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New Products

Hybrid Servers Announces the Hybrid Web Server

Hybrid Servers announced that its Hybrid Web Server is now available. According to the company, the Hybrid Web Server provides cross-platform Web replication for emergency purposes. During an emergency, such as unscheduled downtime due to a virus attack or rogue application, the Hybrid Web Server can be activated to assume much of the duties of the primary Web server. The Hybrid Web Server can be used as a replacement OS after a company rolls out its latest-technology computers and can be installed on the systems that were replaced. It is a basic Linux distribution with only a few services running.

The Basic version handles mostly static Web pages and is suited for information-only sites. The Advanced version can replicate dynamic Web sites, including those with query strings and database back-ends. The Multi-server version can replicate up to ten sites, and any of the ten can be activated in an emergency. All versions include a basic Linux distribution and the Apache Web server, customized with additional software to replicate and re-serve. All are priced under $300, and come with 30 days of support.

For more information, contact: Hybrid Servers, 111 W. Acres Crescent, Apex, NC 27502; Phone: (919) 303-5923; Internet:; WWW:

Evault Announces Remote Installer

EVault recently announced its Remote Installer, which, according to the company, enables companies to install and administer EVault's backup and recovery agents on any server in their corporate network. The Remote Installer is part of the Remote Administration feature set of the EVault solution. EVault's Remote Administration can allow for the management and control of backup and recovery across an organization from one central location. Through EVault's interface, IT departments can manage enterprise backup and recovery resources regardless of client operating system. EVault services support includes Solaris and Red Hat Linux, as well as other operating systems.

For more information, contact: Evault, 1600 South Main St., Suite 295, Walnut Creek, CA 94596; Phone: (925) 944-2422; Fax: (925) 944-9909; WWW:

BakBone Ships NetVault 6.5

BakBone Software announced the availability of NetVault 6.5, the latest version of its modular backup and recovery storage management software. According to the company, NetVault 6.5 includes 30 new features and highlights two new Application Plugin Modules (APMs) for disaster recovery and open file management, as well as its disk virtualization capabilities.

NetVault 6.5 new features include:

  • VaultDR APM allows managers to recover from disk failures without having to manually re-install the base operating system.
  • Open File Manager APM enables IT managers to capture and restore files that are open, in use, or change during the backup process (as well as all other files).
  • Disk Virtualization allows managers to create, delete, or expand virtual drives or libraries from physical disk storage from a single centralized NetVault domain console.

NetVault 6.5 is available now on UNIX, Linux, NT, and Windows 2000 platforms. Pricing starts at $695. For more information, contact: BakBone, 10145 Pacific Heights Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92121; Phone: (866) 484-2663; Internet:; WWW:

SoftIntegration Releases Ch 2.1

SoftIntegration announced the release of Ch version 2.1. Ch is a superset of C with C++ classes. According to the company, Ch supports C90, major features in the latest 1999 C standard (C99), class in C++, and industry standards POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, XML, GTK+. It is the first implementation of complex numbers and variable length arrays (VLAs) in C99.

Ch is for rapid application development without lengthy compile/link/execute/debug cycles. Ch for Windows has collections of UNIX utilities including vi, ls, awk, sed, grep, cp, find, etc. With first class object of string type, Ch is an alternative to other scripting languages such as Perl, bash, and ksh for cross-platform shell programming to automate tasks, regression test, systems administration, real-time interactive computing, rapid prototyping, 2D/3D plotting, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and Web development.

Ch is also an interactive environment to teach and learn programming in C with new features in the latest C99 standard and object-based software design with practical applications, as well as to develop materials for distance learning. Ch for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP is available. Ch Standard Edition is free for academic and non-profit organizations.

For more information, contact: SoftIntegration, Inc., 216 F Street, #68, Davis, CA 95616; Phone: (530) 297-7398; Fax: (530) 297-7392; Internet:; WWW:

StorageTek and LSI Logic Storage Systems Announce D178 and SANtricity

StorageTek and LSI Logic Storage Systems introduced the D178 disk storage system and SANtricity Storage Manager 8.0 software. The D178 and SANtricity are the first in a series of disk-based storage systems and management software offered by the companies through a new distribution relationship.

According to the companies, the D178 is a high-performance, enterprise-level open-system disk solution that can offer customers the ability to grow storage at their own pace without over-buying to support future online storage needs. Tested for interoperability in storage area network (SAN) environments, the D178 works with major SAN hardware and software vendors' products.

According to the companies, SANtricity is designed to minimize disruption to customers' continuing operations and includes SnapShot copy capability, dynamic volume expansion features, and remote mirroring capabilities.

The D178 disk subsystem is available now. SANtricity 8.0 is available now for customers of the StorageTek 9176 disk subsystem. For more information, contact: WWW: or WWW:

Network Instruments Introduces Gigabit Observer Suite System

Network Instruments announced the availability of a full-duplex wire speed Gigabit analyzer as part of its Observer 8 line of protocol analyzation software for LAN/WAN networks. According to the company, the Gigabit Observer Analyzer comes in three formats:

  • Gigabit Probes (for local or remote use) including a 64-bit Gigabit analyzer adapter, as well as cabling and optical or copper splitters
  • A 19" Rack-mountable Probe for Observer Expert, either local or remote
  • Full Gigabit Analyzer with 10/100/Gigabit MB interfaces

For more information, contact: Network Instruments, LLC, 8800 West Highway Seven, Fourth Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55426; WWW:

Platform Releases Clusterware

Platform Computing Inc. announced Platform Clusterware for Linux, a cluster management solution for enterprises using Linux clusters to deliver improved computing performance and productivity. According to the company, Platform Clusterware integrates with and complements existing Linux solutions to provide a solution with workload management, system monitoring and administration, and provisioning (installation and configuration) capabilities.

Platform Clusterware offers transparent access to computing resources and centralized management of the cluster as a single, virtual server, and enables the extension of Linux compute cluster capacity through Platform LSF and Platform LSF ActiveCluster. Platform Clusterware has built-in Grid migration paths that can be used to enable the large scale sharing of resources, networks, and databases across organizational boundaries. For more information, contact: WWW:

BladeLogic Integrates HP's ServiceControl Manager

BladeLogic, Inc. announced a solution for managing servers by integrating BladeLogic's server management software with Hewlett-Packard Company's ServiceControl Manager. According to the company, these management products offer access to Linux, UNIX, and Windows servers from a single SCM console. By integrating BladeLogic's software with HP SCM, operations staff can manage infrastructure and deploy software applications across multiple platforms from one central location.

For more information, contact: BladeLogic, Inc., 100 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730; Phone: (781) 999-6942; Fax: (781) 999-6878; WWW:

Princeton Softech Releases Archive for Servers 4.2

Princeton Softech announced that Archive for Servers 4.2 provides automatic file compression and ODBC access to data. According to the company, this latest release of Archive for Servers enables users to maximize the benefits of active archiving in the enterprise IT environment. Real-time data access enables Archive for Servers' customers to integrate their business-critical applications with enterprise active archiving. Users can browse data in selected Archive Files, which are compressed during the archive process and decompressed dynamically when the data is accessed.

According to the company, Active Archive Solutions are application data model independent and support critical, customer-facing applications across the enterprise. For more information, contact: Princeton Softech, 111 Campus Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540; Phone: (609) 627-5500; Fax: (609) 627-7799; WWW:

DCB Announces New Broadcast Polling FRAD

Data Comm for Business, Inc. (DCB), announced release of their modified Broadcast Polling FRAD (Frame Relay Access Device), model BPF-BU. According to the company, two remote terminal unit (RTU) ports are bolstered by a dedicated, leased-line backup port and a dial-up backup port to provide dual-redundant security.

The BPF-BU operates by receiving continuous data from the remote unit, or keep-alive packets from the host. If either the data or "keep alive" signal stops for 60 seconds, the remote BPF-BU begins the backup process. The BPF-BU first attempts a connection through the leased line port. If the leased line port does not receive a request to send (RTS) assertion, the BPF-BU resorts to the dial-up modem port. The BPF-BU will continue to cycle through the backup choices until a connection is made. As soon as "keep alive" or user data is received through the frame relay link, the backup link is dropped and the frame relay link is automatically restored

For more information, contact: Data Comm for Business, Inc., 807 Pioneer, Champaign, IL 61820; Phone: (272) 352-3207; Fax: (217) 352-0350; Internet:; WWW:

Tadpole Announces UltraBookIIe Laptop

Tadpole announced UltraBookIIe, built around the 500-MHz UltraSPARC IIe chip. According to the company, UltraBookIIe provides the performance of a Sun workstation in a compact laptop frame, weighing 8lbs. Its features include removable disk drives to 60-GB total capacity, DRAM to 2 GB, a true-color 14.1" active matrix TFT display, integrated DVD/CD-ROM, 97-key Sun compatible keyboard with all 12 function keys and 3-button mouse trackpad, and 4 USB ports. UltraBookIIe is shipped pre-installed with the 64-bit Solaris 8 operating system.

UltraBookIIe laptops are binary compatible with Sun desktops and servers and can run all Solaris applications. For more information, contact: Tadpole Technology Plc, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0TP UK; Phone: +44 1223 428200; Fax: +44 1223 428201; WWW:

Z-World Releases OP6800 MiniCom

Z-World's new OP6800 MiniCom is a C-programmable operator interface and single-board computer that, according to the company, gives OEM designers Ethernet connectivity, industrialized I/O, and a graphic LCD/keypad. Available in both Ethernet-enabled and non-Ethernet versions, the MiniCom provides comprehensive integrated control, display, and networking capabilities via Internet/Ethernet or serial communications.

The OP6800 with Ethernet is priced at $249, and the non-Ethernet OP6810 is $199. Both MiniCom models feature 24 rugged digital I/O, an international-character 122 x 32 pixel LCD, user-relegendable keypad with 7-key/ 7-LED interface, 4 serial ports, Rabbit 2000 processor at 22.1 MHz, and 256-K Flash/128-K SRAM (standard). The OP6800's Ethernet capabilities facilitate remote diagnostics, communication, and control, including sending and receiving emails and alerts. A tool kit, available for $139, contains the tools needed to jumpstart design, including demo/prototyping board with screw terminals, serial cable for programming and debugging, user's manual with schematics, AC adapter (domestic kits only), and screwdriver.

For more information, contact: Z-World 2900 Spafford Street, Davis, CA 95616; Phone: (530) 757-3737; Fax: (530) 753-5141; Internet:; WWW:

Excel Software Announces QuickUML Linux 1.0

Excel Software announced the availability of QuickUML Linux, the first Linux addition to its suite of Macintosh and Windows software engineering tools. According to the company, QuickUML is an object-oriented design tool that provides integration for a core set of UML models. An entire project is accessible through a tabbed window with integration between use cases, class models, object models, dictionary, and code. The project is saved as an XML file that is compatible with QuickUML Windows so design work can be shared between platforms. QuickUML Linux is priced at $495.

For more information, contact: Excel Software, Phone: (505) 771-3719 Fax: (505) 771-3718; Internet:; WWW:

Sistina Releases Global File System 5.0

Sistina announced the release of version 5.0 of its Global File System (GFS). According to the company, GFS is a clustered file system that allows multiple servers on a Storage Area Network (SAN) to have concurrent read and write access to a shared data pool. The new features include: advanced installation and cluster configuration tools, Dynamic Multi-Path support in the pool volume manager to tolerate single path failures, a shared root file system, performance enhancements with additional lock managers, and better support for third-party snapshot capabilities.

For more information, contact: Sistina Software Inc., 1313 Fifth Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414; Phone: (612) 638-0507; Fax: (612) 379-3952; Internet:; WWW:

EuropeOne Announces E1U

EuropeOne released its 1U UltraSPARC server with dual full length PCI Slots. According to the company, the E1U server is powered by the 500-MHz UltraSPARC lle motherboard, and standard ECC memory is 256-MB extended to 2 GB. The server also comes with dual hot swappable IDE or optional SCSI HDD, CD-ROM drive, dual USB ports, serial, parallel and optional audio/video connectivity, tape drives, and the ability within a 1U space to fit two full length PCI boards.

The units are shipped pre-loaded with Solaris 8 and can be pre-configured and pre-hardened for immediate plug and play. For more information, contact: EuropeOne Limited, 13 Coopers Row, Tower Hill, London, EC3N 2BQ UK; Internet:; WWW:

Guardent Announces Security Defense Appliance

Guardent, Inc. announced its Security Defense Appliance (SDA), a platform that, according to the company, supports open source security technologies, correlates security event data, provides network protection, and reduces costs. The SDA is part of a new service that combines open source security technologies including IP Tables (firewall), Snort (intrusion detection), and Nessus (vulnerability scanning) with Guardent's proprietary event correlation, reporting, and alerting capabilities.

With the new service, there are no licenses to purchase or hardware platforms to maintain. For a monthly fee of $1,500, organizations get 24x7 managed security protection for any Internet-facing network segment. For more information, contact: Guardent, Inc., 75 Third Avenue Waltham, MA 02451; Fax: (781) 577-6600; WWW:

Candle Corporation's Releases Version 210 of MQSecure

RSA Security Inc and Candle Corporation announced that Candle has incorporated RSA BSAFE Cert-C PKI software into Version 210 of MQSecure. According to the company, MQSecure offers end-to-end security for MQSeries applications and enhancements are designed to increase the flexibility and extend the security options of MQSecure, and to help ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and validation of business information moving across MQSeries networks. According to the company, MQSecure also supplements the user authorization capabilities of various external security programs, such as RACF, ACF2, and Top Secret on OS/390, as well as operating system security tools on UNIX and Windows systems. MQSecure also includes node identification and authorization for MQSeries channels.

For more information, contact: Candle, 201 N. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245; Phone: (310) 535-3600; Fax: (310) 727-4287; WWW: