August 2001, Vol. 10 Issue 8
Intrusion Detection
  Tripwire in the Enterprise: Integrating Tripwire into Big Brother
    by Elena Khan

Distributed Intrusion Detection with Open Source Tools
    by Jason Chan

Have I Been Hacked?
    by David Hughes

Simple Security Scripts from Simple Commands
    by Randy Weidman

Firewall Log-Checking Techniques
    by Mark Prager

Jailed Internet Services
    by Liam Widdowson

Locking the Front Door of Password Security
    by Victor Burns

Large File System Backup Tool
    by W. Curtis Preston

Books: A User's Report
    by Elizabeth Zinkann

Developing a Perl Routine
    by Randal L. Schwartz

Questions and Answers
    by Amy Rich

Which OS is Fastest -- FreeBSD Follow-Up
    by Jeffrey Rothman and John Buckman

Integrit for File Verification
    by Ed L. Cashin

Freeware Intrusion Detection Tools
    by Ido Dubrawsky

Homebrew Intrusion Detection Systems
    by Chris Kuethe

Firewall Reporter
    by Alex LeFevre

Role-Based Access Control
    by Peter Baer Galvin

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