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New Products

ActiveState Announces PerlMx

ActiveState Tool Corp. has announced PerlMx, a mail filter engine designed to operate under Sendmail on the Linux and Solaris platforms. Beginning with v8.10, Sendmail provides scriptable hooks into all stages of an email transaction, including the content of the message itself. PerlMx allows these hooks to be written in Perl, making for rapid prototyping, debugging, and deployment of custom email filtering solutions.

The PerlMx filter operates at the level of the incoming SMTP connection, which means it has complete control over factors such as whether a connection should be accepted, and whether the content received during the connection should be altered before delivery. For example, this allows Sendmail to efficiently deny connections based on various factors such as the sender, recipient, or other content in the body of the message. Since such processing happens as soon as the content is seen by Sendmail, it improves the overall performance of the mailserver.

Designed to provide an efficient, scalable, and customizable framework of solutions for the entire range of email filtering tasks, PerlMx permits: Mail Archiving, selectively logging email traffic based on arbitrary criteria; Volume Accounting, keeping track of email volumes to generate statistics; Custom Routing, redirecting mail to third parties based on sender, recipient, or other external parameters; Spam Control, implementing custom heuristics for weeding out spam email; and Content Rewriting, adding new headers or changing existing content of incoming messages.

To download the beta version of PerlMx visit:; See the Readme file for system requirements: \
. For more information, contact: ActiveState Tool Corp., 580 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1W6, Canada; (604) 484-6400; WWW:

Amzi! 5.0 Ready for Linux, Solaris, and Windows

Amzi! inc. has announced the 5.0 release of Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server. This version brings together all the supported platforms under a unified set of source code. It runs under Linux, Sun Solaris 7 or later, HP-UX via special arrangement, and all 32-bit versions of Windows. The Logic Server supports the latest versions of C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, and CGI Web servers. Besides full source code for the Logic Server interfaces, full source code is also included for the Windows Integrated Development Environment.

The 5.0 release also includes the HTML version of the book, Building Expert Systems in Prolog (Springer-Verlag, ISBN 97016-9). This advanced tutorial uses a step-by-step approach to building systems, explaining the concepts and showing the Prolog code at each stage. The tutorial builds on simple beginning systems and progresses up to relatively sophisticated expert system tools. Full source code is included and may be used as the basis for your own applications.

The Personal Edition is free for research and non-commercial use and is available for downloading from the Amzi! Web site at: The Professional Edition is licensed at $2500 per development seat. Additional platforms for the same developer seat are $1250. Full source code is available under a commercial license. There is no upgrade charge for current Amzi! 4.1 Professional customers.

Amzi! also announced the 3.2 release of WebLS under Linux and Solaris 7. WebLS is a Web-based system for writing advisors and problem solvers. It can be used to provide information customized for each user, diagnose technical problems, recommend products and services (e.g., restaurants, books, movies, modems, printers), determine the applicability of programs (e.g., health insurance, unemployment benefits) and more. For example, WebLS was used to build the Breast Cancer Decision Guide at:

WebLS is freeware that can be downloaded from Amzi!'s Web site. Commercial source code licenses are available. For more information about Amiz! 5.0 or WebLS, contact: Amzi! inc., 5861 Greentree Road, Lebanon, OH, 45036; (513) 425-8050; WWW:

FacetCorp Releases FacetTerm for Linux

FacetCorp has announced FacetTerm UNIX multi-session and productivity software product for Linux, and at the same time has announced an upgrade for Linux support by FacetWin, their all-in-one Windows-to-UNIX integration product. FacetTerm provides multiple sessions on PCs with terminal emulation and on character terminals. The multi-session technology works with all character-based UNIX applications. FacetTerm also support screen print, copy and paste, and Window Watch for automatic monitoring of off-screen activity.

FacetTerm version 3.0 is now compatible with Red Hat Linux, Caldera OpenLinux, SuSE Linux, and TurboLinux. This release of FacetTerm also supports other versions of Linux with the "glibc" version 2 runtime libraries.

FacetTerm pricing begins at $495. For more information, contact: FacetCorp, 1820 Preston Park Boulevard, Plano, TX, 75093; (877) 322-3846; Fax: (972) 612-2035; WWW:

SuSE Linux 7.0 Available as Personal and Professional Versions

SuSE Linux 7.0 has been announced and includes: Xfree86 4.0; StarOffice 5.2; Yast2 graphical installation and clean de-installation of software; Yas2 Sendmail configuration module; and improved support for TV cards. For IT professionals, it includes: Autoinstaller for Installing SuSE Linux in the Network (Alice). SuSE's distribution also provides support for Yamaha and compatible soundcards using ALSA sound drivers.

SuSE Linux 7.0 Personal targets newcomers and home users, including key applications and entry-level manuals, along with 60 days of installation support via email, fax, or phone. StarOffice 5.2 includes a revised import and export filter, smoothing data exchange with other office applications.

SuSE Linux 7.0 Professional includes more than 1500 updated Linux tools and software packages for ambitious home users or IT professionals. Tools necessary for Web, proxy, mail, and news servers are included. The professional version includes 90 days of support. An upgrade version providing the same features as the professional version is also available, but includes condensed documentation describing important enhancements rather than the detailed manual.

The software is available from, bookstores, and computer stores. The suggested retail price of SuSE Linux 7.0 Personal is $39.95; SuSE Linux Professional is $69.95; and SuSE Linux 7.0 Professional Update is $49.95. For more information, visit: or

Metro Link Contributes Fixes to Open Motif

Metro Link, Inc., has released Open Motif with Metro Link's enhancements and bug fixes, available for free ftp download. In May 2000, The Open Group, owners of the Motif user interface toolkit technology, released the Motif source code for royalty-free use, reproduction, and distribution on Open Source Operating systems, such as Linux and FreeBSD. As an official supporter of the Open Motif initiative, Metro Link is providing freely downloadable Motif binary packages based on this source code.

Metro Link's package is an enhanced version of Open Motif, which includes approximately 30 significant bug fixes and enhancements to the Motif libraries and window manager, plus many minor source changes and over 100 fixes to the Motif demo source code. These changes were developed for Metro Link's commercial Motif products, and are now being contributed back to Open Motif.

The latest Metro Link Open Motif binary or source packages can be obtained from the product download page on their Web site at Metro Link's Open Motif binary packages are also available directly from The Open Group's official Open Motif Web site at:

"Motif has long been a useful, popular tool for developers. Since 1991, Metro Link has been porting, testing, and producing packages for Motif. In fact, Metro Link was the first company to ship a commercial product on Linux, that being Motif. Also, Metro Link Motif has been certified by one of the most popular database vendors as the most stable supported graphical interface available," said Morgan Von Essen, Metro Link CEO and President. "Now that version 2.1.30 is freely available on Open Source systems, Metro Link believes that even more developers will be attracted to the Motif environment with its reliability and portability. As the maintainers of the X Window System for X.Org, we are fully committed to standards-based Open Source development."

Metro Link continues to offer and support its various commercial versions of Motif. These include Metro Motif Complete! (a $149 CD that includes three versions of Motif, which can be mixed and matched at time of installation, or allows you to install up to three simultaneous versions on a single system) and a $99 downloadable supported version of Motif 1.2.4 or 2.1.30.

For more information, contact: Metro Link, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL; (800) 821-8315; WWW:

CodeSourcery Deploys AMD x86-64 GNU/Linux Site and Simulator

CodeSourcery, LLC, has deployed a Web site ( dedicated to porting GNU/Linux to AMD's new 64-bit architecture, known as x86-64. Also, CodeSourcery plans to provide an initial version of its Linux port of AMD's system-level simulator for x86-64.

AMD has provided a specification for its x86-64 architeture. The x86-64 architecture is backward compatible with the x86 architecture. CodeSourcery, together with SuSE, has participated in early design discussion with AMD. Working closely with fellow free software community participants at SuSE, CodeSourcery has assisted in the development of a draft processor-specific ABI for GNU/Linux.

For more information, contact: CodeSourcery, 3421 El Comino Real #35, Atherton, CA 94027; (650) 365-3064; Fax: (650) 375-7694; Internet:; WWW:

American Systems Announces PC Remote

American Systems has announced the release of PC Remote, a program for accessing remote computers via LAN, modem, serial port, or the Internet. PC Remote allows users to control access and privileges and provides password security. Connection profiles can be created to simplify access to frequent remote machines. The host portion can be loaded automatically on Windows startup.

PC Remote provides complete keyboard and mouse control of the remote computer, as well as macros. Data can be copied between the remote and local clipboard. Users can trade off image quality and speed where necessary for slower connections.

PC Remote runs under Window 95/98, NT 4.0, and 2000. Use requires 2 MB of disk and 8 MB of RAM. PC Remote is priced at $49.95 and may be purchased online via: A 30-day trial version is available from the same address. For more information, contact: American Systems, 5424 Rufe Snow, Suite 320, Fort Worth, TX 76180; (817) 485-6547; Fax: (817) 485-2193; WWW:

Syncsort Releases Sigma

Syncsort Incorporated has released Sigma, a data aggregate engine with a graphical user interface. Sigma reduces the time required to define and maintain aggregates, thereby saving resources and improving responses.

Sigma is a utility for creating, managing, and processing data aggregates or summary tables. The generated aggregates can be pre-stored and used for query optimization within a database or directly for end-user analysis. Sigma provides a GUI and doesn't requires SQL, command options, or batch scripts. Aggregates can be executed interactively through the GUI, or subsequently through a batch job or script. Sigma uses a proprietary optimization technique to provide high performance and fast execution. A permanent central repository aggregates with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Detail data to be aggregated can be input from, and aggregated data can be output to, flat files in a Microsoft Window or UNIX file system or a relational database management system. Sigma supports AIX 4.2, HP-UX 10.20, Solaris 2.6, or Windows NT 4.0. For more information, contact: Syncsort Incorporated, 50 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07676; (201) 930-9700; Fax: (201) 930-8285.

PSR Announces Drive Space Monitor

Positive Support Review, Inc. (PSR) has released Drive Space Monitor (DSM), a utility that monitors drive space usage and alerts administrators to potential problems. Drive Space Monitor informs users when disk or other storage device usage exceeds predetermined limits. The utility notifies users via an email and an icon display on the user's task bar when a threshold has been exceeded or when resources become unavailable.

Thresholds may be set by the user in bytes or as percentages of capacity. DSM can display information on disk usage. Users can specify which drives or devices to monitor and the frequency of sampling. Sampling can vary from one minute to day-long intervals. When sufficient data is collected, DSM can graph space usage to determine trends in disk usage. Drive Space Monitor operates under Windows 2000 Professional or Server and NT 4.0 Workstation or Server.

PSR makes a full version of the software available for a 20-day free trial. The utility is priced at $19.95 for a single-user license, $99 for a single server four workstations, and $395 for five servers and five workstations. For more information, contact: Positive Support Review Inc., Santa Monica, CA; Internet:; WWW:

SuSE Linux Delivers Linux FailSafe

SuSE Linux has delivered Linux FailSafe, a scalable and modular high-availability solution based on IRIS FailSafe, SGI's clustering software. Through cooperative engineering efforts, SGI and SuSE have brought IRIS FailSafe's proven functionality to the Linux environment, enabling users to link two or more servers and create a reliable failover environment with a highly scalable and flexible configuration. A Linux FailSafe cluster enables resiliency from any single point of failure and increases application availability to the level required for mission-critical data center operations as well as 24x7 business environments. This failover capability plays a significant role in the maturation of Linux as an enterprise computing environment.

Following this announcement, both SGI and SuSE are actively encouraging members of the Open Source community to participate in the continuing enhancement of Linux FailSafe, as well as test and integrate their code in the new high-availability environment. To participate in this project, please visit:

ICP Ships 64-bit PCI-Wide/Ultra 160 SCSI

ICP vortex Corp. (ICP) has begun shipping three models of 64-bit PCI-Wide/Ultra 160 SCSI RAID controllers with optional clustering support. These controllers join ICP's RN series, supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 4, 5 and 10. The ICP GDT7523RN, GDT7543RN, and GDT7563RN models offer 2, 4, or 6 Ultra 160 channels and, according to the company, support date transfer rates of 160 MBPS per channel, with up to 15 devices attached to each channel on cables up to 12 meters in length.

The three models can be equipped with one 16 MB, 32 MB, 64 MB, or 128 MB standard unbuffered PC100 DIMM modules, with or without ECC. Other features include automatic Cache RAM detection, multi-level Delayed Write and Read Ahead Cache with intelligent self-adjusting management. Additional features include ICP's realtime multi-tasking firmware, RAIDYNE. There is also a hardware XOR engine for optimized RAID 4/5 operations. ICP's 64-Bit RAID controllers can be run in both 32-bit and 64-bit PCI slots.

ICP Controllers support SCO UNIX, UnixWare, Linux, QNX, OpenBSD, Solaris, Novell NetWare, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and MS-DOS (Windows 3.x). All IPC controllers fulfill all standards for CD and FCC. For pricing and other information about these three PCI RAID controllers, contact: ICP vortex Corporation, Phoenix, AZ; (602) 414-0414; WWW:

Empress Software Announces EMPRESS RDBMS Support

Empress Software has announced the EMPRESS RDBMS for Embedded Linux, LynuxWorks, and BlueCat Linux. EMPRESS on BlueCat Linux is designed for embedded applications requiring reliability, speed, and scalability. EMPRESS RDBMS on Blue Cat Linux is a database management system with real-time performance for embedded application development. EMPRESS applications on BlueCat Linux can be configure to work entirely in memory.

Empress Software used the BlueCat Linux tools to create one floppy containing the entire EMPRESS Interactive SQL engine running in-memory, and a second floppy containing the BlueCat Linux operating system. This demo is available free of charge via the company's Web site. For pricing and other information about EMPRESS RDBMS, contact: Empress Software, Greenbelt, MD, (301) 220-1919; Internet:; WWW: