April 2002, Vol. 11 Issue 04
Backup and Recovery
  Configuring Amanda
    by David T. Smith

Multi-Platform Backups
    by Robin Wakefield

CD Backups with Easy File Access
    by Bryan Smith

Backup Scripts from UnixReview.com
    by Edited by Ed Schaefer

Geographic Failover for Cheapskates
    by Rob King

Using Lib C and I/O and Performance
    by Henry Newman

A Homegrown Backup Solution Utilizing RSA Keys, SSH, and tar
    by Ray Strubinger

Upgrading to Solaris 8
    by Peter Baer Galvin

Recovering Deleted Files in Linux
    by Brian Buckeye and Kevin Liston

Name Services: Another View
    by Ron McCarty

Questions and Answers
    by Amy Rich

Integrating Backup into a Multiple Operating System Network with Amanda
    by Edward L. Haletky

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