Cover V09, I07


July 2000, Vol. 9 Issue 7
Remote Access
  Converging Remote Networks into Your Routing Table
    by Adam Olson

Dial-Up Networking with PPP
    by Chris Kuethe

Making a Wish: The Web-Interface Shell
    by Shawn Bayern

Scripting and HTML
    by Mike Murphy

Processing Command-Line Options in the Shell
    by Ed Schaefer

WPM -- Web-Based Proxy Manager
    by Gunnar Wolf

As Easy As It Gets
    by W. Curtis Preston

Pushing Corporate Email out to Wireless Devices
    by Pam Rissmann

Gettemp -- Built-In Temperature Monitoring for Sun Enterprise Servers
    by Alek Komarnitsky

Questions and Answers
    by Jim McKinstry

Integrating Barcodes
    by Doug Rusk

Smaller is Better
    by Ron McCarty

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

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