; Internet:; WWW:

Procom Releases NetBEUI Stack to Linux Community

Procom Technology has announced that it will distribute its implementation of the NetBEUI (Network Basic Extended User Interface) stack to the Linux community. The file is available for download from the support section of the company's Web site. The NetBEUI stack comprises code resulting from several years of effort, and will be posted with the instructions and tools necessary for integration with Samba. Forthcoming Procom NAS appliances will incorporate the NetBEUI stack to provide plug and play Windows networking. NetBEUI is a Windows networking protocol that provides simple peer-to-peer networking, and is commonly employed in the small Windows-based LANs.

For more information or to download the NetBEUI stack, contact: Procom Technology, 7030 Woodbine Ave, Ste. 500, Markham, ON, L3R 6G2 Canada; (905) 477-9277; Fax: (905) 477-4547; WWW:

Text Processor, Ted 2.7, Released for UNIX/X Window

Ted is a text processor running under X Window on UNIX/Linux systems. Ted was developed as a standard easy word processor, intended to play a role similar to Wordpad on MS-Windows. Ted allows users to edit rich text documents using a WYSIWYG approach. The latest release adds visible pagination, more flexible printing, and other improvements.

Every document produced by Ted should be a legal .rtf file, acceptable by Microsoft Word without any loss of formatting or information. Ted accepts most text formatting from Microsoft applications. Ted ignores unsupported advanced formatting instructions and meta-information. Ted focuses on displaying the text, even when not all the formatting information is supported. Ted can be used to read formatted email sent from a Windows machine to UNIX, or as an RTF viewer in Netscape.

Ted is free software, distributed under the GPL and authored by Mark de Does. For more information, visit

Zephyr Updates PASSPORT eClient

Zephyr Development Corporation has announced PASSPORT eClient v4, a connectivity suite for Windows desktops providing Web browser access to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX systems using IP and the ability to install and run the application from an OS/390 Web server.

PASSPORT eClient includes a TN3270E client, TN5250 client, VT100 client, as well as an SSL security option. PASSPORT eClient provides the option to load and run the program from an OS/390 Web server V2R5 or higher. The product's Web server-based architecture eliminates client installation from the desktop. PASSPORT eClient is a pure 32-bit application developed according to Microsoft recommentations for Web applications. For more information, contact: Zephyr Development Corporation, 8 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1400, Houston, TX 77046; WWW:

Rave Computer Offers Integrated RackMount-Ultra60

Rave Computer Associates Inc. has announced a 4U form factor rackmount chassis for the SPARCengine Ultra60. The Ultra60 supports up to 2 Gb of memory, onboard Fast Ethernet, dual Ultra SCSI busses, and four PCI slots (three at 33 MHz, one at 66 MHz, and two UPA graphic slots). The Ultra60 supports one to two UltraSPARC II processor modules ranging from 300 MHz to 450 MHz with variable cache sizes, providing binary compatibility with Solaris operating environment applications.

For pricing and other information about the 4U form factor rackmount chassis for the Ultra60, contact: Rave Computer Association, Inc., Sterling Heights, MI 48312; (800) 966-7283; Fax: (810) 939-7431; Internet:; WWW:

Lund Performance Web-Enables its Tools

Lund Performance Solutions has released LPS WebVue, an add-on that enables any Lund tool to be accessed via a browser. LPS WebVue is installed on a Web server and provides access to all Lund tools. Sessions are protected with secure passwords. Lund Performance provides performance products for the HP 3000 and HP 9000 platforms, along with Sun Solaris and Windows NT/2000. Other Lund products include: Forecast Capacity Planner, DeFrag/X, Developer's Toolbox, Shadow/DR, Intact DR, Q-Xcelerator, and ScopeUtil. Licenses for LPS WebVue are available for up to 100 concurrent users, or for more than 100 users for a flat fee. For more information, contact: Lund Performance Solutions, 240 Second Street SW, Albany, OR 97321; (541)926-3800; Fax: (541)926-7723; Internet:; WWW:

Magenta Research Introduces Mini-TASCC

Magenta Research has released Mini-TASCC, a smaller version of its command and control system, which allows as many as 20 users access to 64 different CPUs on a single CAT5 UTP distributed matrix configuration. Mini-TASCC users can access any of the CPUs and independently control multiple monitors. Systems administrators can control access to CPUs on an individual user basis. Additional benefits, such as multi-platform support and programmable function keys, are obtained when paired with Magenta Ressearch Universal Keyboard, which features a large, adjustable, backlit LCD.

The Mini-TASCC Client units are compact enough to fit on or under the desktop. Each MTC unit also features a local CPU port for dedicated access to 16 additional resources. The Mini-TASCC Server (MTS) units connect directly to CPUs, providing all necessary keep-alive signaling. No external power is required. Optional video switching units support high-resolution 1600 x 1200 graphics. For more information, contact: Magenta Research, 934B Federal Road, Brookfield, CT 06804; (203) 740-0592; Fax: (203) 740-0596; WWW:

ActiveState Unveils ActivePerl 5.6 for Solaris

ActiveState has announced the availability of ActivePerl 5.6, a binary distribution of Perl for Solaris, Linux, and MS Windows operating systems. ActiveState provides the ActivePerl binary packages free to the community as part of its support for Perl. ActivePerl 5.6 is based on Perl 5.6 and includes the following features:

  • Installation and coordination of extensions and modules with the Perl Package Manager
  • Platform-specific ActiveState Installers
  • Online documentation
  • Unicode capabilities and concurrent interpreters
  • New regex constructs

ActivePerl 5.6 runs on Windows 9x, NT or 2000, Solaris 2.6 or higher, and Linux 2.0.x. You can download a free copy of ActivePerl 5.6:

Imperial Expands MegaRam-35 Capacity

Imperial Technology has increased the capacity of its 3.5-inch MegaRam-35 solid state disk. The MegaRam-35 now offers up to 4.2 GB of volatile storage, and up to 2.1 GB of nonvolatile storage. The expanded size allows administrators improved I/O performance by shifting often-used hot files (such as tables and indices, as well as log, temp, and swap files) to the MegaRam disk, which results in read/write times that match main memory speeds.

The MegaRam solid state disks are compatible with Solaris running both on Intel and SPARC machines. The MegaRam-35 system is comprised of an Ultra SCSI interface, built-in configuration and diagnostic firmware, and proprietary error detection and correction circuitry. It is available in rackmount, internal mount, and desktop enclosures.

A nonvolatile version of MegaRam-35 includes an internal disk and battery unit, which saves all data to a backup disk using battery power when AC power to the unit is cut off. When power is restored, the information is automatically moved from the disk to the solid state memory. For more information about the MegaRam-35 solid state disk, contact: WWW:

IBM Introduces SNAPP

IBM has introduced SNAPP, a Web-based software package that allows users to install, set up, and manage RS/6000 servers via devices running Palm Computing's Palm OS platform. SNAPP (system networking, analysis, and performance pilot) requires only a limited understanding of UNIX. It defines a PalmPilot as the client user interface, which means that PalmPilot users can install and attach an RS/6000 B50 server to a network. Users can then perform basic administrative tasks on RS/6000 systems using Graffiti-based instructions.

This browser-server application enables quick set-up, maintenance, and rapid application deployment in the large Internet and application service provider industry. The PalmPilot connects to an RS/6000 server via the serial port and establishes communication with the server via an XML-based connection. The XML communication interface makes the application completely extensible and customizable to the customer's environment. Current capabilities include network set-up, memory, CPU, disk monitoring, WebServer management, and system model and configuration reporting with full security (root password protection). The building blocks of this application scale from simple to complex system management tasks. For more information or to download the SNAPP software from IBM, contact: WWW:

JNI Announces UNIX DriverSuite

JNI Corporation has announced the UNIX DriverSuite, a single, integrated software driver platform that enables JNI's FibreStar HBAs to run under four major UNIX-based operating systems: Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX. With the new operating systems, JNI now offers drivers for nearly all UNIX-based systems.

UNIX DriverSuite is the world's first integrated suite of software drivers for Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) running under Sun's Solaris, Red Hat Linux, HP-UX, and IBM's AIX operating systems.

The UNIX DriverSuite is a single, integrated software driver platform that enables JNI FibreStar HBAs using the Emerald ASIC controller. The UNIX DriverSuite is compatible with all Emerald-based FibreStar PCI bus and SBus HBAs. These include the FCE-3210, FCE-6410, FCE2-6410, and FCE2-6412. The Linux driver portion of the UNIX DriverSuite is available today in shipping form. Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX are available in beta. For more information, contact: JNI Corporation, 9775 Towne Centre Drive, San Diego, CA 92121; (858)535-3121; Fax: (858) 552-1428; WWW: