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New Products

CaminoSoft's Releases T-Rex Data Management Appliance

CaminoSoft Corp. announced the release of its data management appliance, T-Rex. According to the company, T-Rex offers unlimited transparent virtual storage that stores files in a high-speed, high-capacity RAID-5 fast cache array that is scalable to 12 TB.

When combined with its various platform-specific Server Migration Agents, such as Novell NetWare and Microsoft NT/Windows 2000, T-Rex can provide a repository for seldom-used data files. The CaminoSoft Data Migration Server element monitors the status of the cache. When a pre-determined watermark is reached, files are transparently and automatically migrated to the T-Rex's integrated, mirrored set of removable storage media. Migrated file location data is retained in T-Rex's file system, enabling identification and retrieval of files from removed media.

According to the company, T-Rex offers:

  • Cross-platform support -- It allows servers from one platform to migrate files that can later be retrieved by servers running under different platforms.
  • Shortened backup window -- It enables routine, scheduled backup processes to concentrate on the "working set" of data.
  • Data consolidation -- It accumulates seldom-used files in one place.
  • Automated data management -- It keeps available storage capacity at a maximum level with little or no administrative effort.
  • Fault tolerant and disaster security -- T-Rex employs RAID 5 and mirroring technologies for fault tolerance and to enable disaster recovery.
  • Capacity on demand -- The RAID 5 fast cache file system scales from 500 GB to 12 TB, thus providing virtual storage capacity through transparent migration of seldom-used files to removable storage media.
  • Enterprise compatibility and SAN friendly -- T-Rex supports Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare 4/5, Linux/UNIX and Solaris, Server Migration Agents and/or direct-attach clients from Win 9x, Mac, DOS, and UNIX Platforms.

For more information, contact: CaminoSoft Corporation, 600 Hampshire Road, Suite 105, Westlake Village, CA 91361; Phone: (805) 370-3100; Fax: (805) 370-3200; WWW:

XINIT Releases Next-Generation 1U Servers

XINIT Systems announced the availability of next-generation 1U rackmount GNU/Linux servers. According to the company, the WebLoad 1125 is a 1U rackmount dual-processor capable server. The 1125 has support for up to 4 GB of ECC synchronous DRAM, as well as built-in RAID capability. The distinctive feature of the 1125's embedded RAID controller is that it is ATA-based. The 1125 supports RAID-0 for maximum I/O performance or RAID-1 for maximum data reliability.

The WebLoad 1170, another new 1U server from XINIT Systems, provides support for dual Intel Pentium III processors at up to 1.0 GHz, up to 4 GB of high-performance PC133 ECC DRAM, and up to three hot-swappable SCSI hard disks. Dual embedded network interfaces provide system connectivity for the 1170. The 1170 also has integrated CD-ROM and floppy devices in addition to the three hard drive bays.

The 1125 and 1170 are available with either SuSE Linux 7.1 or Red Hat Linux 7.1. For more information, contact: XINIT Systems, 327 Technology Centre, 65 Whitechapel Rd., London, E1 1DU, England; Phone: 44 (0) 207 247 4761; Fax: 44 (0) 207 247 1428; WWW:

Imperial Technology Announces Remote Monitoring Feature

Imperial Technology, a manufacturer of solid state disk and intelligent cache systems, released Remote Access Monitor, a module that enables remote administration and 24x7 monitoring of its MegaRam accelerators. According to the company, Remote Access Monitor enhances system management capabilities by using SNMP functionality to communicate with standard enterprise system management packages.

Remote Access Monitor supports industry standard SNMP V1 and V2C, thus facilitating compatibility with network management suites, such as HP OpenView, Tivoli, and CA-Unicenter. Remote Access Monitor delivers early indications of system irregularities using SNMP traps and Management Information Bases. In the event that a MegaRam metric strays from predefined tolerances, the Remote Access Monitor issues a notification to the network management console, enabling notification and appropriate action. Conditions that are monitored include the status of the redundant power supplies and batteries, fans, backup disk, temperature, memory, controller boards, and interface ports.

According to the company, Imperial's MegaRam storage accelerators are designed to deliver fast I/O rates. The devices improve conventional storage environments by eliminating the mechanical constraints of reading and writing to rotating disks. Adding a MegaRam accelerator to store the "hot" files, such as indexes and logs, can increase server performance 200-400%.

For SAN and switched-fabric environments, the latest MegaRam models offer a native Fibre Channel architecture and multiple FC ports for totally independent and redundant data paths. MegaRam accelerators can also be partitioned into multiple logical unit numbers (LUNs) to take advantage of SAN-based storage virtualization.

For more information, contact: Imperial Technology, 2305 Utah Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245-4818; Phone: (310) 536-0018 or (800) 451-0666; Fax: (310) 536-0124; WWW:

Softnet Security Releases SafeIT 2001

Softnet Security, a supplier of encryption tools, announced the release of the latest version of its email encryption software -- SafeIT E-Mail Encryption 2001. Softnet Security is now offering the download of SafeIT for free.

According to the company, SafeIT offers improved functions including support for multiple algorithms, such as BlowFish, TwoFish, and the proprietary SafeIT algorithm. The new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) "Rijndael" is also supported allowing the user to select algorithm for each secure contact. SafeIT E-Mail Encryption 2001 uses the Diffie-Hellman PKI algorithm at 2048 bits for key exchange. During communication, SafeIT employs symmetric key lengths of between 256 to 480 bits, depending on the selected algorithm. Improved support for multiple accounts is included in the latest version of SafeIT E-Mail Encryption 2001.

SafeIT E-Mail Encryption 2001 works in the background together with all common email programs and is designed to allow users to download, install, and use SafeIT without any prior knowledge.

SafeIT E-Mail Encryption is distributed as freeware but comes with one restriction -- without upgrading, a user can only establish secure contacts with ten other people. If the user wants to upgrade, the cost is $24.95 for unlimited secure contacts and support.

For more information, contact: Softnet Security, Sturegatan 32, 4tr SE-11436, Stockholm, Sweden; Phone: +46 8-665 7958; Fax: +46 8-665 7955; Internet:; WWW:

Caldera Extends 64-Bit Product Line

Caldera International Inc. announced the availability of its OpenLinux Server 64 preview, a snapshot of 64-bit Linux for Intel Itanium-based systems. General availability of OpenLinux Server 64 is scheduled for late third quarter 2001.

According to the company, OpenLinux Server 64 provides Internet services such as Web servers, file and print servers, and network infrastructure, as well as the performance platform for Linux enterprise solutions.

Early access software is available at: For more information, contact: Caldera Systems, Inc., 240 West Center Street, Orem, UT 84057; Phone: (801) 765-4999; Fax: (801) 765-1313; Internet:; WWW:

MandrakeSoft Announces Single Network Firewall

MandrakeSoft announced the availability of the Single Network Firewall. According to the company, MandrakeSecurity products are being developed and made available for free download via the Internet under the General Public License.

Version 8.0 of the MandrakeLinux distribution incorporates a set of scripts to help secure the computer on which MandrakeLinux runs, as well as provide basic firewall functionality. The Single Network Firewall is a standalone appliance that runs on a dedicated computer and combines ease-of-use and configuration via a secured and functional Web interface. The Single Network Firewall is available for free download at:

The Single Network Firewall's features include:

  • Packet filtering
  • Proxy Squid: integrated and easy to configure (manually, transparent and/or with authentification)
  • Intrusion detection systems Snort and Prèlude
  • Graphical (Web) tools for monitoring the system activity
  • Logging of network activity, attacks, resources utilization
  • Internet access configuration for analogue and ISDN Modems, LAN and (A)DSL and cable
  • Integrated DHCP server "port forwarding"
  • Different access restrictions: ingoing traffic, outgoing traffic
  • Filtering URLs ("parental control")
  • Saving of configuration parameters
  • Updates through the Internet (Web-version of Mandrake Update)
  • Based on a secure 2.2.19 kernel

For more information on the Single Network Firewall, contact: MandrakeSoft Inc., 2400 N. Lincoln Ave, Altadena, CA 91001; Phone: (626) 296-6290; WWW:

Rauch Medien and Arco Announce Remote RAID Monitoring System

Rauch Medien has based RAID Alert, their upcoming remote RAID monitoring system, on Arco RAID technology. According to the company, RAID Alert system can be configured to respond with technical information on systems, including system status, identification information (IP Address, Host Name, and Alert Alias), error information, hardware configuration information (such as hard drive specs), and RAID status code. The alert can then be received via email or an email-enabled device like pager or cellular phone.

According to the company, the RAID Alert system is an option for call centers, data centers, and corporate networks where large IT managerial tasks exist. The RAID Alert system streamlines these tasks by automating the monitoring of your network's storage and keeping IT staff informed on current network events.

The RAID Alert system will be available to be configured with any Rauch Medien server system. For more information, contact: Rauch Medien, 321 Dante Court, Suite C6, Holbrook, NY 11741; Phone: (877) 324-0887; Fax: (631) 345-5293; Internet:; WWW:

Procom Announces NetFORCE 1700

Procom Technology, Inc., manufacturer of data storage Appliances, announced the NetFORCE 1700. According to the company, NetFORCE 1700 offers data management features including its journaling file system, which ensures the safety, accuracy, and consistency of data. Checkpoint support enables recovery of accidentally modified or deleted files without reverting to tape backups. Simple, local and remote management is enabled through a browser-based interface. The NetFORCE 1700 also has NDMP support to facilitate backup operations; all of which make it a solution for a variety of storage-intensive applications such as CAD, imaging, email, Web pages, databases, file sharing and data repository.

Features include:

  • Optimized storage OS
  • Journaling file system
  • NFS, SMB/CIFS file sharing
  • Checkpoint support for recovery of deleted files and backup
  • UNIX, NT file sharing/locking
  • File-level security (ACLs) share and user-level security
  • Full SNMP monitoring and email notification
  • Web-based GUI for system and RAID management
  • Integrated local backup software and NDMP support
  • DHCP support
  • Hardware RAID-5 data protection
  • Battery backup for RAID cache
  • Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet network connection
  • Hot swap drives
  • Boot from reliable flash
  • Embedded monitoring of operating environment to ensure non-stop performance
  • Intel PIII architecture

Procom's NetFORCE 1700 NAS appliance is available immediately. ASP starts at $26,661 and can range as high as $43,331 for a 1.8 TB fully loaded system. For more information, contact: Procom Technology, Inc., 58 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618; Phone: (800) 800-8600 or (949) 852-1000; Internet:; WWW:

Aladdin Announces Cross-Platform USB Security Solution

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced the release of HASP CD 10 and HASP4 USB cross-platform solution, a software security system that uses one key to protect applications on PC, Mac, and Linux environments. According to the company, the HASP4 USB key provides convenience for software vendors that deliver their protected applications to multi-platform environments. Using one set of APIs, Aladdin's HASP4 USB key is capable of protecting Windows and Linux applications running on a PC, as well as Mac applications running on Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS X.

HASP4 USB supports the following operating systems: Windows 95 (OSR 2.0), 98, ME and 2000, NT4, Linux, Mac OS 8.6-9.x, Mac OS X.

HASP (Hardware Against Software Piracy) is a hardware-based security system that protects software against piracy and illegal use by preventing unauthorized access and execution of the protected software. HASP4 features on-chip encryption and a remote updating system with full Win32 API integration. For more information, contact: Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc., 2920 N. Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60004; Phone: (847) 808-0300; Fax: (847) 808-0313; Internet:; WWW:

Crystal Group and Plesk Inc. Announce New Server Appliance

Crystal Group Inc., a provider of integration services and server systems, and Plesk Inc., a provider of server management software, announced the release of the first server appliance in the RIA product line. According to the companies, this new .87U server appliance comes with the Plesk Server Administrator software pre-installed and configured for fast deployment and superior ease of use.

This new product is specifically designed for use as a space-efficient server appliance for a variety of hosting scenarios. The servers can be used as a dedicated hosting solution or to host hundreds of individual Web sites. Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) is a Web-based server management tool for UNIX- and Linux-based servers that allows hosting providers to simplify the setup and management of servers through an intuitive graphical interface. The server management interface is accessible by both the server administrator and their clients.

The RIA server appliance pricing starts at $2,370. Customers can choose from hundreds of configuration options including those with Intel Dual Pentium III processors and two hard drives. RIA server appliances come preloaded with Red Hat Linux 6.2 or 7.0, or FreeBSD 4.2. Also included is PSA, which installs and configures Web, FTP, and mail servers; DNS services; and the Apache Web server to support SSI, SSL, CGI, PHP4, Perl scripting, MySQL, and Microsoft FrontPage extensions.

For more information, contact: Crystal Group Inc, 850 Kacena Road, Hiawatha, IA 52233; Phone: (800) 378-1636 or (319) 378-1636; WWW:

Aduva Introduces System Management Solutions for SuSE Linux

Aduva, Inc., a provider of network-based, automated system management solutions, announced Aduva Manager and Aduva Director for installations using the SuSE Linux operating system. According to the company, Aduva provides network-based software technology that automates management of both single and multi-system Linux installations. The products, Aduva Manager for single systems, and Aduva Director for multi-system networks, facilitate critical system management tasks such as upgrades, patches, and new hardware driver and software installations. In addition to SuSE, the solutions also support Red Hat Linux.

For more information, contact: Aduva Inc., 2595 E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303; Phone: (650) 858-8650; Fax: (650) 858-8658; WWW: