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December 2000, Vol. 9 Issue 12
  MPLS: Delivering Next Generation Networking Services
    by Randy Zhang

Protocol Analysis for Performance Tuning
    by Adam Anderson and Dave Felps

NetReg: An Automated DHCP Registration System
    by Peter Valian and Todd K. Watson

Role-Based Access Control
    by Thomas Vincent

So What's the Difference?
    by Randal L. Schwartz

Making a Solaris 2.5.1 Workstation Support PPP Dial-Up from Windows
    by Ben Diamond

Managing an LDAP Database with Perl and Apache
    by Reinhard Erich Voglmaier

FCheck: A Solution to Host-Based Intrusion Detection
    by Ron McCarty

Questions and Answers
    by Jim McKinstry and Amy Rich

QoS into the Network: Part 2
    by Gilbert Held

How to Hack UNIX: Part 2
    by Kurt Seifried

Designing a Scalable NNTP Server Network
    by Chris Josephes

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

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